10 Best Cyber Security Videos

As our lives become increasingly reliant on the internet, cybersecurity education has become a critical component of staying safe online.

The potential risks of cyber threats are numerous, and it’s important to be well-informed about online safety to protect ourselves.

Fortunately, plenty of resources are available to help us learn about cybersecurity, and one valuable tool is cybersecurity videos.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best cybersecurity videos.

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Ancestry secure computing


So, not to brag but, we made this one!

A client approached us to make a training video for them. So this is what we came up with.

The video explains how Ancestry secure computing works and it does so in a short and impactful manner.

The voiceover grabs your attention, making difficult concepts easy to understand.

If you want a video like this, contact us today. Explainer videos are our specialty.

Want a video for your business?


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Cisco secure freeze


Security incidents are unfortunate for many businesses, and their impact can be paralyzing. But with the help of Cisco’s technology, businesses can feel more confident in their ability to respond to cyber threats.

This is the central idea behind Cisco’s new campaign, which was created in partnership with BETC, a renowned global French agency.

The campaign uses a unique and engaging choreography to demonstrate how Cisco’s cybersecurity solutions can help IT managers respond to cyber threats quickly and effectively.

The video depicts these threats as frozen in time, contained in a single moment, allowing businesses to regain control over the situation and protect themselves.

The campaign’s message is clear: with the right technology, businesses can face cybersecurity challenges with confidence and ease.


Bitdefender 2020: network threat prevention


Bitdefender is a popular antivirus and cybersecurity software company that offers a range of products and solutions to help protect individuals and businesses from various cyber threats.

One of their key offerings is the Bitdefender 2020 network threat prevention. It is designed to help identify and block cyber-attacks before they can reach your device.

The video is engaging and features an uplifting soundtrack that grabs all your attention. While the text is visible and the animation is clear.


CrowdStrike: breaches stop here


Clarifying the complexity of cybersecurity to your audience can be challenging enough, particularly when it pertains to safeguarding their computers and data.

CrowdStrike came up with a groundbreaking solution to tackle these particular issues.

But, explaining such cutting-edge technology to the general public can be a challenge.

So, the cybersecurity company decided to employ an animated explainer video that effectively communicates the dangers of cyber threats and how they mitigate them to safeguard their clients’ data, whether stored locally or in the cloud.

CrowdStrike’s brief video employs striking gamified visuals with a retro vibe that captivates the viewer.

The video uses red and black colors. Different shades of red make it more attractive.


Without the best cyber security, bad things happen (art thief edition)


Check Point Software Technologies produced a collection of concise 30-second videos that demonstrate the dire consequences of inadequate cybersecurity measures.

These videos are different and entertaining. It shows how cybersecurity videos don’t have to be boring to get the message across.


Wherever work happens, cyber threats are watching.


The video in question incorporates foreboding music and color grading, effectively setting the mood for what’s to come.

Moreover, the presence of renowned actress Gillian Anderson makes the video more ominous.

It successfully drives home the crucial point that cybersecurity threats are an ever-present danger in our daily routines.

Despite the gravity of the topic, the video also manages to infuse some humor, which makes a truly engaging viewing experience.


Don’t fear ransomware. End It.


According to Cybereason, attackers seek to ransom personal data, intellectual property, and businesses that do not belong to them. The cybersecurity technology firm asserts that its defenders can detect and prevent such attacks.

Cybereason’s approach has a movie trailer vibe, urging viewers to eradicate ransomware instead of fearing it.

The video features a deep, bassy, cinematic voiceover that complements captivating 3D animation, giving a powerful result!


Avast one – fast, light, and powerful protection


Avast’s video showcases a visually appealing line-drawn animation style that uses black and white with occasional splashes of color.

The animation is fast-paced, yet it does not compromise the overall message.

The video is loaded with captivating elements that keep your attention. Despite only lasting for 15 seconds, it effectively conveys several critical points without being boring.


AT&T threat intellect


AT&T’s animated explainer video on cybersecurity takes a similar approach, vividly illustrating the nature of the risks that businesses strive to guard against.

The advanced visual style effectively emphasizes the technical complications of cybersecurity work.

While it positions AT&T’s threat manager as the indispensable hero that companies require to keep cyber threats at bay.




Our team made this video for a client. It’s a perfect blend between live-action and animation.

With the right use of blue color, it gets the information across.

If you want a video like this for your business, get in touch!

Want a video for your business?


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That’s a wrap

In conclusion, we’ve seen that cybersecurity videos are a must in this day and age. And we hope the examples we mentioned give you ideas on what kind of video you could make for your business.

Cybersecurity videos can be an excellent resource for increasing awareness about online safety. At the same time, you can also use them to market your services with ease. The medium makes it easier for viewers to understand and engage with the material.

Posted by Samra Tiwana

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