Our Pick of the 11 Best 3D Explainer Videos

In today’s digital age, advertising has become more diverse and innovative than ever before.

With the advent of advanced technology, businesses can now create stunning 3D animated explainer videos that capture the attention of their target audience and communicate complex ideas with ease.

3D explainer ads are short animated videos that use three-dimensional graphics to showcase a product, service, or idea.

These explainer videos are designed to be engaging, informative, and creative, providing viewers with a clear understanding of what the company offers and why they should choose them over their competitors.

According to our survey, 89% of our respondents said that product/service explainer videos help them make a buying decision.

3D explainer videos are visually stunning and leave a lasting impression on viewers. Studies show that the market value for 3D animation will surpass $27 billion by 2026.

In this blog post, we will review some of the best examples of 3D explainer videos that showcase the power and effectiveness of this advertising medium.


Aerobics – Kroger

Kroger is an American retail company that operates chains of supermarkets.

The video shows a fitness enthusiast engaged in his aerobics regimen. When he finds out he has no food left, he quickly remembers he can drive down to Kroger and pick up his groceries in no time.


Why we like this:

  • It’s fun and off-beat
  • Beautiful visuals and color theme
  • Hilarious character design and animation


WebXD – MotionCue

Our video animation company created this brilliant 3D explainer.


Why we like this:

  • It was our very first 3D animation project, and the team nailed it.
  • The animation is smooth and flowy.
  • The character design, lighting and production showcase our team’s hard work

You can check out more of our 3D animation work on our page. And if you like what you see so far and want a video like this made for your business, get in touch!

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Bankwest Halo – Bankwest

Bankwest is an Australian full-service bank that is owned by Commonwealth Bank.

The ad shows a cyclist wearing lycra pants and engaged in his training. He picks up his Bankwest Halo instead of carrying a wallet so he can pay for stuff while cycling.

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Why we like this:

  • Fun and creative content
  • An upbeat voiceover that delivers the message just right
  • Hilarious character design and animation


Invention of Together – Tinder

Tinder is an American online dating platform.

The ad explores the progress of rules, restrictions, and preferences in human relationships from the dawn of times to today.


Why we like this:

  • The storyline is fascinating
  • Amazing character design and animation
  • Beautiful visuals


Should I Airbnb – Airbnb

Airbnb is an American online marketplace that offers vacation homes and short-term homestays.

The ad shows a character going through the conundrum of booking an Airbnb for the first time in India.


Why we like this:

  • Lighthearted content that addresses misconceptions
  • The funny and relatable script along with a voiceover
  • Beautiful animation and visuals


Avanti Travel Insurance – Avanti

Avanti is a British insurance company that sells assorted insurance.

The ad shows an old couple on a holiday that discusses the security of buying travel insurance from Avanti.

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Why we like this:

  • Short and to the point
  • Relatable content
  • Fun and creative animation


Password Manager – Google

Google is a renowned American tech giant owned by Alphabet Inc.

The ad shows how Google is taking measures to secure your password with industry-leading systems across the internet.


Why we like this:

  • Complex yet captivating animation
  • Amazing use of abstract and motion graphics
  • Clear and easy-to-understand voiceover and instructions



Smarty – Smarty

Smarty is a British mobile network operator owned by Hutchison 3G UK Limited.

The ad shows a young child trying to return his diaper to the store because he didn’t use it.


Why we like this:

  • Creative way to put across a message
  • Nice and subtle animation
  • Cute character design


Tesla Powerwall – Tesla

Tesla is a notable American automotive and clean energy company.

The ad introduces and shows viewers how installing Tesla’s Powerwall will help produce clean energy.


Why we like this:

  • Top-quality production
  • Clear and easy-to-understand voiceover and instructions
  • Smooth and flowy animation


Email vs. Slack – Slack

Slack is an American instant comunication platform made for professionals owned by salesforce.

The ad shows how Slack is revolutionizing team communication in the office environment.


Why we like this:

  • The use of abstract motion graphics to showcase the philosophy behind the product
  • Clear and easy-to-understand voiceover
  • Amazing animation


Policy – American Express

American Express is an American financial services company.

The ad shows that users of American Express’ blue card can get a return and cashback on items even if stores have a no-return policy.


Why we like this:

  • Top-quality production
  • Viewers get drawn into the video from the get-go
  • Creative script


Final thoughts

To sum up, 3D explainer ads are a powerful tool to put your message across as they can simplify complex ideas into easily understandable visuals, making them perfect for communicating difficult concepts clearly and concisely.

3D explainer videos are designed to engage and capture the viewer’s attention. By using dynamic camera movements, animation, and sound effects, these ads create an immersive experience that holds the viewer’s attention until the end.

But it also depends on your budget. 3D explainer videos will cost you more, but the results will be completely worth it.

And if you’re looking to get a video made for your brand but aren’t sure where or how to start, then worry no more. Give our video strategists a call, sit back and watch how we’ll bring it to life.

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Posted by Adil Ashraf

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