How to Take Advantage of B2B Testimonial Videos

Imagine you’re in the market to buy a product or service for the company you work for.

You’ve done loads of market research and have narrowed down your options. If you saw that a particular company had a few happy customers who spoke about their great experience, you might decide to go with them in the end.

That’s the power of a great video testimonial. Here’s a great one by Winnow:



If you’re not sold on the idea and think only promos are the way to go, then think about it…

What would be more credible?

1. A testimonial video where a past customer talks about their positive experience with a company.

2. Or a self-aggrandizing company video.

Number 1 makes more sense any way you look at it.

From a psychological perspective, video testimonials give people the social proof they need to have faith in your business.

Our survey backs it up too. Turns out that 62% of people feel that video testimonials/reviews help them in making a buying decision.

And they’re just as effective for B2B, too. Here are a few reasons why you should make one for your business:

  • Video testimonials seem natural and give information about your brand from an outsider’s perspective.
  • It’s a more believable representation of how your product or service benefits the buyer.
  • It’s also a great way for you to gather feedback about your loyal customers’ experience.

And once you have your video testimonials, there are loads of ways you can take advantage of them. Find out how below.


5 ways to take advantage of B2B testimonial videos


1. Video testimonials on landing pages

Since our survey revealed that testimonials improve conversion, placing the video on a landing page would be really useful.

Here are a few things you can do for the testimonial video on your landing page to make it more effective.

  • Targeted to relevant B2B audience.
  • High-quality footage.
  • If you’ve set the video to auto-play then make sure to add closed captions.

Here is how 99Designs showcases a video testimonial on their website homepage:

Credits: 99Designs


2. Let your testimonials act like tutorials

A testimonial can help demystify a complex product or service. If you ask the right questions, your viewers will get a better idea of how your product or service will integrate with their business.

Here is a customer video testimonial for Slack from Sandwich Video Inc.



We love how upbeat and quirk the video is. Just goes to show that B2B videos don’t have to be so buttoned up and boring.


3. Create a video testimonials page on your website

If you have a video testimonial that no one can find, then what was the point of making one?

To showcase your content, you could create a dedicated page on your website for video testimonials.

Autopilot has dedicated a customer page that displays video testimonials in a very effective way.

Credits: autopilot

To leave an impact with your review and testimonial page, add a strong statement on the masthead.

Anyone who’s browsing the page will be impressed with the clients you’ve worked with and the experience they’ve had with you.


4. Sharing video testimonials on social media platforms

You’ve got to be where your customers are. This applies to both B2C and B2B.

To make sure your target audience is actually watching your video testimonials, you’ll have to share them on your socials.

Here is an example of HubSpot posting its sponsored testimonial video on Facebook.

Credits: HubSpot

If you decide to run your testimonial as a sponsored post on social media, then you could also link the relevant lading page and nudge your audience over to your site with a call to action (CTA).

Whether you share your testimonial video organically or promote it, it’s a great way to stay top of mind and increase your content’s visibility.

As for the platform to share the video on, you can pick whatever is best for you. LinkedIn would make sense because it’s a platform for professionals and can generate quality leads.

YouTube is also a great option. According to our survey, 71% of people picked YouTube as their favorite platform for watching videos.

And since it’s owned by Google, you could optimize it so it has a chance of appearing in the search results.

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5. Share your video testimonial in newsletters

Videos are a great way to make your newsletters more engaging.

Where you choose to embed the video depends. If you include it in the beginning, your reader may click on it out of interest.

If you include it in the bottom, the reader may want to read the rest of your email to understand the context of the video.

So, try adding your testimonial in emails and see how it goes.

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That wraps up how you can take advantage of your testimonial video.

Just goes to show that when you combine something as powerful as social proof with video, you not only impress your prospects and push them further along in the buyer’s journey but you gain a piece of content that you can use in many ways.

If you’d like to create one for your business, then hit us up. We’d love to brainstorm ideas.

Want a video for your business?


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