15 Simple Tips to Increase Your Video Views on YouTube

Marketers and content creators who put their hearts and souls into making videos want to see their content do well once it’s shared.

Unfortunately, even if the video is objectively excellent it may not get the recognition and views it deserves.

If you understand the system and customize how your share your video, then you’ll be able to increase your video views.

In this post, we’re going to break down some simple tips you can use to increase your video views and engagement on YouTube.


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Increase your video views on YouTube


According to a Forbes article, people spend more than 1 billion hours watching videos on YouTube every day. Thats a lot of eyeballs.

In fact, it’s more than the combined views that Facebook and Netflix get daily.

So, heres what you can do to increase video engagement on YouTube:


1. Remind viewers to like, comment, and subscribe


The simplest way to get something is to just straight up ask for it.

Reminding your viewers to ‘like, comment, and subscribe’ will help you retain viewers.


2. Create playlists for your videos


Creating playlists for your videos will allow you to take advantage of the auto-play feature on YouTube.

Your viewers may end up going through a bunch of your videos in one sitting if your content is good.


3. Enable video embedding option


Often, bloggers and content creators may want to share your videos on their websites.

If your videos are easy to share, you’ll be able to reach new audiences. So make sure your videos can be embedded.

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4. Understand the role ‘watch time’ plays


watch time

 ‘Watch Time is the amount of time people spend watching your videos.

The YouTube algorithm, though complex, heavily relies on it. So, it’s better if people spend more time watching your videos.

Not convinced about its importance? Heres the same advice straight from the horses mouth.


5. Write compelling video titles


Employ SEO tactics and dont forget the human element either. Take your time and think about your video title.

Do a good amount of research on relevant keywords and include them as well. You can use a keyword planner, such as this.

Ogilvy quote


6. Create eye-catching thumbnails


Your videos thumbnail will attract your audiences attention. It should be eye catching and in harmony with your brand.

If you want to learn more about how to make great thumbnails, check out this post.


7. Incorporate tags


Tags help YouTube understand what your video content is mainly about.

This allows the platform to categorize your video and distinguish it from the vast ocean of content.


8. Add captions and transcripts 


Simon Whistler, Ada Lovelace

Credits: Biographics.org

YouTube has an international audience; transcriptions will make your videos more universal.

Language won’t be a barrier and more people across the world will be able to consume your video content.

This is a great tactic to increase video views and enables people from all sorts of backgrounds to get engaged.

It is not clear whether adding captions or transcripts improve your video or channel’s ranking, but, as mentioned above, it does have its advantages.


9. Share your video on social media


Whenever you put out a video on YouTube, share it across your social media platforms as well.

Sharing your videos across your social media will allow you to reach most of your audience.

When your audience discovers your videos through these channels and is funneled to YouTube, It will help your video and channel climb the algorithm.

This will not only increase your video views but will give you a better organic ranking.

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10. Collaborate with other YouTubers



 On YouTube, creators often collaborate with one another. It allows people to discover new creators and channels.

 It’s essentially a win-win scenario.

You could invite guest YouTubers and influencers to participate in your videos.

This is a great tactic to not only build a stronger community and presence on the platform but also gain new viewers and subscribers.

When you partake in collaborations, be sure to promote your guest and their content, too.

Link their channel in your video’s description and remind your audience to go check out their videos.

This type of relationship building will benefit everyone involved and help you build a solid rapport.


11. Use cards to help your viewers discover more


YouTube allows various ways for you to interact with your audience and promote your business.

Cards are a great optimization tool. The following are examples of how you can use cards within videos.

  •         Link to your other videos
  •         Link a poll and have your audience participate in it
  •         Add a link to your website


12. Share your videos with niche communities


You can share your videos on platforms other than your businesses’ social media accounts/pages.

Look up relevant Quora topics and share your content there if it adds value.

Another great way to reach niche communities is through subreddits. 

If you’re videos gain traction on platforms such as these, you’ll get exposure and new people will discover your work and company.


13. Add other videos from your channel in the end screens



You can link other video from your channel to end screens. This will help your viewers discover more of your content and get you views across the board.

When it come to sharing your videos, it is important to understand the platforms you choose to use.

YouTube isn’t simply a social media channel, it is a search engine, too.

This means that creating great content is only half the battle. The other half is understanding the technicalities of the platform so you can optimize your content and increase your video views.

After all, it would be disappointing if the effort you put into creating a great video didn’t get you the results you hoped for.


14. Emulate industry leaders


It’s always a good idea to learn from others. Stay updated on what other leaders in your industry are doing; figure out what they are doing right and emulate that.

This will help you to adapt and change your strategy as you go. In the end, you’ll be rewarded with increased video views and engagement.


15. Post consistently




Last but not least, experiment with your videos and post often. Idle channels can sometimes loose the algorithm’s favorability.  

Try not to get too preoccupied with perfection and optimization. Set an uploading schedule and stick to it.


Employ these tips and stay updated on best practices for YouTube.

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Posted by Maria Saif

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