5 signs to determine if you will be a successful entrepreneur

Do you aspire to become an entrepreneur? The lives of entrepreneurs are now in the constant limelight. And those that become successful are even more scrutiny with their daily habits and favorite things to do in focus.

Defining what makes an entrepreneur is definitely a hot topic. Many have the qualities that make up a successful entrepreneur but never know about it. We have listed down the five qualities that are often found in all entrepreneurs.

A Self Starter:

When it comes to running your own startup, it is imperative that you are someone who can take initiative.

In startups, you have to realize that there are no written rules governing you. There is no written request to get a vacation, no rules for clocking in and out. Everything needs to be done with self-control. You cannot indulge yourself into distractions and have to exercise control.

Your past experiences can tell you whether you are good at taking initiatives. Whether you were part of group activities or causes that didn’t result in monetary benefit or you started a whole new organization when you were in university. Things like these indicate that you had the potential to take initiative without someone telling you or if there was a benefit involved.

Are you fearless?

Starting a new startup requires you to jump all in. It is an incredible act of bravery. Entrepreneurs are not afraid to take risks. In fact, they leverage every risk. Creating a venture and financing it may require you to pull out funds from your home’s mortgage and even maxing out your credit cards.

Being fearless is important as running a startup requires you to take a lot of risks, make decisions that cause make or break your business and above all else, requires an investment of your time which you will not get back.

You’re a creative thinker:

Creativity is right at the heart of entrepreneurship. Most often it is associated with artists and writers but for one to be a successful entrepreneur one has to be creative. Startups have to fight tooth and nail for everything.

For every challenge that you face, it is imperative that you come up with innovative ideas to overcome them. Creative thinking is imperative as it will help in toughest of times which every startup has to face very often in their journey to success.

You’re restless:

Entrepreneurs have unbridled energy that fuels them long past the time when their employees have gone home. They are eager, excited and energized about business in a way that makes them stand out. Irvine would know: He owns a restaurant in South Carolina, is opening another in the Pentagon and has a line of food and clothing products, on top of hosting his TV show.

You are competitive by nature.

There’s a reason some companies heavily recruit athletes for sales and business positions. The desire to strategize and win translates perfectly into business. If you played sports growing up or are the type that excels when faced with a little rivalry, you might just have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. A competitive nature will force you to not just be better — but be the best.

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