8 Best Finance Videos You Need to Watch

Video content has become a powerful tool for promoting brands. This tool is not limited to a few industries anymore; every industry has accepted its power. When it comes to the finance industry, there’s no shortage of informative and engaging finance videos available.

From captivating promotional videos to informative explainer videos, the finance industry has produced a range of exceptional videos that capture attention and deliver key messages.

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Here, we present a curated list of the best finance videos. Get ready to be inspired by the creativity and expertise within the finance sector!

Let’s dive in!


Best finance videos


Mission Lane

Mission Lane approached our team with a clear objective in mind: to create an engaging fintech explainer video that would effectively highlight their reliability.

The creative process involved careful consideration of the target audience and their preferences. Through a combination of captivating visuals and a compelling voiceover, we made sure the video resonated with its audience.

We utilized strong imagery and graphics that visually represented the key points and benefits of Mission Lane’s services.

We were delighted to see how well the video turned out and the positive response it received from Mission Lane.

If you want someone to make a finance video for you, get in touch with us today. Our video animation company would love to help you out!

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What’s in Your Wallet by Capital One

The finance video campaign has been highly successful, captivating audiences with its humorous and memorable portrayals while effectively highlighting the benefits of Capital One’s credit card offerings.

The involvement of popular celebrities like Jennifer Garner and Samuel L. Jackson adds star power and relatability to the finance videos, helping to create a strong brand presence.

The video’s comedic approach and unexpected twists keep viewers engaged and entertained, while the tagline ‘What’s in Your Wallet?’ has become synonymous with Capital One, prompting viewers to consider their credit card choices.

Overall, this video campaign has effectively communicated the value of Capital One’s credit card products in a memorable and entertaining way.


Apple Card Design

Next on the list of best finance videos, we have no other than Apple itself.

The video provides a look at the design of the Apple Card. It showcases the attention to detail and craftsmanship involved in creating this sleek and minimalist credit card.

The video highlights the precision milling of the titanium card, showcasing its unique texture and durability.

It also focuses on the laser-etched Apple logo and the absence of traditional card details like the card number, CVV, and expiration date.

Overall, the video offers viewers a glimpse into the thoughtful design philosophy that Apple applied to every aspect of the Apple Card.


True name by MasterCard

Mastercard’s video aimed to promote inclusivity and acceptance by showcasing their groundbreaking initiative that allows transgender and non-binary individuals to have their chosen names on their credit cards.

The video highlights the importance of identity and personal expression, emphasizing that everyone deserves to be recognized and respected for who they are.

By enabling individuals to use their true names on their credit cards, Mastercard’s initiative sends a powerful message of support and equality.

The “True Name” campaign serves as a reminder of the importance of diversity and inclusion, resonating with audiences who value fairness and social progress.

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Small Business Saturday

American Express launched a compelling video campaign, “Small Business Saturday,” with the aim of promoting local businesses during the holiday season.

These finance videos served as a call to action, urging people to prioritize and support small businesses in their communities.

Moreover, the campaign emphasized the benefits of using American Express cards for these purchases, encouraging viewers to leverage their card’s features while contributing to the growth and sustainability of small businesses.

The “Small Business Saturday” campaign effectively conveyed the message of supporting local entrepreneurs and fostering vibrant, thriving communities.


This is Getting Old

ETRADE’s video brought a lighthearted approach to the topic of retirement planning.

With a touch of humor, the video aimed to remind viewers of the importance of financial preparedness for a fulfilling retirement.

The video showcased seniors embracing unconventional and active lifestyles, challenging stereotypes associated with old age.

The video served as a gentle reminder that retirement planning is not just about financial security, but also about embracing new experiences and living life to the fullest.

By featuring active and vibrant seniors, the campaign encouraged viewers to envision a retirement filled with excitement and possibilities.


Own Your Tomorrow

Charles Schwab’s impactful video inspires individuals to seize control of their financial futures through wise investment choices.

The finance videos in the campaign featured relatable individuals who demonstrate the power of informed decision-making and the value of setting long-term financial goals.

The video serves as a call to action, encouraging viewers to take charge of their financial destinies by partnering with Charles Schwab and making wise investment choices to shape a brighter tomorrow.


Don’t Live Without It

American Express’s captivating video invites viewers to embrace a world of extraordinary experiences and rewards through the use of their credit cards.

By celebrating the moments that make life special, the video emphasizes the value of American Express membership and the unique advantages it offers.

From exclusive offers and exceptional customer service to valuable rewards programs, the campaign showcases how American Express enhances everyday life and enriches the cardholder’s journey.

The video leaves viewers with the unmistakable message that life is more vibrant and rewarding when you don’t live it without American Express.

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That’s a wrap

In conclusion, the world of finance is vast and complex, but thanks to the power of videos, it has become easy.

Remember, the best finance videos are not just informative; they also engage us emotionally and leave a lasting impact.

Speaking of leaving a lasting impact, if you want such a video contact us! Our team would love to help you in bringing your ideas to life.

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