The world of social media marketing was rocked when Facebook acquire Instagram acquired it in 2012, since then it has become a powerful platform for brands to reach out to their customers. However unlike Facebook itself or other social media platforms, Instagram isn’t your conventional marketing tool.

Content on Instagram is strictly visual. Even the URLs in the captions of photos and videos cannot be clicked and anyone using Instagram will have to rely on the quality of their content alone. This makes it imperative for the brands to rely on stories to attract their customers to their accounts.

Various brands have had immense success on Instagram and that’s because they have fully adopted the platform’s core offering, visual story. By posting aesthetically rich photos or videos that share the most recognizable features about your product feature can help create the perfect awareness of your brand.

If you are looking for ideas to explore on Instagram, we have got you covered. Here are 5 ideas for B2B marketing on Instagram!

Share your company vision with social media marketing on Instagram:

The best part about using Instagram is that brands can use beautiful visuals to highlight their company’s vision and values.  Using photos and videos, you can highlight various things that your company is involved in and share the best bits with your customers.

Take FedEx for instance which often shares pictures of its trucks across the United States in different cities. By sharing incredible images of its trucks, delivering items, it relates to their customers by focusing on their cities while highlighting that FedEx is everywhere, dropping items for its customers. This is the key of success on social media marketing as it helps to create a persona for your brand online.

Rolling through #Dallas. 🚐 #texas #📦 #delivery #truck Photo: @high_vis

A post shared by FedEx (@fedex) on

On the other hand you can also share content that showcases your company’s culture.  This way you will be able show what your company is all about, how it operates etc. We recently shared a candid snap of our creative director along with our animator on Instagram as we wanted to humanize ourselves on social media marketing platforms.

There were two reasons for doing it. First we wanted to showcase how casual and fun place it is to work with us and secondly we wanted to highlight the human side of our company as it appeals to our clients that are on the other side of the world.

Social Media Marketing 101 – Hashtags, Hashtags and Hashtags:

I cannot emphasize more on hashtags when it comes to Instagram. Instagram, unlike Facebook, offers you incredible organic reach through its hashtags. With a simple #, you can directly reach out to your relevant audiences that are interested in your product or service. Hashtags are often part of social media marketing strategy and are being used fervently on Twitter and Instagram for their brilliant organic reach.

For instance, if you are in the business of baked goods, you can use #cakes, #pastries or any other relevant keyword with # and you will be able to draw new followers to your account. I usually brainstorm the keywords just like I do it with SEO or PPC campaigns for my Instagram account every time I have posted something new.

Here’s the thing, you can only use 30 hashtags with every post on Instagram. But I only use at most 7 hashtags only.  Also, there is a nice feature in Instagram that shows you numerous variation of the hashtags that you can use.  Here’s an example of hashtags being used by @Nike on their Instagram post on Cristiano Ronaldo.

Instagram is all about creating a connection with your customers. Since you are posting content using photos and videos, we recommend that you share news and updates about your company from time to time. Whether it’s an employee taking part in an event or conference or your company getting accredited for something, share the news with your audience.

This helps your brand in two ways. First, it humanizes your company. Knowing the people are behind their products and services make the brand more relatable and warm compared to having just images and videos of your products and services.

Secondly, it helps in giving your brand more authenticity.  Audiences generally love it when they can see behind the scene look at events and how brands participate in them. If you are looking for online engagement, this tip is something you should seriously consider using on Instagram and generally in your social media marketing. 

Here’s what we shared on Instagram when our Creative Director was participating in CebiT Australia 2017:

Create an editorial calendar for social media marketing :

I always implore on creating an editorial calendar for any social media marketing platform and the advice is same for Instagram as well. You cannot ignore the benefits of having a well-defined editorial calendar for your content.

Here’s something about Instagram that you should know: you will only be able to post using your mobile devices. You cannot upload content through your personal computer. That is why it is imperative that you should have a calendar.  A calendar will have list of all the photos and videos that you want to post on your business account and will help you keep track of when to publish them.

Within your calendar, you will have to write the captions, the hashtags and what kind of image or video you want to use. Basically having a calendar means to be more preemptive and decide the content well before you even post it.

Don’t forget to add some element of branding to your content. Once it’s online, it’s for the internet and will be borrowed by others who may not be as kind as to offer you credit for your work.

Have fun with your social media marketing on Instagram

It’s true that you are a business and are looking to create an audience for your brand but don’t forget to have fun on Instagram. Audience on this particular platform rewards those that are creative, humorous and create funny posts.

Being a brand shouldn’t stop you from this. Create and share photos and videos that showcase your brand’s offering while on the other hand keeps things interesting. Here’s what we shared on Instagram since we were targeting creative community on Instagram:

Brands like Old Spice and Listerine have also used humor in their posts for more engagement on Instagram.
Old Spice

Which one is the real Von?

A post shared by Old Spice (@oldspice) on

A hard working man’s work is never done working hard, man.

A post shared by Old Spice (@oldspice) on


So there you have it. When it comes to Instagram, you must understand that it is one of the most unique platforms and using it for social media marketing requires a different strategy.  I hope you liked my ideas and let me know in the comments below how do you manage your brand’s or business’ Instagram account. You can also learn more about how Motioncue can help your business online here.

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