People usually consider freelance as an online method of earning quick cash, pretty much like the hundreds of other online money making machine schemes you see popping up as ad banners on websites and social media.

You have to understand, this isn’t just a method of making cash. It’s not a shortcut! What you need in order to be successful in the freelance game, which is, unfortunately, is the same as your day job if not even more demanding is:

Skill and hard work!

Let’s talk about skill. 70% of the people who SUCK at freelancing make this fatal mistake. They try to jump right into pitching clients for work, without attaining a skill level that provides value to a client, and differentiates them from the fierce competition existing in the game.

How do you become really really good at something? Hard work of course. But even more so important in the initial stages is being “self-aware”. You have to find out, what you’re good at, and where does your passion lie. If you’re learning a skill, just because you know it’s in trend/is just cool/there’s demand, and not focusing on the things you’re passionate about, you’ll not be able to put in all the “hard work” that is required to be really successful.

Truth is, more than 50% of our lives are spent working, do you really think you can survive and be happy doing something you don’t enjoy/love?


The rest of the 30% are the people who initially thought when they decided to give a shot at freelancing thinking it’s a way to make quick cash, and were not ready to put in the work! I personally know a lot of people who quit freelancing within a month they started. The reason, they were not ready to put in the hard work once their expectation of making 10 thousand dollars in the first month fell apart. It takes time and effort to build your brand, to become good at pitching clients, to gain trust and loyalty of your clients, and to exceed the expectations by delivering quality services.

MotionCue became the #1 Design & Multimedia company on Elance against over 20,000 other companies. We are the 1%, because we’re really good at video production, and put in the hard work to produce kick ass videos.

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