Best B2B Video Content Marketing Campaigns

Remember the rush of running your hand across the stack of DVDs at the local Blockbuster? There is something about visual content that draws the audience towards itself.

It may be the attention-grabbing motions or the less amount of involvement and engagement required to process a visual message.

This is precisely the reason why video marketing has been such hype in order to promote businesses as long as we have had a television. And I’m not just saying that. If you ask digital marketing experts, they will endorse the idea of investing in the best B2B video marketing campaigns, too.

Why Use Videos in B2B Marketing Campaigns

It is not just marketing campaigns that play out in favor of a business, it is creating the best B2B video content marketing campaigns.

When it comes to web surfing, there is something we cannot deny; that is the play button on your social media timeline. It is very compelling. It speaks to you and asks to be pressed.

Best B2B marketing videos are pivotal to get results out of a marketing campaign to increase your visibility and promote your business.

These are the two things that keep us marketers and business owners up at night, isn’t it? So, check this out, 76% of marketers say that video has shown positive ROI in their marketing efforts.

Here are some more interesting marketer insights from a survey we conducted recently:

Best B2b Marketing videos

Considering the social media video landscape in 2020, 78% of people said they check their social feed first thing in the morning. 80% of people feel they spend more than a quarter of their time watching videos when using social media.

A total of 57% which is 6 out of 10 people claim that they feel more connected to the brands that communicate through videos on social media.

The question remains, does video still reign supreme? 70% believe that video is the number 1 form of brand communication that keeps brands on top of their minds.

YouTube remains people’s favorite when it comes to watching video content. YouTube video is where the money is at, folks.

The best part about using video marketing is that you can measure the results in terms of traffic and engagement.

Here are some marketers and founders sharing how video has impacted their business

9 Best B2B Marketing Campaign Videos

Here are a few cool examples of businesses getting their groove on with entertaining, edgy, and convenient B2B marketing videos. You will find some of the best B2B video content marketing cases down below.

Maybe It’s Time to Try Slack

Who does it better than Slack when it comes to digital marketing? They are the guru of B2B marketing campaigns.

A year ago, they launched their brilliant “Maybe It’s Time to Try Slack” campaign. It is safe to say that this campaign was not only one of a kind but also secretly brilliant.

Why is that you ask? They used one of the most effective tools in marketing: relatability.

They capitalize on the pet peeves of the western workforce. These are everyday problems and then they have their product as an implied solution. By doing so, they are also not very obviously pushing their product.

So, in essence, what Slack does through this campaign is emphasize on its tagline and compel businesses into trying it out as a way out to these very common communication complications the subjects in the video are explaining.


Every office manager that is in charge of providing equipment to the employees is also faced with the two archetypes of Jane and Chad that are the literal enemies of personal usage office machinery.

Lenovo takes us on a tour with exasperated office managers trying to maneuver through the daily shenanigans of Janes and Chads.

The video then pitches their new product the ‘Yoga Agility’ that could allegedly solve this problem of manhandling laptops and losing cables altogether.

That is a pretty nifty way to push a product if you ask me. With humor and relatability. Always make them laugh. More often than not, a funny campaign is at the heart of viral video marketing. Something that none of us can deny is that most campaigns that really catch on have comedy and humor in them.

Adobe Marketing Cloud: Click, Baby, Click!

So here is the thing, we laugh at the age group stereotypes. It is okay to poke fun at people sometimes. If you do it in a wholesome way, your target audience will take it really well.

And, hey, you might even end up selling your product.

Sometimes business processes can get a little tough to understand for millennials and boomers alike be it marketing, supply chain, distribution. It all depends on how well you run everything in the digital sphere.

Adobe Marketing Cloud uses this angle of how a slight oversight or just a freak accident can cause you to make decisions that can land you in financial despair.

Once again, there is humor at the core of this campaign Adobe Click, Baby, Click by Adobe Marketing Cloud.


Dissolve is a platform for a collection of stock footage that advertisers and video makers use for their B2B marketing videos.

The pointed sarcasm in their campaign video is aimed at companies making generic ads using overdone methods of video making. The sheer cheek of this video is not only unique, but it is also engaging.

That with Dallas McClain’s grave voice only gives it a more pushing feature that, at the first look, one may also mistake it for a serious campaign with a compelling message.

This video urges businesses to step up their marketing game and discover their services in order to stand out from other mundane B2B marketing videos.

Uber Flip

The best B2B content marketing campaigns always have one thing in common, a killer script. What Uber Flip did with its explainer video is to engage the tools of humor and ease in order to explain a very complicated product to potential buyers.

Another objective that this video fulfills is creating brand affinity by speaking through different demographical standpoints.

This is achieved through wardrobe changes and an unmistakable switch in manner and language.

Whether you are a Dungeon & Dragons enthusiast or a 70-year-old grandma, you cannot miss what Uber Flip does. Not even if you are a five-year-old child.

Not only does it have the audience laughing but also on the edge of their seats about who the explainer is going to turn into next.

This entertaining explainer video is a gateway to deeper information into Uber Flip’s detailed product analysis videos of Uber Flip and ensures conversions.

If I were a content business, I would be sold!

MailChimp: What’s in Store

This particular campaign is very relevant because it showcases how MailChimp is a service for small businesses. Simply Gum is one of MailChimp’s clients. Their success story pushes a narrative that if it works so well for us, it could for you too.

They explain how one of MailChimp’s services, that is retargeting ads, helps translate traffic into engagements into conversions. That coupled with maximizing on limited resources. Isn’t that what every small business owner wants and needs?

The whole feel-good, no-nonsense vibe of this marketing campaign series is what stands out and efficiently explains MailChimp’s services to potential clients.

It does a great job of showing how small to medium businesses can strengthen their outreach in the digital space and engage with the clientele.


It is one thing to have a funny campaign. All the best marketing videos have comedy and humor. That’s all well and good. However, sometimes all you need is a simple and direct introductory video in order to speak to your audience about what your product really is.

HubSpot pitches itself as the one-stop-shop to marketing solutions to the problems faced by a modern marketer.

The video explains briefly, yet effectively why you need HubSpot and how you can use it. It engages with potential clients by elaborating on their day-to-day dilemmas. That is some way to get attention, isn’t it?

It places the customer at the center of the entire narrative. Everyone likes to be at the center. And while doing so, they also give an on-point introduction of their product.

Crisis Services Canada

When it comes to the best B2B marketing campaigns, we have seen direct, we have seen comical, we have seen wholesome but we’ve never seen anything like this.

Genesys took it a whole step ahead by telling a tearjerker story of one of the suicide survivors that went on to become one of their most active volunteers at their suicide hotline.

Kate shares her experience in the most descriptive and touching colors. It is an example of effective story-telling and appeals to the humanity of the audience. It employs the emotive tools in order to reach them.

Volvo Trucks

Not many marketing video campaigns succeed in creating a spectacle. Volvo did just that with Jean-Claude Van Damme doing a split on the wing mirrors of two Volvo trucks driving backward, ultimate badassery.

It is quite an achievement to pull off something so extravagant; yet not overdoing it.

This video makes quite a statement about the steering stability of the Volvo trucks and with panache.

What this achieves is branding an image on the mind of the viewer that helps them associate the characteristics of strength and power with the vehicle. This video thinks outside the box and with showmanship.

This may be, hands down, one of the best B2B marketing campaigns in the freight industry.

Things to Keep in Mind While Making the Best B2B Video Content Marketing Campaigns

Remember when email marketing was the next big thing? It ended up being so overly accumulated that a lot of resources just went into an email just sitting there unopened in the viewer’s overflowing inbox.

Who is to say that the exact same thing will not happen to video marketing?

For this reason, it is imperative to not get lost in the onslaught of campaign videos on the timeline by your competitors. Your ideas must be unique, engaging, and effective.

The Time Factor

A whopping 91% of the social media users claim that they decide if they’re going to continue watching a video within the first 10 seconds.

It will be smart to make the first ten seconds highly attention-grabbing. They should generate intrigue and give the viewer an incentive to keep watching.

The fast-paced millennial lifestyle does not have the time for five to ten-minute long videos. 80% believe a product/service explainer video shouldn’t be longer than 60 seconds. Keep it short, keep it fun, keep it useful.

Explainer Videos

When it comes to explainer videos, it should come as no surprise that they are the deciding factor when it comes to client conversions.

83% of people agree that a product/service explainer video helps them in making the purchase decision. While 62% also believe in testimonials to be of help in making the buying decision.

Training/Tutorial Videos

When it comes to videos, you don’t only need your potential customers to buy your products, the existing buyer also needs to stay satisfied with the product that they have already bought from you.

72% of people prefer watching training/tutorial videos compared to reading training material while understanding a product or service.

What makes the Best B2B Video?

When it comes to deciding what constitutes the best B2B video, public opinion tends to be divided equally in favor of the quality of production as well as message and storyline.

While 54% sway in the direction of the quality of production, the remaining 46% deem the message of the video and its storyline as the deciding factor in whether you have a viral video at your hands.

Entertaining content tends to garner more preference by the audience. Six out of ten people sat that they would watch an entertaining video rather than an educational one.

Get your production teams working in order to find that sweet spot between entertaining and informative.

To make a good video marketing campaign, what every marketer needs to be mindful of is their unique proposition that the competitors are not offering. That sets them ahead.

Make them laugh, make them cry. Relate to the audience and make them relate to you. Emphasize on the pain points, capitalize on them. Wow them! Make an impression, build on that impression.

Anything and everything that makes your message memorable while being loyal to your brand identity are what goes into the best B2B content marketing campaigns.

Here is how to choose the best video marketing agency for your business.


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