3 Ways to Record Killer Screencast Videos

In a world, where everything requires colossal investment, time, and energy, screencast video is one of those options where you won’t have to worry about splashing a lot of cash on production, equipment or logistics.

Screencast makes it easier, quicker, and more manageable to create a tutorial or any other training video for a software, game, etc.

To create a screencast video, you simply have to record and share your computer or phone screen.

Now, you may be unaware, but you will come across three different types of screencast videos.

Each with its own pros and cons. Each requires time, energy and investment of different measures.

In this post we’ll discuss why professional screencast videos are great for business.

And we’ll briefly take a look at some programs available that’ll help you record a screencast video by yourself.


Regular screencast videos

Regular screencast video is a standard, economical option that costs next to nothing.

This option is a utility for everyday use as it involves less complexity, and can be completed in a reasonable amount of time.

Mostly, YouTubers make use of this type of video to create different software tutorials and gaming walkthroughs.

Regular screencast videos are useful if your top priority isn’t producing a high-end video.

Creators record and share their phone or computer screens, it’s as simple as that.

Typically, the script for the video is improvised; all you need is a decent microphone to ensure clear audio.

Sometimes, creators share their screens live with the audience.

This video demonstrates how a regular screencast video looks like.


*Top Software for Creating screencast videos (Research)

As internet users, we come across an incalculable number of software and applications every single day.

It becomes almost impossible to make sure of the reliability and practicality of relatively less known software.

So, we conducted research to list down top software for creating quality screencast videos.

We collected data from download.com (a subsidiary of CBS Media Group) which is one of the most trusted, secure, and reliable free-to-try download directories with more than 100 million users.

By keeping in view download numbers, ratings, and pricing, here are the top five software that’ll help you create screencast videos:

screencast software OBS Studio recording, my screen recorder, oCam, screenhunter

Animated screencast videos

Animated screencast videos, generally, are of higher quality compared to regular ones. In this type of screencast, custom animation is used to improve the visual appearance.

Through editing and animation, tweaks are made to show smooth cursor movements, transitions, and button clicks.

The video ends up becoming perceivably better in terms of how it looks.

In addition to animation, the script is also well prepared with better sound equipment which adds to the quality of the overall video.

The visual appeal is fairly higher than ordinary. This type of video will definitely cost more than a regular; low-effort screencast video.

Below is an example video which clearly exhibits animated screencast video

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Animated screencast videos look more professional and are normally developed by design and digital agencies for companies.

These videos are typically available on any company’s website.

And they are commonly produced to professionally showcase products, such as a software or an application, and are normally part of a sales process.


Enhanced animated screencast videos

Similar to animated screencast videos, enhanced ones offer even better visuals and look more professional.

The main difference is that in an enhanced animated screencast video, the user interface of the software/product is enhanced by highlighting important parts of the interface.

In order to reduce visual noise and give a cleaner and more consistent look to the whole video.

Most of the extraneous components of a screenshot are reduced to tone down the noise of the overall user interface for viewers.

This explainer video by MotionCue is a perfect example of an enhanced animated screencast video.

Enhanced screencast video requires a more generous budget due to the amount of work involved in the whole process, but the outcome will have premium visual quality.

These types of videos are also used by companies for their marketing assets and sales funnel.

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Final thoughts

Through research, analyzing different video mediums (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.) and simple Google searches, we’ve found that 90% of the top software organizations which include Google, Adobe, Microsoft and Salesforce choose professional screencast videos for their businesses to educate their customers.

Professional screencast videos are a vital cog in the marketing/sales machine for big companies as they want to deliver exceptional customer experience for their products.

Professional video agencies are comprised of essential resources that can help any business to create their own professional screencast videos for a fairly plausible price to deliver an engaging experience for the target audience.

If you have a business, be it a SaaS or any other, you can reach out to MotionCue today to discuss your project.

*Disclaimer: While we are eager to share accurate data, we cannot and do not guarantee the accuracy of the shared statistics. We do not accept any responsibility, and hence, we shall have no liability for any loss or damage which may arise by relying on this information.


Posted by Adil Ashraf

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