10 Best Advertising Campaigns to Come Out of Quarantine

COVID-19 has impacted businesses all around the globe. Some have come to a screeching halt while others are hustling to keep the show going.

When the whole world is taking its sweet time to adjust to the new normal, many companies have continued to rise to the occasion.

Times have been uncertain and unprecedented, but several companies achieved their marketing goals through extraordinary measures and strategies.

In this post, we will talk about some of the best advertising campaigns which left an impact during COVID-19.


Creativity Goes On – Apple

Creativity Goes On was created by Apple’s long-time advertising partner TBWA\Media Arts Lab in April 2020.

The ad shows a montage of many people keeping the creativity alive in quarantine such as drawing different designs on iPad, exchanging ideas through FaceTime and producing content through MacBook.

Celebrities including John Krasinski, Oprah Winfrey and Lily James are also shown using Apple products to stay creative and working on their respective shows during the worldwide lockdown.


#StayHome – Honda

Honda’s #StayHome campaign was created and produced by Ogilvy UAE in April 2020.

The ad shows close-up shots of a Honda Civic being driven around. In the end, it is revealed that the scenes are all shot indoors with a miniature model car.

Ogilvy UAE creatively emphasizes that we can still undertake and finish projects that seem to be impossible from home, such as producing a car commercial.


Play inside, play for the world – Nike

Play inside, play for the world is an inspirational post by Nike on Instagram.

The company used influential words in the post to raise awareness about the fact that millions of lives could be saved by staying home.

It’s cool to see how a brand like Nike, that’s known to promote sports and outdoor activities, has tried to inspire millions of its followers by asking to prioritize health and safety over anything else.


Stay Home of the Whopper – Burger King

Stay Home of the Whopper by Burger King was created and produced by FCB in April 2020.

The ad shows multiple people ordering whoppers via the Burger King application from the comfort of their couches, thus limiting the spread of COVID-19 and helping out front-line workers.

FCB intended to evoke the feelings of pride for staying home amid these testing times and ordering whoppers to mitigate the risks attached to the pandemic and also, the feelings of respect for front-line workers.


Built to Lend a Hand – Ford

Ford created and produced two ad spots during COVID-19 in April 2020.

Both of the ads showcase how the company has been playing its role in supporting the USA in testing times throughout history. In every disaster, instigated by man or nature, Ford has been lending a hand to provide aid to the country.

Built to Lend a Hand and Built for Right Now intended to show support and relief to Ford customers by delaying their payments for up to six months due to the adverse effects of COVID-19.


Thank You for Not Riding – Uber

Uber in association with Wieden+Kennedy and PRETTYBIRD created and produced this ad spot in April 2020.

The ad shows a motley of clips in which people are partaking in different activities around their houses. The video ends with a heartfelt.

Thank You for Not Riding sends across a message of Uber being grateful to the general public for choosing to avoid taking Uber so they can move what matters the most during the pandemic.


AT&T is Keeping Students Connected – AT&T

AT&T created and produced this commercial in April 2020.

The PSA-style ad shows several video bits of children and families engaged in distance learning at home by staying connected with internet through devices.

It also features School Days by Chuck Berry and a narration from actress Lena Waithe in the background.

AT&T has set up a $10 million fund to turn homes into schools by empowering with distance learning tools, curriculum, and other resources so the classes do not stop.


Your House has Something to Tell You – IKEA

IKEA partnered with McCann Madrid to create and produce this ad in April 2020

The ad features an on-screen message playing in each shot along with video clips of people engrossed in different activities around the house.

Staying at home in isolation takes an emotional toll on a person. IKEA tries to remind people that it still is their homes and now is the right time to start viewing their homes in a different light.

The message in Your House has Something to Tell You is loud and clear: instead of pushing people to buy its products, IKEA wants everyone to rearrange the current settings and stay connected with their homes before it starts to lose its meaning.

The Pandemic – MotionCue

Yes, that is right. We also came up with an advertisement of our own during lockdown to show solidarity with the whole wide world.

The Pandemic features scenes of globally renowned landmarks abandoned during the quarantine period along with on-screen messages of encouragement.

The main motive of the ad is to emphasize on the fact that to get back together again, we have to stay home to curb the pandemic and begin planning our lives for the future.

If you like the video, you can get it for yourself here.


One Team – Budweiser

Budweiser created and produced this ad campaign in March 2020.

The ad features front-line workers from different segments of the professional world undertaking their duties during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Budweiser, which is known for its sports related investments, has decided to shift their focus towards aiding front-line workers with the message that we all are one team.


Final thoughts

COVID-19 may have forced us into taking unparalleled courses of action to deal with ordinary things, but it is not impractical to reach your advertisement goals amid the pandemic if you put your mind to it.

And if you have an idea for an ad, then feel free to ring up our video strategists any given time to seek all of the help that you need.


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Posted by Adil Ashraf

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