If you are a business owner, my basic assumption is that you’ve probably heard about how the world is digitizing fast and that you need to catch up if you are going to stay relevant in the market for long, something which is true to some extent.

As you end your day today, these are some of the things that would have taken place in the Digital space

  1. 200 million hours of YouTube videos would have been watched by so many YouTube users from around the world.
  2. The Google search engine would have processed a total of 3 billion search queries
  3. YouTube users would have uploaded at least 2 billion hours of video content.
  4. Facebook users would have uploaded a total of 5 billion status update.
  5. And here’s the killer one, for every second that passes, a total of 5 new Facebook accounts are created.

The statistics above might seem like fiction but the truth is that they are fact. One thing that cannot be denied is the fact that the world and the lives of so many people in it are revolving around the internet and Digital space.

This growth of the internet is the main cause behind the rising demand of Digital Media and with it the growth of the Digital Media industry. Take, for example, picture sharing sites like Instagram and Pinterest.

The active user stats for both platforms are 800 million and 200 million respectively making it a total of 1 billion active users for the two channels. The two billion users post a total of at least 3 billion images each and every day.

Although we might agree that most of the pictures would be personal, a sizable chunk of the images belongs to brands and companies who would be trying to reach the users of these platforms to help drive business value and objectives.

When Facebook was launched back in 2004, as one of the first Social Media platforms, a lot of business leaders did not even try to pursue marketing on the platform as they remained skeptical of its ability to drive business growth but fast forward 12 years later in 2016, the company reported a turnover of $48 billion in ad revenue alone.

Enter the Digital Media Agencies

Digital Media Agencies were not really a thing until the year 2008 when video and image content started becoming more and more popular on the internet. The basic purpose of these was to help businesses that were more traditional become more active in the internet space so that they can increase their revenue by acquiring new customers online.

In the years between 2008 to around 2014 or so, Digital Media Agencies really drove up performance and ran campaigns that produced tangible results but this didn’t persist for long simply because the industry became too competitive and a lot of business was also beginning to join the bandwagon so that they can also enjoy their fair share of the pie of internet-based customers.

And just like anything, when an industry becomes too crowded, it becomes exposed and vulnerable which makes making mistakes easy. Nowadays, a lot of Digital Agencies are around who are making mistakes.

The main reason why these agencies are making such mistakes is that the field has become too challenging in itself, with a lot of players and a limited pool of clients. For the Digital Media Agencies, it’s no longer a story of improving service delivery, it’s now more about finding clients and thus everything is being done in a rush and often times, when things go that way, it can be very easy to make such mistakes as listed below.

  1. Starting work without taking the time to fully understand a client’s business

Ask any business leader who doesn’t want to hear of Digital Marketing, they might have once worked with an agency that made this mistakes. You will even find that some Digital Media Agencies do not even understand the market segments such as B2B and B2C and the strategies that are effective for each.

This is why it’s very important for any Digital Media Agency to take the time to first understand the company they want to market before they even run their first ad or create their first advert for the company. Because normally, what happens with a lot of Digital Media Agencies is that they might market a company in the B2C market segment and achieve great results which would result in them thinking that the same strategy would for a B2B business, something that is entirely false.

  1. Making Promises they Can’t Keep

I’ve come across this myself and heard it all when it comes to Digital Media Agencies and promises. As I said earlier that most agencies are fighting to retain new clients instead of focusing on delivering performance-based results. This is why a lot of agencies are sugarcoating their words in just an effort to acquire a new client or to retain an old one, something that is blatantly wrong!

If a Digital Media Agency offers SEO services and you hear their SEO guy promise you that he’ll definitely get you on the esteemed Google first page. Run away from that agency because truth be told, there is no such thing.

  1. Working without a plan

Nothing is ever abstract in Digital Marketing. Some of the world’s top brands that run killer campaigns simply because behind the campaign, there would be a well-structured and thoroughly researched strategy document acting as a backbone of the whole Digital Marketing Campaign.

But nowadays, most Digital Agencies are just taking a strategy template and call it a day. Yes, it might seem convenient in the short term but in the long run, running a Digital Campaign without a proper plan and strategy will simply result in disaster.

  1. Thinking that it’s easy to go about Social Media

There might be a total of 2 billion users on a Social Media platform like Facebook but that doesn’t make it any easier to grow an audience there. It’s as tough as hell and one mistake you shouldn’t make is promising a client that you’ll grow their audience in just a short space of time.

By doing so, you would be exposing your reputation and that of your company to the vultures and trust me, they will feast on you if you fail to deliver on what you promise. A great Digital Agency is one that is practical and focus on making practical promises and scaling up depending on their achievements from their campaigns.

  1. Not having a proper system for managing projects and clients

It’s a known fact that every successfully B2B business such as a Digital Media agency rides on the back of two softwares, a CRM and a PMS. CRM is short for Customer Relationship Management for managing your client relationships and PMS is short for Project Management Software used for managing and monitoring your relationships with your clients.

Both softwares are needed because running a Digital Campaign takes a team of many people with different skillsets and for them to flourish, they should have a convenient space where they can easily collaborate and organize from.

If you are a Digital Media Agency owner or someone in need of services offered by a Digital Media Agency, then I hope this article have enlightened you on some of the key things to look out for if you are to optimize your campaigns for success.

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