5 Types of Videos Every Business Should Make to Prosper

Videos are an excellent medium for marketers, content creators, and entrepreneurs to utilize.

They are extremely effective when it comes to conveying a message, telling a brand story or promoting a product.

If you want to increase your brand’s online presence and spread the word about what your company is all about, then videos are perfect.

There are several types of videos you can create to meet different kinds of objectives. The spectrum of options may leave you confused about which route to take.

In this post, we’ll take a look at 5 types of videos every business should make to succeed.


Top 5 types of videos every business should make


1. Explainer videos

Explainer videos do a great job of making complex ideas simple and easy to grasp. That’s why they take the number one spot in our list of the types of videos every business should make.

These types of videos are ideally just a minute or two long and are great at holding the audience’s attention.

Explainer videos are, therefore, a great asset for pitch meetings.

You could also use explainers to demonstrate your company’s products or services, too.

These videos allow the audience to really understand what you’re offering and how to use it optimally.

Explainers can be animated, live-action or even a combination of the two.

Marketers are increasingly incorporating these videos in their digital marketing efforts due to their shareability and effectiveness.

Explainer videos that are tailored to brief the viewers on your product or service are great at nudging people into taking some kind of action.


2. Live-action videos

Live-action videos tend to cost more to produce due to several additional factors involved. You can check out our previous post that describes what drives up these costs.

Live-action videos do a great job of capturing human expressions; therefore, they are perfect for compelling storytelling.

The emotions a production house can capture with a lens is a cut above what could be accomplished with animation, though animated videos have their own merits and offer greater flexibility.

A well-produced live-action video, that has a solid message to convey to its audience, can leave a lasting impression on the viewer.


3. Testimonials

Testimonials are a great way of building trust with cold audiences. It gives new viewers the confirmation they need about how reliable your company or brand is.

There are two types of testimonial videos you can make for your business; they are as follows:

Client testimonials

When prospects are conducting research on different brands and companies before making a final purchasing decision, they often look for reviews and testimonials to hear what others have to say.

These types of videos give potential clients or customers the proof they need to make a reliable decision.

Client testimonials tip the scales in your favor. As a result, anyone on the fence about your company will end up feeling confident about choosing you over some other alternative. Here is a testimonial from one of our clients.


CEO testimonials

CEO testimonials are also useful when it comes to swaying viewers in your company’s favor. If the viewers can see how passionate the CEO is about a product or service, they are much more likely to jump on the bandwagon.

This sort of video also helps to humanize companies, which is important because people generally feel disconnected to large corporations.



4. Advertising and promotional videos

Advertising and promotional videos are great at getting the word out there and letting your viewers know what you have to offer.

Whether you’re making an announcement for an event or debuting a product, a well-made advertising or promotional video can work wonders.

These types of videos can brief your audience with need-to-know information about whatever you’re putting out.

With a call to action in place, advertising and promotional videos can boost conversions and help you achieve your goals.

Here’s one we made for Loom.

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5. Employee onboarding and training videos

Last in our list of types of videos every business should make are onboarding and training videos.

Most HR professionals understand the importance of a well-planned onboarding program.

These types of programs have a positive impact on job satisfaction, productivity and overall job performance, etc.

Companies today incorporate a range of activities; training; workshops, etc. The main goal of it all is to bring new hires up to speed and update the existing staff’s skills.

Technology has impacted every field. This means that modern onboarding and training programs don’t just include traditional methods of orientation anymore.

Now, videos are frequently used as part of a holistic onboarding and training program. Videos for this purpose have several benefits, such as:

  • Companies can reduce costs and convey a consistent message with a video that can be distributed whenever it’s needed.
  • Employees can refer to old training videos whenever they need to.
  • If you have several offices; offshore employees or freelancers, training and onboarding videos can be easily shared and everyone can be brought up to speed remotely.
  • Videos are engaging and people tend to retain information better if they receive it in the form of a fun video.


Well, what are you waiting for?

Video content has taken the world by storm. Marketers and content creators have found the immense value that this form of content has to offer.

As a business, you should take full advantage of this medium. Incorporate it into your marketing funnel and use it for internal communication as well.

Our list of the top 5 types of videos every business must have is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot more you can experiment with.

If you’d like to work with a bunch of video experts to help create your hero video, get in touch. We’re here to help!

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Posted by Maria Saif

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