6 Best Animated Sales Videos You Need to Watch

Animated sales videos have emerged as a powerful tool in today’s digital world. They combine the persuasive elements of storytelling and visual engagement to deliver a message to the audience.

There is no doubt about the effectiveness of video. According to a report by MotionCue, 88% of professionals plan to incorporate more videos in the future.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, marketer, or a business looking for inspiration, the animated sales videos covered in this article can provide valuable insights into creating your own video.

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Time to explore the best animated sales video. So, let’s get into it!


1. Combating Discrimination by AirBnB


We’ll begin our list with Airbnb’s animated sales video created by Giant Ant. With a strong focus on the customer and a deep understanding of the viewer’s perspective, this video effectively establishes an emotional connection.

The video highlights Airbnb’s dedication to creating a diverse and inclusive community, emphasizing their belief that everyone should be able to belong anywhere.

With amazing visuals and a great style of animation, it grabs the viewer’s attention immediately. Furthermore, the voiceover is so well-suited to the video.


2. Get Your Magical Keywords Now by Semrush


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While software demos can often lack excitement, this one is quite the opposite. It sticks to the typical structure found in sales videos, where it first introduces and addresses a problem, and then presents the product as the solution.

The video tells us how we can use Semrush when we need to find keywords but it does it with a touch of creativity and flair.

However, what sets this animated sales video apart is the characters. We see a really well-made character using the Semrush tool.


3. SONIC #SquareShakes – Case Study


This video is a refreshing and visually appealing presentation that narrates an engaging story. Most importantly, it conveys a story of transformation, taking us from 3 stages.

From stage 1 to stage 2 through the implementation of various strategies. It’s an exceptionally well-made animated sales video.

The vibrant colors and engaging music take all the attention and keep you hooked till the end.


 4. Introducing Notion AI

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In today’s AI-driven landscape, numerous brands are using AI’s capabilities to develop innovative products. But, persuading consumers that AI can genuinely enhance their experiences seems like a difficult task.

Notion addressed this question through their animated sales video, which introduces their AI solution, Notion AI. They opted for a minimalist animation approach, ensuring that the viewer’s undivided attention is on their product.

To enhance viewer engagement, they took the extra step to demonstrate the functionality of their offering. In essence, the video is concise and brief, yet it manages to leave a significant impact.


5. Lemonade, Explained


There’s a unique charm to entertaining animated videos. In under a minute, we gain insight into the offerings of Lemonade and why it stands out as an excellent choice for insurance.

Moreover, as a bonus, we witnessed the effectiveness of the repetition of certain words in this video. They are repeated for both memorability and entertainment purposes, making this video truly distinct from the rest.

With the help of black-and-white animation, it gets its key messages across. The colorless video could create a lasting impact in the viewer’s mind. In a world full of information, such videos provide a refreshing and effective way to convey a brand’s value proposition.


6. Cisco Secure Endpoint Pro


We are all aware of the recent motion graphics trend. Of course, it’s exceptionally intriguing to incorporate it into a sales video.

This approach not only grabs the audience’s attention but also effectively conveys essential information about your company and its offerings. Cisco did exactly that with the use for motion graphics fit their animated sales video.

Moreover, it serves as a valuable tool for presenting difficult data by merging charts and statistics with a dynamic visual style. This creates a presentation that remains engaging and lighthearted.


7. The Story of Lyft


Utilizing storytelling as a medium is an exceptionally effective technique for capturing the attention and interest of your audience.

The power of storytelling goes beyond captivating; it has the potential to significantly enhance your sales videos, and we have a compelling example in Lyft’s animated sales video.

Through a combination of visuals and storytelling, the video effectively conveys the company’s core values, its commitment to community, and its innovative approach to providing transportation solutions.

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That’s a wrap

Animated sales videos are a powerful strategy that bridges the gap between information and entertainment.

As the videos showcased in this article demonstrate, the key to crafting an exceptional animated sales video lies in simplicity, clarity, engagement, and storytelling.

By making high-quality animated sales videos, businesses can effectively captivate their audience.

So, if you’re in the realm of sales and/or marketing, remember that animated sales videos are not just a trend; they are a vital component of a successful conversion strategy in the digital age.

If you’d rather have someone make animated videos for you, get in touch! Our team of professionals will make one for you.

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Posted by Samra Tiwana

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