Considering so much has been written on utilizing online videos in your content marketing efforts, one can only think of the future where you will probably be watching this article compared to reading it.

Videos are now the keystone in social media marketing. With a focus on creating engaging content, video reigns supreme whether you are working on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Snapchat or any other platform.

Your customers are now looking for means to satisfy their need for entertainment and information. Failing to deliver will mean that your business or brand will suffer online against your competitors.

More views daily:

Facebook and its users are dominating the video content consumption online. Facebook currently has 4 billion video views daily. This is a massive number considering almost all brands are reaching out to their customers using Facebook and its paid promotions. Here’s another fact that you should consider:

92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others.

Now if you were a small business, you can do a lot of damage online by creating an interesting video content strategy and can easily go head to head with bigger brands.

When a brand posts videos on social media, it starts a conversation with its customers. According to Axonn Research, seven out of ten people view brands in a more positive manner when they watch their videos online.

For any kind of business or brand, using social media allows them to become more personal. It helps them to become credible to their customers. When you post videos on social media, they get more reach as customers not only watch themselves but share them with their friends and peers.

Creativity brings numbers you need.

Volkswagen may be suffering a backlash now due to its gas emission claims but its online video strategy was spot on. Even after six years, its 2011 Superbowl Ad is a hit among audiences.  Volkswagen recently created three videos that were shared online and generated an overwhelming 155 million views.

“Have fun” – one of the three ads, was shared 37,000 times within a single week.

This does points to the inherent quality of videos to be more engaging, but also points to the fact that a well-planned video strategy can help propel your brand online. As the old/new marketing adage goes “creativity always wins over production costs”, businesses need to invest time, energy and creativity into their video content so that they can get the desired results.


Videos score conversions for your business:

This has been discussed a lot but stats are pointing to one truth, online videos are helping businesses gain more customers. 64% of Users are more likely to buy a product online after watching its video online.

Considering this it becomes clear that any content creator would have to rely on videos one way or another. However now it is getting easier to integrate videos as almost all social media platforms. Facebook actually helps you get more organic reach when you post videos on it. Also with Periscope and Snapchat, your business can easily create videos and share them with your audiences.

When you distribute your video online, you are able to gain insight into you audiences. In fact when you use its sponsored video ads features, you can directly target your customers. If you are a sports brand, you can target people that like to play sports, people that live in a certain part or people that are following your competitor’s page. This means you can leverage your video content online to create leads for your business.

Videos: Perfect tool for conversion rate optimization

According to FunnelScience, landing pages that have a video on them are able to generate 800% more conversion. This makes sense since a landing page is meant to convince and convert visitors into taking an action, mostly to subscribe or purchase from you. Having a video allows you to engage them longer, educate them fluently and help them make a decision.

Here’s another fun fact to consider: Invodo says that 52% of shoppers have confessed that they are more confident to make a purchase once they see a video from a company.

A video is worth 1.8 million words!

Researchers at Forrester have added something really interesting to the video marketing discussion. They say that when we say that picture paints 1000 words then by the same metric, a video will be able to say 1.8 million words to the viewer.

This explains the power of videos for online platforms. With a single, 1 minute explainer videos, a company can explain its USPs and attract customers to itself.

A well thought out video can generate a lot of buzz for your business. Videos are now everywhere. Facebook has seen numerous new pages pop up that are sharing information only through videos. These include In the Now, Now this whereas major publications and news channels like Al Jazeera and Vox are also creating videos to explain hot topics to their followers.

If your business isn’t relying on video marketing right now, you are doing a disservice to yourself.  Videos are now the future of content marketing. With access to powerful smartphones and access to internet readily available, you can beat out your competition by creating solid video marketing strategy.

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