11 Ways to Repurpose Your Video Content

Making videos for social media is a very long and thankless job. There are a lot of resources that go into, prep, production, and distribution.

Once you put it out there and it takes or doesn’t take, all of your efforts have resulted in a short-lived outcome. It can be really frustrating.

There is a way around that frustration. You can always repurpose your video.

What is repurposed content? Repurposing is essentially altering the content format and reusing it in multiple ways.

In a rat race of creating and uploading new content, marketers often forget about the untapped potential of their pre-existing content.

Let’s cut to the chase and list some of the very useful ways you can repurpose your video content.

Repurpose video content


1.   Turn your video into an audio podcast

Video is all the rage these days. Every content creator is striving to put the best video out there.

The demand for video format is, however, subjective to the number of senses the audience can spare while consuming your content.

Video demands full attention along with your sight and listening. The viewer needs to stop everything they are doing to watch a video.

Audio content is way less demanding. You can do anything from driving to cooking to exercising while listening to an audio podcast.

According to a podcast statistic, 22% of Americans listen to a podcast once a week. This is a huge market. Podcasts have a tendency to form a deep connection with the audience.

You can not only widen your audience profile but also generate audience loyalty with a podcast.

You may need to alter your video content to make your content value-packed and engaging from an auditory point of view. Just make sure that your sound quality is very good.

Convert your audio into a video with the help of software like Audacity or GarageBand. It is pretty straightforward. Upload your video, add an intro and hit mp3 for your file format. Go ahead and export.

You can repurpose your video into audio podcasts to distribute it to multiple outlets. Upload the mp3 file of your video on a platform like SoundCloud.

All you need is a SoundCloud account. Don’t forget to link it to your main website and other social media accounts.


2.   Covert video into a blog post

There is no denying that video content has its own virtues in terms of engagement and traffic. However, a lot of people still prefer reading concise blog posts over a very detailed video.

The thrifty way of going about it transcribing your video’s content and uploading it onto your blog. It not only makes your content accessible to the reading public but also facilitates visibility to search engine spiders.

Videos tend to be long because the speaker tends to improvise speech as they go. While converting it to a blog, you have the liberty to stipulate some of the key points and be as relevant as possible.

You can always use multiple online tools for this purpose. A good example is Rev.com.


3.   Make infographics out of your video

Infographics have become hugely popular. The main reason for that is their incredible ease of consumption and display of information. One look and you know exactly what is going on.

Let’s suppose your video has a lot of research data that you can use in a visual format. Turning it into an infographic can prove to be a very smart move here.

If you have a designer at hand or you are familiar with Photoshop yourself, well and good.

However, if you can’t custom design an infographic, there are several online tools that you can use to make an infographic. Venngage is one of them.

Some things you have to do in order to make an effective infographic is knowing how to condense information.

Keep an eye out for trends, separate numerical values, research statistics, findings, and conclusions. Condense them into a visually appealing format with the right color palette and voila!

You now have repurposed your video content into an infographic.


4.   Make SlideShare presentations out of your video

While we are on the subject of repurposing your video into visual design formats, there is another one that cannot go amiss.

SlideShare comes under the ownership of LinkedIn. It is a medium specifically designed for presentations.

You can repurpose your videos in the form of presentations to restate your message in a short, effective, and aesthetically appealing manner.

A call-to-action button at the end of this presentation is just the cherry on top you need to increase your landing page traffic. The SEO opportunity here is just endless.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of designing your presentation, a transcription of your video in PDF on Scribd works just as well in terms of backlinking.


5.   Repurpose educational videos as Email content

Email marketing is a tool that has been around the longest in digital marketing and has still not lost its effectiveness.

You never run out of the demand for new and value-adding email content. You can meet that demand by converting your video content into emails. They make exceptional email content.

A good strategy would be to break up your video into different subjects to make an email series with an immense value that your list receives over a week with tailored textual content.

It will keep them hooked and excited for the fresh content you have for them. Not only that, but it will also put your click-through rates through the roof. Who doesn’t want that?

Just embed the video on your website instead of it leading to your socials if increasing traffic is one of your chief goals for this. Get that funnel going.


6.   Socials

Now we are talking. Socials are the big game to capitalize on your video content on different online platforms.

Here are some of the ways you can repurpose your video content on different social media channels.


Create YouTube Playlists from your video content

You may already have your video up on YouTube but a YouTube playlist is a great way to not only repurpose your content but also generating backlinks.

All you need are the right keywords and tags in your description for the video to direct traffic onto your channels and website.

It is good to have an entire library of all you have by way of video on YouTube. However, try not to cross the line of cluttering your YouTube page with random content.

Sort out your content into different categories or playlists like. company profile, client testimonials, product tutorials, webinars, and explainer videos.

Read more: 8 Ways to Use YouTube to Grow Your Business


Instagram videos

Instagram is one of the biggest visual content social platforms, there are several ways you can repurpose your video content on it.

Instagram has a one-minute limit to the videos you can upload as posts, unlike Facebook and YouTube. You can go to IGTV to watch the entire length of the video.

However, one minute is the length that plays on your organic timeline. You can select footage of 60 seconds and make a snippet trailer for your video.

Or you can simply pick out the most engaging and amusing part of the vide in order to attract the audience to the benefits they could gain from watching that video.

A one-minute Instagram trailer video can act as a very good bait to reel in the audience. A popular tool that is used to make these Instagram trailers is Instasize.

Instead of going for a landscape or portrait, a square video works the best on Instagram.

Put the summary of your video in the caption and send people back to your full-length video. You can also take still images from your videos and repurpose video content as Instagram posts.


Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat Stories

Almost all the social media apps have the story feature in them. Want to repurpose your video? Cut it into a story, crop it into a portrait format because Instagram stories accept only the vertical format.

You can use WaveVideo.com to convert your horizontal footage into vertical and avoid the annoying black bars above and below your video.

You would want 15-second snippets for Instagram and Facebook and a 10-second snippet for Snapchat. You can upload these snippets to your story piece by piece.

Or you can upload the entire video and Instagram will split it into 15-second intervals for you.

However, do it manually and leave out the lengthy, cumbersome parts because a viewer’s patience runs thin when it comes to stories. Skipping is a matter of only a tap.

An impressive app for iOS is Cutstory. Snip away at your videos and repurpose them as story-sized clips.


Monthly recap video

Now that you have repurposed your videos and posted them in the form of Instagram and Facebook stories, there is another way you can use them.

Download all your story archive, mash them up together to make a concise video of its own. Add interesting highlights and peppy music to give it a good vibe overall.

Embed these videos on a monthly basis in your newsletter or repost it onto your social networks.

How you want to use this video is subjective to the content of the stories you have used to make this video.

It could be about the year you have had or an incentive to why someone should work with you. It could exhibit the journey that you have made over time or the wholesome relationship that you share with your customers and employees.



Want some fresh content for your Twitter profile? There you go with your video stills, blog posts, and complete length video for the influx of new tweets.

Not only those, you can also imbed your SoundCloud postings onto your timeline. With Twitter being one of the least private platforms out there, these sorts of repurposes address a very wide audience.

If you wish to upload your entire video, you can only do so if it is 140-seconds or under.

If you can make trailers for Instagram, why can’t you for Twitter and link it to your full-length video on YouTube or better yet, your website?

Just take a look at how GaryVee uses his videos with text overlays to repopulate his twitter feed. I am sure this isn’t how Gary does it but you can use an app called Vont to add an overlay on your video. Some people also like to use Legend for its funky fonts.

Use your Twitter media library to share and reshare them without having to upload your video over and over again.


LinkedIn Live

Some people use LinkedIn Live for their shows. If not then Insta Live or Facebook Live has to do.

You may find it very lucrative while repurposing your video content is to include in the end of your video, a quick preview to what will happen in the next show. Or a recap of what happened in the last one.

It could be you talking about it or a nice little teaser of the show itself. All you have to do is to download the live recording and trim it to make a sneak peek video.

And this is how you get a trailer for your next show for absolutely nothing.


7.   Repurpose your webinars

You must have an archive of your webinar videos. Let me tell you a few neat little tricks about repurposing them and make your money worth it.


A short TLDW video

Let’s face it, webinars are long and boring. Not everyone has the stamina to sit through them. Most of us get a serious case of TLDW (too long didn’t watch) when it comes to webinars.

What you can do is make a short trailer with highlights of your webinar and distribute it on your social media channels. Cut out the unnecessary bit like intros and banter.

Not only this is an incredibly easy format to consume, but you can also let those who missed the session know that in order to get the full thing, but they also need to be there for the webinar. Two birds, one stone.

This will help you increase the attendance for your next webinars.


A lead magnet

A lot of effort goes into making a webinar video. Don’t just let it sit there. There is another way you can repurpose it. You can generate leads from this video.

All you have to do is upload that video on Wave.video and password protect it. It conveys that your video has value.

Capture your leads with a form and provide a password link only when the form is filled.

This is how you generate a lead with the help of a webinar video. Don’t forget to send a thank-you email.


Online courses

Almost all webinars are educational in nature. There is a great way to repurpose them and make a training course out of them for learning purposes.

Here is an example of a training video series by Mari Smith on Wave.video Academy.


8.   Repurposing customer testimonials

Almost every business out there puts in the effort to get the customer testimonials from their satisfied clients.

However, there are multiple ways to repurpose video content you have created by way of customer testimonials.


Video ads

Customer testimonials have great potential for becoming targeted video ads. Though, only after a little work has been done on them.

Use the testimonials that straight-up talk about your product. Make it absolutely clear to the audience of they are watching a product testimonial or a product/service review.

Another very important thing is to be certain that you have the consent from the subject in the video to use their testimonial in the ad.


Facebook cover video

While having immense benefits including being uncomplicated, Facebook cover videos are not given their due credit for being a great marketing tool.

They set the stage for all the audiences that spot yours through your Facebook page. Customers and potential customers have trust between them. They are more likely to believe each other than you.

By placing a customer testimonial in the Facebook video, you are building trust very early on in the interaction. Sounds like a great plan to me.


Make a sizzle reel out of your testimonials

If you have customer testimonials that are good for a long watch but you think that they do not save enough time for the viewer because of the length factor, you can take snippets from them and turn them into a sizzle reel.

In this way, you are showing multiple people who love your brand in one video. Use gorgeous B-roll and stock footage and peppy music.

You have brand new video content on your hands that works just as well at any point of contact with your prospects.

Here is an example of a bunch of testimonials turned into a sizzle reel.


Interviews into testimonials

While we are on the subject of testimonials, there is another way you can repurpose. Not testimonials, but interviews.

You may have brilliant footage of customer interviews or you can just wing it on a video call and do your research about their feedback.

There may be a section of this interview while they are giving their review on your product that you can cut out and repurpose into a candid testimonial.


9.   Make one long video out of your short video content

So far, we have talked about cutting down the large-sized videos and making smaller clips out of them in various ways. You can also turn it the other way around.

You can include everything from boomerangs, animated quotes to time lapses in one long video.

You can either make it a montage with music in the background to commemorate something about your journey or you can make it a company introduction.

You can make a collection of the best interviews or the expert market opinion.

Round everything up, tag your guest, get more and more links.

You can use tools like CyberLink PowerEditor or simple iMovie for iOS for repurposing short-form video content into longer ones.


10.   Use videos on your landing pages

A video on a landing page is very enticing to the customer. You may go and make a video specifically for your landing page or you could just repurpose your video content.

There is also such a thing as a video landing page. It is a simple landing page but it converges all the focus on the video on the page laying the moist visual and auditory emphasis on the CTA.

This could result in a higher conversion rate and return on investment.

Here is an example of MotionCue’s landing page with a video.

Repurpose your video content


11.   Blooper Reel

Who says you can’t have fun in digital marketing? Blooper reels that play in the end of the films when the credits roe is my favorite part of the movie.

Not only that they are hilarious, they also humanize you in front of your audience. You may have messed up takes in your archives that you can repurpose.

Make your own blooper video.


Now that you are familiar with different formats of repurposing, you can go about it and not let your hard-earned video content go to waste.

Go into this with proper previsualization, brainstorm, and strategic planning for the format you want to repurpose your video content into.

Think of different ways you can use your archives and capitalize on them for more traffic, views, and profit.

If you want consultation on the matter, MotionCue is happy to help.

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