10 Best Animated Business Videos

Imagine a world where businesses easily explain tricky stuff by turning them into eye-catching stories. Animated business videos are like the storytellers of this new era, helping businesses talk to people in a way that really sticks.

They’re a fresh way to share ideas, making communication more powerful than ever before.

Animated business videos have become super important for businesses because they help get the message across clearly and creatively.

Our video animation company also specializes in making animated videos. Here’s what we made for a client.

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In this article, we list the best animated business videos in no particular order. So, let’s dive in!


1. Slack

Slack, the go-to communication tool for businesses, takes center stage in this insightful video that beautifully showcases the before-and-after snapshot of a worker’s life.

With the use of animation, it portrays the hustle and bustle of work life, drawing you in with its visuals.

It’s a prime example of top-notch branding in content creation – making it not just a video but an experience that resonates with Slack’s unique identity.


2. Ventrk

Our team made this video for a client. What sets it apart is the use of a warm color palette.

The visuals have the power to grab the attention of a viewer and this video does exactly that.

Additionally, the voiceover fits so well with the animation. Overall, it’s an effective video that explains the services of Ventrk excellently.


3. Airbnb

The Airbnb video is a super cool example of an animated business video.

This video uses bright and bold colors, and simple flat graphics. It’s like a colorful and simple way to show off the best cycling adventures you can have with Airbnb.

The color scheme makes the video exciting, taking you on a journey through beautiful places and fun bike rides. In short, it shows how animated business videos can be interesting and fun!

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4. Honest Gorrila

Next, we have this quick 30-second video – it’s got a unique style, using only a few colors to make a super-branded and stunning animated video.

The limited color palette gives the video a sleek and cohesive look, making it not just informative but also a visually pleasing experience.

Honest Gorilla, an energy comparison company, is the brains behind this video. What’s cool about it is how it shows viewers that using their platform is not just easy but also kind of fun.

It’s a clever way of telling people that dealing with energy stuff can be simple and maybe even enjoyable!


5. Sealy

Sealy has ingeniously simplified the mattress selection process in a 30-second animated business video. It’s dedicated to showcasing the features of their product.

The video’s vibrant and lively background music reinforces the idea that making a mattress choice doesn’t need to be difficult and boring.

Additionally, by incorporating their logo and brand elements into the script and visuals, Sealy ensures a cohesive and natural flow throughout the video.

This animated business video stands out as a powerful example of an explainer video.


6. PRIM Technologies

The video made for PRIM Technologies is a great example of how businesses can use explainers to tell their stories in a clear and powerful way.

PRIM Technologies’ video is not just interesting to watch but also does a good job of telling the company’s story using cool pictures, easy-to-follow script, and fitting sounds. It shows how explainers can be a strong tool for getting people interested and informed.

The video starts by talking about the industry and then shows how PRIM’s platform helps people connect with others who share their interests, building important relationships.

In short, with its simple and lively style, the PRIM Technologies’animated business video made it easy for people to understand what the company is trying to do.

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7. Ryminder

The 2D animation explainer video for Rymindr sets itself apart by focusing on addressing user challenges rather than solely showcasing product features.

This approach aims to shed light on the common problem of forgetting important tasks and appointments, emphasizing how Rymindr serves as a solution to help individuals stay organized and on top of their schedules.

Moreover, the video doesn’t just aim to inform; it also strives to entertain the audience. With an engaging tone and visually pleasing animation, Rymindr’s animated business video captivates viewers. This makes the information both interesting and enjoyable.



The 2D animation video created for KEBS, an office collaboration software, stands out with its creative and visually appealing presentation.

This animated business video serves as an effective introduction for potential users, viewers, and investors by highlighting the benefits of KEBS’s all-in-one business suite.

It explains why KEBS is the ideal tool for enhancing communication, collaboration, and connections among teams.

Through the use of sleek animation and a captivating tone, the video successfully strikes a balance between aesthetics and information. This makes the video an effective tool for showcasing the software’s features and advantages.


9. Google Assistant

This animated business video is a delightful blend of simplicity and vibrant animation accompanied by a modern design that brings Google Assistant to life.

The video introduces and demonstrates all the features of Google Assistant through visually captivating animation.

Notably, the video goes beyond a mere technical display by incorporating a diverse array of characters from various backgrounds and age groups.

This thoughtful inclusion serves to illustrate how Google Assistant is designed to benefit everyone, regardless of their individual contexts and needs.

A noteworthy aspect of the video’s success lies in its decision to maintain a light-hearted and enjoyable visual tone.

By infusing fun elements into the visuals, the video achieves its goal of presenting Google Assistant as not just a functional tool but a friendly and relatable companion in users’ daily lives.


10. Communyco

Communyco’s animated business video is a dynamic showcase of vibrant and captivating animations that effectively seize the viewers’ attention.

The well-paced voiceover, combined with an effective script, guarantees that viewers gain a thorough understanding of the app’s functionalities. This strategic combination of audio and content ensures clear communication of Communyco’s features.

Adding to its appeal, the video maintains a light and fun tone, contributing to an exciting and entertaining viewing experience.

Moreover, Communyco’s explainer video goes beyond merely presenting information; it creates a visually and narratively rich environment that resonates with a broad audience.

The use of lively animations, coupled with a diverse representation of characters, ensures that the video not only educates but also establishes a connection with viewers on a relatable level.

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That’s a wrap

In conclusion, we’ve learned that combining creativity and communication is crucial for making successful animated business videos.

The videos we’ve seen not only show off technical skills but also storytelling artistry. These videos should deeply connect with people.

So, when you make your own videos, let these examples spark your creativity. Aim to create animated stories that grab attention, inform something, and make your brand stand out to your audience.

In case you’d rather have someone make a video for you, get in touch. Our team of professionals are here to turn your vision to life.

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Posted by Samra Tiwana

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