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The inside-out of a viral explainer video

By July 10, 2015 No Comments

Making something viral is every content marketer’s dream. However not everything becomes viral. From Rebecca Black’s infamous song “Friday” become viral sensation for being the worst song ever whereas we had the PSY’s Gangum Style which broke all the records and is among one of the most widely known songs. What both had in common was the video. While “Friday” relied on teenage segments, Gangum style was outright crazy, fun and filled with humor. What is worth noting about both of them is the fact that they both were filled with different emotions.

The good people at “Unruly”  came with 18 emotions that are necessary for making your video viral.  If you want to make explainer video for your brand, business or startup, it is imperative that you add these emotions in your explainer video for business. There are couple of explainer video examples where most of these emotions are used like AirBnB’s live action explainer video or the one by  Chiptotle.

InsideOut of an explainer video


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