10 Best Commercials That Put Apple on the Map

Apple Inc. is one of the leading and most valuable brands in the world. It is known for its innovative and novel high-end products that it rolls out every year.

Take its operating system (iOS) for instance. It is unique, sophisticated and imaginative. It clearly supports Apple Inc.’s motive of choosing exclusivity as its motto.

Over the years, Apple Inc. has been churning out really quirky, funny and creative commercials along with its products. Analysts from JP Morgan have estimated that its revenue will grow to $11 billion by 2025.

In this post, we are going to be looking at the ten best iPhone commercials and understanding what makes them influential.


Hello – 2007

This is where it all began. The very first iPhone commercial which introduced this unprecedented technology to the world.

We see numerous remnants of films and actors such as Will Ferrell, Robert Di Niro, Dustin Hoffmann, Lucille Ball and Marilyn Monroe saying, “Hello”.

Drawing parallels with titans of pop culture and film industry, Apple Inc. shrewdly planted iPhone in our lives.


There’s an App for That – 2009

Apple Inc.’s ad agency released a simplistic ad to present its App Store for the very first time in iPhone 3G.

The commercial is comprised of an upbeat background music and joyful narration explaining how users can check out different apps for various normal day functions.

The ad will always be remembered for its clever use of skeuomorphic design and the Apple tagline “There’s an App for That” which it trademarked in 2010.


Misunderstood – 2013

Apple Inc. has a way of tugging at people’s heartstrings with holidays commercials. Misunderstood is also created by TBWA/Media Arts Lab agency.

We see a loner teen in the ad who seemingly has alienated himself while on a Christmas holiday with his family. He spends most of his time on his iPhone 5s and appears aloof from all the fun activities happening around him.

The ad eventually reveals that he was actually filming and editing beautiful holiday moments together for his family to watch and savor.

The commercial elegantly infuses the aspects of Christmas, family and holidays together to evoke emotions in the audience. It also sheds light on the quality of its camera and convenience of iMovie app.

The ad also managed to bag an Outstanding Commercial Emmy.

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Greetings – 2013

Greetings introduced Apple Inc.’s mid-range smartphone, iPhone 5c, in the market. We see people with various backgrounds from around the globe greeting each other with a “hello” in different languages using their iPhone 5c.

The ad highlights how the device enhances the user experience and caters to an international audience.


Photos Every Day – 2013

Apple Inc.’s commercials are known to stimulate feelings of delight and warmth by showcasing simple yet meaningful settings. Photos Every Day was another production of TBWA/Media Arts Lab agency.

We see assorted clips of people clicking and editing photos of ordinary life activities ranging from food, travelling, concerts to rainy days and street art using their iPhone 5.

The message is loud and clear: the iPhone is everyone’s go-to camera to capture what they think is a beautiful moment or memory every single day.


The Midnight – 2016

Apple Inc. with the help of TBWA touted one of iPhone 7’s low-light camera feature in this commercial.

We see a young man on his skateboard exploring the city at night and taking pictures of anything he could find in low-light using his iPhone 7.

The ad shows how you can get amazing results with the camera’s low-light feature. With dark setting and the perfect background song, the ad creatively highlights the main feature.

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Cookie Monster – 2016

Apple Inc. has worked alongside different celebrities for endorsement of its features over the years.

This time around, Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster partnered up with Apple Inc. to show how useful Siri can be for iPhone users when it comes to daily chores.

We see Cookie Monster taking all the help he needs from Siri on his phone to bake his favorite food, cookies. It takes a little longer for baking, so he kills time by reading, playing and asking Siri different questions.

The ad is cute, cheery and nostalgic. It makes us think of the proverb: “good comes to those who wait.”


The Rock x Siri: Dominate the Day – 2017

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson teamed up with Apple in what he described as “the biggest, coolest, sexiest, funnest” ad on his Twitter. It was created by TBWA/Media Arts Lab agency.

In the ad, we see Dwayne Johnson relying on Apple’s voice assistant, Siri on his iPhone 7 for almost everything such as hailing a cab, travelling abroad, taking a selfie in space and showing up for a film shoot.

The commercial has beautifully captured the main intent which is to go out there and get everything done.

There is no denying the star power and global reach of The Rock, who has been one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. It is obvious why Apple tapped into his stardom to push its technology.


iPhone X – Unlocks Everything – 2018

Apple Inc. rolled out several new features with iPhone X such as edge-to-edge display, Face ID and thinner bezels.

In order to showcase these features better, Dougal Wilson of Furlined production company directed this cool advertisement.

We see a student unlocking her new iPhone X with her Face ID. Upon discovering a new power, she starts to unlock everything around her by just looking at it and eventually freeing another student shackled in chains.

The ad takes a dramatic angle to introduce the Face ID feature to the world. It sends a message that users have got more control and more freedom.


It’s Tough Out There – 2019

TBWA/Media Arts Lab agency partnered up again with Apple Inc. to introduce iPhone 11 Pro in this commercial.

We see an iPhone 11 Pro is planted in a wind tunnel being subjected to an all-out assault of assorted things ranging from rubber ducks to a triple-decker wedding cake.

The ad’s motive is to show how durable and rugged the iPhone is and how it can survive an onslaught of vegetables, teddy bears and other projectiles.


Final thoughts

Apple Inc. has always aimed to be different and creative in everything it does. From using emotional appeals to collaborating with celebrities, it has done it all to achieve greatness in advertisement.

With iPhone making 44.3% sales share in Apple Inc.’s revenue, it explains why a lot of spending is being done to push iPhone devices through commercials.

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