4 Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Doing Video Ads for Facebook

Since 2016 till date, we have taken part in numerous projects where we created videos specifically for Facebook. Everyone knows and understands that video is the king of content online and it will continue to become the most preferred way to share messages online by brands.

At Motioncue we have worked on videos for the past ten years and have worked on hundreds of explainer videos, app promos and corporate presentations that are published on websites and social media sites. Most of these were intended to become part of advertising campaigns to create hype, foster engagement and encourage users to take the desired action.

Now we know a thing or two about video ads on Facebook and we wanted to share some of the most common mistakes advertisers make so you don’t repeat them.

1. Saving a buck or two: 

Creating videos for your advertising campaigns on Facebook is a serious business. This is one of the foremost areas where you cannot skimp on quality. Whether it’s a live-action or animated video, invest properly. Choose an explainer video agency that can create a beautiful, handcrafted video for you and don’t opt for someone that will give you low-quality video against lower prices.

If you skimp on the budget and use alow-quality video, it will play havoc online. Not only will it turn away customers but also hurt your online credibility.

A bad video is a bad investment. You will be using it in video ads that will cost you money, the money you don’t want to waste. If you want to appeal to your target audience, invest appropriately.

2. Not using the first three seconds wisely: 

Gaining customer attention in Facebook newsfeed is a challenge as nobody can read ( or bothers to read) all stories. Video ads are successful

A typical newsfeed is filled with many posts for every user and it is near impossible for anyone to read all of them one by one. So it’s important to bring your story to life as soon as possible.

Most advertisers fail to do this. They will create brilliant video ads but they will not have the “wow” factor in the first three seconds, causing users to skip them.

Mistakes Businesses Make When Doing Video Ads for Facebook | Motioncue

To ensure you succeed with your video ads, add something that piques your target audience interest in the very beginning. They can be done through

  • An interesting thumbnail,
  • Using your business logo ( get it animated for more impact)
  • Have a person start off the video without any context

Remember that users make prompt decisions to spend time on your ad or not. To ensure they don’t skip on your ad, keep it short (ideally less than 30 seconds) and grab their attention right in the beginning.

3. Did you think about your video having “no sound”? 

By now you must have noticed that most of the time, Facebook automatically plays videos in the newsfeed. However these are played without the sound which means to share your message effectively, it is best that you plan for it.

Enticing the users without the sound is daunting, there is no doubt about it. But there are tips and tricks that you can use to make sure you engage them with or without sound.

  • Aesthetically rich images and video clips can attract users to your video.
  • Subtitles can help you here. Add them so that anything that cannot be explained through visuals, can be relayed through subtitles.
  • Encourage the users to turn up the sound – the thumbnail or the post content can be used to tell the user to turn up the sound. This has worked well as users are interested in learning what the video is about when asked to turn it up.

Here’s one of our social media videos that uses visuals and text on screen to get user attention:

4. Forgetting something? The URL! 

Many marketers want to use Facebook ads to bring traffic to their website. However, when they are using videos, they don’t know how to incorporate links into them as Facebook doesn’t allow it anymore. Before, marketers can simply add their URLs at the end of the video using the “call to action” button. This, however, is not an option anymore.

If your goal is to bring customers to your website, it’s would be better if prefer to use link or carousel ads as videos are incredibly effective here. You can combine two things here, firstly, videos will help your campaign to stand out. Secondly, you can add a link to your website or landing page meaning the videos will attract your target audience and the links can direct them to your website.

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