9 Best Animated Commercial Videos

Commercial videos are one of the most important elements in your marketing toolbox. Animated commercials have been all the rage these days.

Companies are heavily investing in animated video commercials and integrating them into their marketing strategies.

Animated commercials have been performing very well in the promotion of products, creating awareness, and increasing sales.

They are being used on television, social media, and other digital media outlets. It can be just the push your audience needs for conversion.

A recent survey by MotionCue revealed that 76% of marketers say that video has shown positive ROI in their marketing efforts.

Meanwhile, 77% of marketers believe that video has successfully helped them achieve their business objectives.

Animated commercial videos do a great job in the product launch. Here is how Spotify used this format to establish the value this app can bring to the life of a regular user.


The list of benefits of an animated video commercial doesn’t just end there. There are plenty of ways you can harness this medium to further your brand objectives.

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We have picked out some of the best-animated commercials of all time to establish how different brands have used them in different ways to propagate a specific message and to fulfill a particular objective.


Follow Your Dreams – Seneca

Seneca College has made use of a very simple script coupled with interesting illustrations and motion graphics to tell the audience how they are there to add value to their lives.

They have related to the problem that the relevant audience may be facing. They have then provided a solution to that problem using their unique selling proposition.

However, using a tone that addresses the audience is what takes the cake for this particular animated commercial video.

It makes the limbo of having college credits but never having completed your degree seems like something you can get out of very easily.

The problem-solution approach for a video script, any video script, is the safest approach one can go for. It makes your message reverberate in the mind of your audience.


In Pursuit of Greatness: Take On History – Wimbledon

This video tackles the evolution of Wimbledon from its beginning in 1877 to the present day. This animated video celebrates the noted tennis players that the world has witnessed.

It takes you on a journey akin to time travel. Starting from Spencer Gore, all to the way to Roger Federer and Serena Williams.

It also commemorates the historically iconic moment in the second wave of feminism, the battle of the sexes. Where Billie Jean King challenged Bobby Riggs to a match and won.

You can also see the progress in the equipment and machinery over time.

Some would say that an animated commercial with no voice is a very risky move but the impact the lack of a voiceover creates here is unmatched.

The extremely powerful music track in the background makes up for the lack of dialog.

I don’t know about you, but this video is highly goosebump-inducing for me. Worthy of watching on repeat.


Imagine What Could You Do – American Express

We never expected a credit card company’s commercial to be so compelling.

American Express got creative with their career’s campaign. It makes total sense to attract job seekers with an animated video that makes their company look interesting.

It debunks the myth that only finance professionals work at credit card companies.

As opposed to our last example, the best thing about this animated video is its script.  It is highly relatable.

They kept the animation simple, however, still very engaging. These videos make the viewer want to join the company and explore their potential.


This campaign also highlights that commercial videos do more than just increasing conversion rates. They also play an important role in other important brand objectives like recruitment.

In this commercial video, for example, American Express has established other fields it integrates into its company’s profile.

This campaign has a north of 30 thousand views, which is a lot for a plain old recruitment campaign.


Cadbury’s animated commercials

When it comes to animated commercials, Cadbury is big on themes.

Using all the aesthetics of a Zombie apocalypse, the Halloween edition of the Crème Eggs has been launched and marketed in this funny and captivating animated commercial.

Holding all the spook of a classic horror movie, this video does an amazing job of capturing the attention of the audience.

The aesthetic has been amplified by the use of stop motion animation.

The best part about this animated commercial is that it is short. Soon as you start running low on attention span, it ends.

Now you are convinced to try this limited-edition Cadbury Scrème Egg.


They did it again in another one of their commercials using the alien theme. Loving how there’s a comic spin to these old worn-out movie themes

What this video essentially says is that their exquisite flavors are good enough to make aliens dance.

The choice of music is incredibly upbeat and catchy as well. Adds an interesting and energetic effect.

There is a reason both of these commercials have an amazing viewership on YouTube. When an ad performs that well, you know your product is going to sell.


McDonald’s App animated commercial

Using movie themes is a strategy that rarely is a miss.

This brief and entertaining animated commercial uses some of the iconic scenes in Hollywood to let the audience know how easy it is to share a meal with a friend.

Not only does it propagate the joy of sharing food amply, but the cute illustrations and background song also make it equally fun to watch.


It’s worth noting that animated content isn’t just great for ads, it’s also ideal for other kinds of promotions and messaging.

You could go with a brand-sponsored short film or a public service announcement. Ultimately, they promote your brand all the while doing a good thing.


Dropbox animated commercial

Animated explainer videos are great for conveying complex concepts in an engaging, and Dropbox knows how to use this medium well.

The animation is incredibly simple and charming against the white background, and the product has been explained most entertainingly.

This format makes the information in this video easy to digest. The message is straightforward and engaging.


Be Together, Not the Same – Android

If you want to use a concept that resonates with your audience, classic and iconic movie themes are not all you can do.

Android has used another thing most people can understand. A game of rock-paper-scissors. It has cute and charming illustrations with a sentimental background track that takes you on a feels trip.

The creators of this ad have used the empathy element in the slogan of Android to take on an issue that affects most of us, bullying.

This animated anti-bullying campaign, instead of a regular commercial, would have been an unconventional and risky move but judging from its performance, we can say that the reward was worth it.


June – Lyft

This animated short film is what you would traditionally call a tear-jerker.

The soothing color palette and flowing animation keep the film easy on the eyes.

The characters are developed using the regular and generic personality tropes that generate a sense of familiarity about the film.

This film is very subtle about promoting Lyft as a product and service, most of the audience will feel like they are watching it for their entertainment.

This is one of the best marketing approaches out there because consuming entertainment content rather than marketing content is when a viewer has their guard down and it is very easy to get the message across more effectively.

This short leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside while introducing a brand to a demographic that is less likely to opt for it. They have extended their potential demographic to old people as well.

Two birds; one stone.


The Boy Who Learnt to Fly

Gatorade has used the same strategy of making a brand-sponsored film. Only that you don’t hear of the brand till the very end of the film.

This, yet again, is a risky move but it garnered a lot of positive attention for the brand itself with over 15 million views on YouTube. Not too shabby, right?

The film unfolds the challenges of the life of the brilliant athlete Usain Bolt. The amazing storytelling skills pair well with the emotional appeal of the story of a boy who went on to become an Olympic gold medalist.


Looking at the above examples, you will notice a few things they all have in common:

  • They all have a purpose that helps them establish an emotional connection with the audience.
  • Animation styles have been thought through to compliment that message.
  • They all have a strong narrative or a story about the brand to tell which blankets the salesy tone.

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Don’t forget to take inspiration from cases that have seen success while making an animated commercial.

If you want to have an animated commercial made that will take your brand visibility and conversion off the charts, feel free to reach out to MotionCue.

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