10 Best 3D Animated Videos to Set your Creativity in Motion

3D animation provides marketers an opportunity to communicate their message and ideas in an exciting way.

It is a preferred choice because it can render products and objects with real-life accuracy. Also, the medium makes it easier to showcase scenarios that are nearly impossible to execute using live-action videos.

In this post, we are going to talk about the best 3D animated videos so you can draw inspiration for your next video project.


Wacom Mobile Studio Pro

Wacom is a Japanese company that specializes in creative tools specifically graphic design tablets and gadgets.

It released the lightweight Wacom MobileStudio Pro that bundles creative tools together.

The 3D animation contains a 3D model of the product and its accessory.

The video highlights all of the key aspects of the device and how users can utilize it for drawing and animation anywhere they would like.


Tesco Premium Credit Card

Tesco is one of the largest groceries and merchandise retailers in the UK. It has expanded into numerous divisions, such as financial services, telecoms, books and furniture.

It launched a premium credit card as a part of its financial services to the general public with a cool 3D animated video.

The video showcases realistic financial situations occurring in lives of 3D human characters that audience can easily relate to.

It also points to the fact that Tesco is trying to make its customers lives hassle-free by going digital.

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Google Drive

Google introduced Google Drive with a 3D video. It has a sleek design and is laden with the company’s flagship colors making it visually appealing.

Users get adequate information about what Drive is all about and how they can use it to access their files, regardless of the size, anytime and on any device.


Discovery Channel Branding

Discovery network recently launched its channel in Korea for which it needed localized branding.

The 3D animated video is created by Super Very More motion graphic studio based in Seoul, South Korea.

The video brings vibrant colors while keeping the original channel identity intact. There are several colorful objects shown throughout, which represent the  sub-channels’ identities.


Logitech Ergo

Logitech launched an Ergo lab on their website to provide its customers with ergonomically-driven workspace solutions and products.

Clim Studio created a 3D animated pitch video along with static images, characters, and looped gifs to help Logitech pack their website with eccentric and engaging designs.

The video shows different characters exhibiting the significance of adopting ergonomic posture while working to reduce muscle strain and create more comfort around.


Aerobics – Kroger

Kroger is the largest merchandising retailer based on revenue in the US. They approached BBD New York agency for a fresh rebranding.

Cesar Plizer of Hornet directed and created this humorous and offbeat 3D animated ad to consolidate Kroger’s commitment to produce food that is “fresh for everyone.”

The ad shows a fitness enthusiast constantly engaged in aerobics exercises. Upon finding no food in the refrigerator, he drives down to Kroger to buy his groceries that are healthy and fresh.


IKEA Plantball

IKEA is a Swedish furniture company recognized globally for its inventive designs and meatballs.

They partnered with Studio Taktil to introduce plant-based meatballs known as Huvudroll (plantball) for the vegetarian and vegan consumer-base.

The 3D animated video shows the visualization of the whole production process with ingredients, herbs and spices floating, bursting open from their shells and eventually coming together to form a plantball.

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Avanti Travel Insurance

Avanti is a UK-based insurance company. ESTÚDIO ÍCONE created a 3D animated video to promote the company’s single insurance policy for the consumers.

The video revolves around an old couple on a holiday discussing how secure their whole trip would have been if they had Avanti’s Single Trip Insurance Policy.

Still images of 3D characters were also created to populate the company’s website.


Maserati Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Maserati is an Italian automobile manufacturer that is renowned for its luxury cars.

The 3D animated video is intended to provide information and instruction to about the assorted driver assistance systems such Blind Spot Alert, Red Cross Path and Adaptive Cruise Control that Maserati  models offer.

The animation is fluid and has an overall smooth flow with 3D models of Maserati cars.


Xbox One S

Microsoft’s Xbox is one of the two premium gaming consoles (the other one’s the Sony PlayStation)

Xbox One S was released in 2016. The 3D animated video shows a 3D model of the gaming console along with the new features that set it apart from its predecessor, Xbox One.

In addition to the console, scenes from fan-favorite games such as Call of Duty and PUBG were also featured.


3D animated videos are fun, captivating, and useful for providing in-depth review or analysis of any product.

It’s no wonder so many big brands are using this type of video to launch their products!

Posted by Adil Ashraf

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