Best Animated Logos That Will Inspire You

Anybody who owns a business knows the centrality of a logo to their marketing. It is pivotal in conveying the brand image and message that you want to project. Animated logos do just that, only better.

For brands that have a substantial online presence, animated logos have become widely popular. This is because motion speaks to your visual sense more than a still image.

You may also have experienced your sight gravitating towards motion. Another major reason why we are experiencing a huge shift in preference of movies over books.

there are multiple other reasons why brands use animation in their marketing for optimal growth.

When it comes to motion, there is not just a linear kind. You can also use circular, rotatory, vibratory, and diagonal. Transformational images have also been on the rise when it comes to animated logos.

Different combination of color palettes also adds to the appeal and ease of message transmission of your logo.

However, there are drastic variations in the kinds of logos that take. There is also a difference between animation and motion graphics.

Let’s discuss two different areas in the design format category.


Minimalistic Animated Logos

The concept of minimalism originates from the Japanese concept of Ma. Negative space, the empty area that exists between two objects on any canvas, is the most meaningful thing in the visual.

This concept eliminates the unnecessary for necessary to find the room to speak.

Evidently enough, minimalistic logos do not have a lot of colors, shapes, or a lot of different kinds of complicated motions.

Minimalistic animated logos are usually two-dimensional designs with two-dimensional motions. The visuals don’t normally have motions along multiple axes.

Another thing you will notice about minimalistic logos is that they do not have an audio or any sound effects incorporated in them. They mostly only comprise of visuals.

It is very convenient to design minimalistic logos. Another thing that is very convenient about them is that they do not take up a lot of memory, both human and digital.

What I mean to say is that they are not too heavy on your webpages which otherwise take too long to load. In addition to that, they are very easy to remember, recognize, and understand.

Simplistic logos operate on the principle that what is easy on the eyes is also easy on the brain. It is often the most minimalistic animated logos that produce the best results.

They do the basic job of identification very easily. Here is an exercise you can do in order to prove the theory.

Comb through your memory for the logos that you do remember. You will notice that most of them are not complicated, flashy, and extravagant.

So, you can choose to have a very edgy and complicated logo, however, be mindful of the fact that it does not distract the audience from the core of the brand message.

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Here are some examples of minimalistic logos for you.




Mozilla Firefox


Designer MX


Extravagant Animated Logos

With all that’s been said in the praise of the minimalistic animated logos, extravagant ones have their own virtues. There are several reasons for that.

One of the chief reasons is that the sole purpose of the logo is to grab the attention of the audience and to make an impression.

If you want to make an impression that is aggressive and intense, there is no harm in going for a versatile logo that immediately captures the attention of the onlooker. You can also include a variety of motions to make it more interesting.

Your choice for going with a versatile logo also depends on the kind of business you own because, in addition to grabbing the attention of your audience, these logos also help with brand awareness.

Extravagant animated logos are usually three-dimensional designs with three-dimensional motions. The visuals have motions along multiple axes. They also sometimes have excessive color palettes.

If your business deals with multimedia like a recording studio or a production house, go for a logo that not only has a visual variety bus also has audio.

They can tell your story. If anything sells, it is a good story. Give your logo a narrative be it about your brand’s origin, journey, emotion, or grandeur.

Here are some examples of some extravagant logos that stand out.






AMC Theater


Most iconic animated logos of all time

Some of the production houses came up with their animated logos when they were not very common. To this date, they are the most iconic ones along with some new ones.

Here is a compilation of a few.


Walt Disney






20th Century Fox




Some other inspiring logos

Creativity can hit at the most unexpected places. It doesn’t matter how visible the brand is, you can find awesome logos almost anywhere.

Here is a compilation of some other animated logos that you can draw inspiration from.







Animated logos



Animated Logo



Animated Logos



Animated Logos



Animated logos



Animated logos



Animated logos


Rain Wine


Animated logos



Animated logos


Sunrise App

Animated logos



Animated logos



So these are some of the animated logos that made quite an impression. If you want to have your animated logos designed, feel free to reach out to MotionCue.


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