Among many things that have rocked and shocked the world of social media marketing. But the death of organic reach was among the greatest.  Back in 2014, many Facebook Admins started noticing that their organic reach was dwindling.  Soon many experts concurred and stated the same, Facebook was deliberately slashing organic reach.

Panic followed as business pages were losing out and found that their content was not reaching this desired audiences. Soon after, Brian Boland who heads the Ads Product Marketing Team wrote a detailed response on how Facebook is changing the way its timeline works for its users. This was going to define how many are going to do social media marketing considering now we have Instagram as well under Facebook.

“Among the social media marketing circles, the death of organic reach was generally blamed on Facebook intention to monetize its platform by encouraging paid reach”

Basically, organic reach declined at Facebook primarily for two reasons.

Firstly, Facebook saw an unprecedented growth in content creation. Every day, new content is being created and shared on Facebook.  And with smartphones now fairly common in use, newsfeed was filled with loads of content that users never wanted to see in first place. In fact, they were seeing around 15,000 stories every time they logged in.

This meant a chaos on the news feed as users were seeing content not only from their friends and family but also from businesses, fan pages etc. This, in turn, resulted in content losing out exposure as the competition was severe. And this was not going to be easy as more and more pages were being liked.

Secondly, to ensure that every user sees what is most relevant to them; Facebook became a villain of sorts and started filtering content. This is where organic reach started to get affected. At any time a person coming up on Facebook would now be seeing only 300 stories compared to 1500+ stories like before.

To ensure that the most relevant stories are seen, Facebook algorithm uses various factors to determine which content is most important to its users. This is has led them to choose high-quality content and cleaned the news feed from any kind of spam.

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