12 Tips to Improve Your Instagram Video Ads

Instagram video ads are all the rage these days. In fact, one in four Instagram advertisements is a video.

With a whopping 400 million users, Instagram is the new kid on the block that is very quickly becoming the fastest growing social network in the world.

One of the main reasons for its popularity is the foolproof privacy policies that make it a trustworthy platform. It has proven to be a fertile ground for marketing for brands because of its high engagement.

Organic content may not be able to put in all the elbow grease required to get the users to follow the CTA to the landing page.

Often the biggest challenge for digital marketers is to get the audience to stop scrolling and to start viewing their Instagram video ad or just not to tap and skip when their story comes up.

It is all about keeping up with the trends and knowing about user expectations. You must also be proficient in the interactive aspects of the app in order to produce improved content.

One thing that you absolutely need to do before designing your Instagram video ad campaign is to streamline your goals.

They will lead to the creation of the kind of content that will fulfill the needs you have form it.  You would also want to determine your key performance indicators.

Here are some tips to take your Instagram ad effectiveness and engagements through the roof.


Instagram Video Ads


1. Hook your audience

As discussed before, the first objective you have is to stop the user from scrolling and make him watch your video or stick to your story until it finishes.

The first three seconds is all it takes for your audience to either get hooked and scroll past you. Never be slow with your opening. Make it fast, make it interesting so it captures the viewer’s attention.

A good indicator for this is that when you come across the Instagram advertisement, you can tell right away that it is a video and not a picture because a picture is almost customary to be scrolled by.

No one likes a video that beats about the bush too much. Get to the point fast. Let your audience save some time.


2. Focus on creating great content rather than making a sale

An Instagram video ad in your feed is like an eyesore. Instagrammers scroll past blatant ads way too fast.

Instagram data has pointed out that there is a total of 1 million advertisers cluttering the timeline of an average user.

This is a huge motivation for marketers to create content that is subtle and can blend into organic feeds to give it a more natural feel.

Disguise your promotional material as value-adding content. Add some personality to your content by giving it a more human feel. Images with real people and faces tend to get more engagement.

It is all a part of the rat race to be seen and followed by the users and being overly self-promotional can be detrimental to your traffic.

People are on Instagram to look at beautiful things. Include aesthetic footage in your Instagram video ads for the Instagrammer to pay attention to it without disrupting the flow of gorgeous content that they are expecting to see on their newsfeed.

The Enterprise Inspires Instagram video advertisement campaign is a great manifestation of this technique.

People look at the astounding tourism videography and it makes them curious about this website making them visit it instinctively. Thereby increasing their traffic and possibly conversions.

Another objective this technique accomplishes is creating a brand association of scenic tranquility with this company.

The users may just start following you through it making way for communication with potential customers.


3. Attract them with a solution

Identifying the problem, giving a solution, and positioning yourself as a solution provider is an age-old technique in marketing to attract the consumer base.

There is no reason why video marketers cannot use that on Instagram. It is very easy to hook a user with that.

When you talk about their pain-points, you are essentially empathizing. Empathy creates a bond. A bond that will come in handy to generate curiosity and interest in your brand.

Now that you have their attention, you can show them how your product or service solves that problem. Explainer videos are the type of video content that you may want to go here.

Instagram Video Ad


4. Decide on a single theme and topic

Knowing what you want is one of the most attractive traits both in people and campaigns. This is why you need to be very clear about what you want out of an Instagram video ad.

An all-in-one video that presents about everything from brand awareness to shopping details to explaining the product with the cherry of a “Buy Now” button on top can make one messy cake. One that your viewers don’t want to consume because it is just too confusing to look at.

Try not to incorporate everything into one video and bombard them with everything all together.

Do not overwhelm your audience with an onslaught of information. Don’t over-promote. Narrow it down to one essential message for each video.

Another important aspect of the video marketing strategy is the use of one single color theme. A consistent color palette allows your audience to create an association with your brand.

Keep it the same as the theme of the website for when the prospect links to one of your landing pages, they can instantly make the connection. Have the website match the Instagram experience.

The same goes for mood and the level of peppiness in your videos.

When it is easy for the customers to identify your brand just by catching a glimpse of your video, it is a very good place to be in terms of brand association.

Tailor your content to the taste of your audience and target them smartly.

Being certain about the effectiveness of your content type and themes while being consistent with those is imperative for an advertising strategy that works.


5. Use captions for videos with no sound

Since Instagram has muted its videos, and the audio does not play until the audience taps it. You must script for silence and not rely on audio to deliver your message.

A very effective way of optimizing videos with no sound on Instagram is to use captions. This will prevent your video from being lost in the scroll.

It is only fair to lead with captions and visuals instead of audio on Instagram video ads if you don’t want any information missed.

There is cool software like Apple Clips and Rev that you could use in order to make your text stand out. You will see a significant rise in engagement after using captions.

You can also use other means to add motion graphics to your text that can help your video be more attention-grabbing while reinforcing important messages.

However, it is very important to know when you have added enough text. Sometimes less is more. Be careful not to overcrowd your screen. No one likes clutter on their screen.

You need just enough text to pique the interest of your audience. So much so, that they not only watch the entire video and also with the sound on.

This does not mean you can compromise on your audio quality.

Squarespace is a very fresh example of how to use minimal text in the negative space in order to help increase the understanding of the video ad. You can watch their videos without audio and still enjoy the concept.


There are several other ways you can use on-screen text to your advantage in the shape of call-to-action buttons.

Some brands also use text in their Instagram video ads as an opening statement to grab the attention of their audience. This is how the Fifth Third Bank used it to spread awareness about their cause and action.


It is not just the on-screen text you can use to increase the appeal of your video if it plays with no sound. Your Instagram captions can sometimes do the talking for you.

Possibilities of using text to grab the attention of your audience via text are endless.


6. Be mindful of dimensions while shooting

There is a stark difference in watching videos on Facebook and watching videos on Instagram. On Facebook, you have the option of a full-screen mode. You don’t have that in Instagram.

The viewers will be watching your video within the feed. You have to be very careful while gathering your footage for Instagram video ads for it to cater to that.

You want your ads to fill the whole space that is given to your video in the newsfeed. Horizontal videos don’t work in that format.

Have your editor edit all your videos to a dimension of  864 pixels (width) by 1080 pixels (height) with an aspect ratio of 4:5. It can do wonders for your video quality, appeal, and audience attention.

However, you can watch Instagram stories over a full-screen. For Insta stories, keep the dimensions at 1080×1920.


7. Give importance to thumbnails

Unlike YouTube and Facebook, you cannot customize your thumbnails in Instagram video ads. You have to use still-shots from within the video.

A thumbnail is a determinant if whether or not a viewer will turn on the volume of your video in their timeline or click on your video if it shows up in their search results.

For this reason, you have to think about the thumbnail early on. As early as the shooting and production stage. You might want to slide in a visual into your video that you can use as a thumbnail.

It will save you time and might just help you increase engagement on your page.


8. Make loopable videos

The exact function of a loopable video is to keep the viewer with your video for as long as possible in order to create a long-lasting impression on them.

There a couple of things you need to include in order to make a loopable Instagram video ad more effective.

You need to include music in the intro and outro. Also, try to make your video fade out for a softer transition into the next loop.

Take this Instagram ad video by Bai flavored drink for example.

Instagram Video Ad


9. Make landing pages mobile-friendly

More often than not, a CTA leads to your landing page. Since the preferred device of usage for Instagram are cell-phones, the prospect will also visit your landing page on a mobile phone.

As soon as the journey becomes difficult for the prospect, they lose interest in your page. For this reason, it is imperative that you make your landing pages fit for mobile usage.

It can be very off-putting if you click on the Learn More button and link it to a page not designed for a mobile-friendly interface.

Or if they try to perform certain functions on that page and they just don’t work as well for mobile as they do for the desktop. Design everything to facilitate a mobile user.

You can increase your website traffic multifold if you stop losing visitors like this. Be mobile-ready!


10. Engage your audience

Here is a common mistake most brands make, posting a video and just letting it sit there. If you don’t do that with organic content, why would you do it for tailored content?

Be constantly on your feet with your Instagram video ads. You have to answer any queries, reply to comments. Monitoring comments is how you engage your follower the most.

It is a way of improving their experience, making it long-lasting which may result in a conversion.

Always track your audience engagement. Increased engagement also furthers your impressions as may be evident from your social effort data.


11. Include a clear call to action

Something we can all agree on is that looking for a link in the bio of an account is cumbersome. Going the long route from the caption via profile to the landing page is just not efficient.

Always include a Learn More button at the end of your Instagram video ad and finish the full circle in the same video.

This is how clover, a dating app, widened the audience reach and increased their subscribers.


12. Test your Instagram video ads’

The trial-and-error approach has long been an effective way to solve problems. Here is how you can apply it to improving your Instagram video ads:

Create various versions of your Instagram advertisement and target the same audience. Follow the path of your prospects from impression to sale.

Needless to say, the one performing better is your pick.

Instagram is hands down one of the best social media platforms to reduce acquisition cost and increase the reach of your brand provided you use all of its functions smartly and keep the above suggestions in mind.

If you need a consult or need to have an Instagram video ad made, MotionCue will be happy to help.

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