Your startup can create the perfect explainer video but without a strong script it may not do much good.

When you see a beautiful animated video online, you should know that before you get to see beautiful characters, wonderful music and gorgeous animation, there is a long process that starts with nothing but a solid story.

When we meet our clients for the first time, our initial discussions rely only on one thing, what story they have to tell and how do they want to tell it.

You see, the first step of making an animated explainer video is to create a strong script.

Script is important and like us, most explainer video agencies out there enforce their clients to lock in the script before proceeding further. The reason is quite simple:

The script will not only tell the story of the video but also provide direction on the tone, style and feel of the video. If you are looking for a funny video, then a funny script would do, if you are looking for a serious one, for a social cause for instance,

So when I write that a good script is what you need to for a killer explainer video, you will agree. So how do you write an awesome script? Here I am going to list down some of the best tips to get a perfect script for your explainer video.

Startup explainer videos can be the game changers for startups. They can share the perfect story about your idea with your investors and customers. However, sharing your story in 90 seconds can be tough.

After all you can’t just cram information in a video and hope that there will be conversions.  This is why you need a seriously killer script.

Startup explainer videos can become engaging, interesting and beneficial once they share the idea to the audience in a coherent manner.

It needs to be short and to the point:

Audiences don’t like to keep hearing things for long periods of time.  Your explainer video shouldn’t  just go on and on.

Unlike verbal presentations, explainer videos can use rich imagery and colours to keep the audiences interested.

On internet the average attention span is around 90 seconds. This means that you need to make your point clear in less than 90 seconds to ensure conversions online or to convince venture capitalists.

Use the first 30 seconds:

You need to bring the message of your explainer video into one line and share it in the first 30 seconds of your script. This will help the audiences know what they have to pay attention to.

You can direct their attention to your unique selling proposition right from the beginning and continue building on it throughout your video.

Talk to them directly

Startup explainer videos need to address the audiences. This is where personal pronouns come in. Using “you” or “your” helps create a bond and relate your product or service with the audience. Just like this course of writing is relying on personal pronouns, your script should also do the same.

Secondly, when creating an audience centric script, it is important to not add too many features of your product or service. A startup needs to share the benefits in its explainer video that will make the difference for the intended audiences.  The script should for instance share examples like “is your existing service charging you more?” or “do you want to improve your bottom-line?”

No nasty big words

Your script should be simple and coherent. Be merciful on your voice over artist and audiences.  Adding tough words will end up confusing the audience and also may sound awful in the voice over.

Clear and everyday words should be used in your script so that it can easily be comprehended and doesn’t leave the viewer hanging in confusion.

Call to action:

Any explainer video whether it’s for a big brand or a budding startup needs to have a strong call to action. Call to action is one of the foremost traits of explainer videos.

A strong call to action comes around at the end to ensure that viewers will take the desired action.

From downloading an e-book. to getting them sign up for a webinar, a call to action should be included in the script after a brief gap and with clear wording.

So there you have it. We like to consider ourselves experts since

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