12 Amazing 90-Second Explainer Videos You Should See

90-second explainer videos tend to grab viewers’ attention quickly. According to research, videos that are up to 2 minutes long get tons of engagement.

So why can a short video work in your favor?

Because content saturation has made people very selective to what they’ll pay attention to, and if your short video is eye-catching and interesting enough, your viewers might not mind watching it till the end.

This is how 90-second explainer videos can be beneficial for a business.

Do you think 90 seconds isn’t enough time to get your point across?

It’s actually plenty.

In fact, you could go even shorter with a 30-second explainer video!

In this post, we are going to review the best 90-second explainer videos that effectively said what they needed to say.

We are also going to list a few tips, and tricks that can help you come up with ideas for your own short explainer.

Let’s begin!


Our Blades are F***king Great – Dollar Shave Club

In the video, the founder of Dollar Shave Club explains the benefits of using his company’s razors through hilarious sequences.



Spotify Promo – Spotify

The promo video was intended for Spotify’s US launch. The animated video shows how it will change the way people listen to and explore new music.



Zendesk Overview – Zendesk

The video shows a customer support executive taking advantage of Zendesk to solve queries. Customers also interact and rate the experience of the exchange.



What is Airbnb? – Airbnb

The video is a mix of live-action and animation. It shows the perks of using Airbnb..



What is Ahrefs? – Ahrefs

The video shows the benefits of using Ahrefs for search engine optimization. It explains key steps such as using backlinks and keyword search.



Personal Finance Management – Mint

The video shows how Mint uses financial information to curate it all at one place. It uses input from the users from different expenses to help them manage their finances.



Say Hello to Headspace – Headspace

The video has elements of humor to showcase how much stress an average person goes through. It also shows how users can take advantage of Headspace app to follow guided meditation.



Welcome to the Age of No-code – Webflow

Webflow collaborated with Ordinary Folk to produce this 90-second explainer video.

It uses abstract elements and motion designs to promote a conference regarding the future of software advancement where no code will be required.



What is Hootsuite? – Hootsuite

The video shows how Hootsuite can help businesses make the best of social media. We love the vibrant illustrations and fluid animation in this one.



What is Bitcoin? – Coinbase

In the video, the CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, addresses the basics of bitcoin. He also explains how cryptocurrency is faring in the current financial system around the globe.

All of it is done in under 2 minutes! If something as complex as cryptocurrency can be simplified to this degree, anything can.



What is Lyft? – Lyft

The video shows how users can get registered with the app as drivers/passengers. There are different characters shown to demonstrate how Lyft matches passengers with the right drivers.



What is Parse? – Parse

The video shows the technical support Parse can provide when it comes to developing software apps. It also highlights that users can have a seamless experience handling backend development.



Tips for creating an effective 90-second explainer video

Creating a 90-second explainer video requires focus and attention to detail. We are going to share helpful tips so you can get started as soon as possible.


Produce a visual story

To gather maximum engagement from your audience, your video must have an interesting storyline told through elegant visuals.

Your story must contain a unique perspective. But try not to incorporate technical jargon because viewers tend to tune out.


Set a tone

The end goal of an explainer video to share valuable information regarding a product, service, or technology. But you have to decide the kind of content style you want to go with.

Add humor with a witty script or add upbeat background music to up the ante. A study revealed that carefully crafted humorous content generates great engagement from the audience.


Choose a type

You can choose to create an animated video or a live-action one. You have to decide which type will suit your narrative better.

Animated explainer videos are great for introducing intangible products or services such as software. There are many forms in this category including motion graphics or whiteboard animation.

Live-action could be used to sell or promote physical objects or settings such as restaurants or automobiles.


Keep it simple

Given the tight timeframe of an explainer, always keep the contents of your video simple including the script, voiceover, and visuals.

Stuffing unnecessary information will overcomplicate the message. Viewers are more receptive to concise material.


Distribute strategically

The best part about a video is that you can repurpose it in multiple ways and share it extensively.

You have to proceed with a well-thought-out marketing plan by especially including social media channels as 68% of consumers spent a quarter or more time watching videos on them.

Decide in advance where you want to share your video so you can have the different versions ready.

You could even create bite-sized snippets of your video and share those on social media instead of the whole video.

Strategic video distribution will help you connect with your audience across all channels.


Final thoughts

A 90-second explainer video requires marketers to provide valuable information in a short amount of time. This might be tricky, but it can be done. And the examples we mentioned in this post prove that.

If you’d like an explainer video for your business, feel free to drop our video strategists a line today!

Our team would love to brainstorm ideas and we can help you out with the script, too!

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