10 Best App Promo Videos That Win at Marketing

Mobile apps are the modern must-have accessories we can’t live without. We’re dependent on them from the most basic to the most important daily tasks.

And of course, in the digital world where there is demand, there’s an abundance of supply.

The mobile app market is saturated at best. Turn to your app store and you’ll find numerous apps offering the same services and features.

So, to stand out as a creator and reach your intended audience, you have to put your best marketing foot forward. This, in the current digital scenario, means creating the best app promo videos.

Mobile app promo videos offer marketers a platform to flaunt their services. There are several creative approaches you can take to advertise your mobile app.

Let’s have a look at some of the coolest app promo videos out there.


Our top picks of the best app promo videos


1. Slack

Slack is the go-to internal collaboration platform for thousands of organizations worldwide. It thrives on making teams come together and streamlining workflows.

Most of the professional communication happens through smartphones these days. So, creating a mobile app for Slack was a given.

This intuitive app promo video is Slack’s way of attracting more users to its service. After all, why sit in front of a laptop when it can be done through your cell phone?

We love that Slack stayed true to its minimal no-clutter style for the app and the promo as well. It’s simple, it’s functional, and it’s meant for an audience looking to learn about the app.


2. Calm

Sometimes, rather than featuring the app functionalities it’s better to take your audience on an experience.

Some of the best app promo videos showcase how it ‘feels’ to use the service. Calm takes this creative approach head-on in its app promotional video.

It’s a mindfulness and meditation app meant for people dealing with mental health issues.

Giving these audiences a taste of what it feels like to be ‘calm’ in the middle of a stressful day is a checkmate move. Kudos to the creators for understanding their audiences’ needs.


3. Snapchat

Marketing your mobile app is not a one-off deal. To keep your app in use on your audience’s phones you have to introduce continuous updates.

It’s also important to promote the new features or updates with that first-time zeal.

Take this series of app promotional videos by Snapchat for instance. It was rolled out with the new version, especially compatible with Android phones.

It’s proof that when simplicity and creativity combine, aesthetic wonders happen. We loved going vicariously through Snapchat and Android’s newfound friendship.


4. Accu Weather

How many times a day do we check our weather app? Probably more frequently than we realize.

Accu Weather is one of those apps that we all have used at one point, if not regularly.

Amid growing competition like Google Weather, Accu created this app promo video to highlight its features and ease of use.

We love the sleek design and professional touch. It makes you feel like you’re staring out of a glass window of a corporate high-rise in New York City. That’s a powerful feeling indeed.


5. Flo

Ah, the highs and lows of being a woman! It’s great that we now have technology that can help us understand our bodies.

Flo is a women’s health app that embraces that every woman’s body works differently. It’s a great tool to have to keep up with the changes in your cycle, hormones, and pregnancy.

This app promo video aesthetically showcases Flo’s main features and invites women to join a global tribe.


6. Whatsapp

Like other products, you have to keep your mobile app marketing in touch with current trends.

With this heartfelt promo video, Whatsapp positioned itself as a necessity to keep the human connection alive.

In the isolating times of the COVID-19 pandemic, that’s the kind of reassurance the audiences are looking for.


7. QuizUp

QuizUp blew up when it was launched back in 2013. People became obsessed with the trivia game as there was something in there for everyone.

Let’s face it, not all of us are all-around geniuses. There are, however, some topics we are passionate about.

And we’d be damned before someone took away our crown in those categories. QuizUp highlighted this USP with this sassy App promo video – Come at me.


8. Memrise

Wanting to be bilingual is all fun and games until you have to apply it in real life.

Memrise harnesses the power of ‘real locals’ to help the users speak fluent Spanish in ‘real situations’. We love how the service is depicted in an imaginative way.


9. Headspace

This app promo video takes you on a journey of self-awareness. Pretty much like a therapist breaks down your struggles, it simplifies how anxiety works.

Understanding a problem is the first step toward solving it. This video helps its audience take that first step towards the right ‘Headspace’ in a calming way.

We love the use of soothing pastels for the illustrations. However, the reassuring tone of the narrator is the most impactful feature of this piece.


10. Amazon Prime

In the retail industry, offer-based app promos are very common. In less than 20 seconds, Amazon Prime makes a huge visual impact with this app video.

The secret lies in the details of the illustrations. Moreover, there’s nothing like animation to help audiences visualize complex concepts.

It was the perfect choice to explain an offer involving augmented reality. All in all, Amazon did a great job of explaining the offer in a fun and engaging way.


App promo videos – In a nutshell

This brings our quick review of some of the best app promo videos to an end. It’s clear that when it comes to marketing your app there are scores of possibilities.

You could go the animation or live video route, take on screencasts, or mix it all up.

What delivery style you choose depends on the needs of your audience. You may prefer a direct how-to style or take a more subtle conceptual approach.

We recommend a functional yet fun method to attract your audience.

Have a nudging idea for your next app video? At MotionCue, we specialize in turning those into winning mobile app promo videos.

Or, if you want to go a more budget-friendly way, you can browse through our collection of DIY mobile app templates here.

Wait, there’s more. You can also hit us up to set up a mobile app video strategy from scratch. Get in touch!

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