10 Best Interactive Videos You Don’t Want to Miss

Interactive videos are a great way to engage your viewers for an enhanced experience of your content. These sorts of videos give audience more control in navigating through the content since they are given multiple options to choose from.

The audience also gets to take the story in several other directions with different scenarios erupting by choosing from many different options.

In this post, we are going to talk about numerous interactive videos which give creative control to the viewers and lets them choose their own adventure.


Like a Rolling Stone – Bob Dylan

Like a Rolling Stone is a promotional interactive video created by Eko for Bob Dylan in 2013.

The video features an array of channels including business, travelling, TV, movies, news, fashion and sports that viewers can flip through. Every character on these channels appears to be lip-syncing the song.

Sony Music teamed up with Eko to create this interactive video in order to promote the release of Bob Dylan’s CD box set in 2013.

Many celebrities including Drew Carry, Steve Levy, Jonathan and Drew Scott appear in the video.


Lifesaver – Resuscitation Council UK

Lifesaver is an educational interactive explainer video created by Unit9 for the Resuscitation Council UK in 2013.

There are multiple scenarios in which viewers can experience becoming part of the rescue team and learn the lifesaving benefits of CPR and Heimlich Maneuver.

The video records, analyzes and rates the timings of viewers’ responses and simulated chest compressions. There is also a scorecard for the correct answers.

Lifesaver bagged a Webby Award, an E-Learning Award and a nomination for BAFTA.

Check out the video here.


Will You Fit into Deloitte? – Delloite

Will You Fit into Deloitte? is an employee orientation video created by Snorkel Media Agency for Deloitte in 2014.

It’s a first person POV recruiting video that gives viewers a walkthrough of what Deloitte’s culture is all about. Viewers are thrown into different situations in which they have to make different ethical choices.

The interactive video outperformed the regular recruiting video of Deloitte on YouTube.

Catch the video here.


Ink – Coldplay

Ink is an interactive music video created by Blind for Britpop band Coldplay in 2014.

The animated music video follows a man who is trying to search for his lost wife in the woods. Throughout the journey, he goes through several scenarios until he gets rescued by his wife and they float through the air together once more in the end.

The interactive music video has more than 300 possibilities and the official fans’ cut was uploaded on YouTube.

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The Other Side – Honda Civic

The Other Side is created by WIEDEN+KENNEDY for Honda Civic in 2015.

The video follows a man who is a dad in the day picking up his kids from school, and driving on “Economy” mode to safely drop them at home.

Once the audience presses “R” on their keyboard at any point, the video shifts to an alternate timeline where the man turns into a getaway-cum-undercover driver. He ends up turning the criminals over to the police.

The Other Side bagged several awards for its unique concept in 2015.

Watch the interactive video here.


Know No Better – Major Lazer

Know No Better is an interactive music video directed by Philip Andelman for Electronic band Major Lazer in 2017.

The music video follows a teenage boy who escapes by daydreaming about being a famous backup dancer of Major Lazer, but in reality, he is just a regular person who gets bullied at school and is misunderstood at home.

Viewers can click on the “eye” icon on the right top corner of the video to navigate through the boy’s “reality” and “dream” universes.


Dead Lonely – Aardman Animations

Dead Lonely is an interactive short film directed by Sam Morrison for Oscar winning studio, Aardman Animations in 2016.

The film follows a zombie named Fred who is trying to find his lost love named Barbara in a post-apocalyptic universe where zombies are leading normal lives like humans.

Viewers have to give different directions and choices to Fred in order to finally reunite with Barbara. Wrong moves can get Fred killed, but viewers can always respawn.


The Jungle Book – Disney

The Jungle Book interactive video is a promotional short video created by Wirewax for Disney in 2016.

Viewers can move the slider to gain an insight into how the live-action adaptation of The Jungle Book film was filmed.

Viewers can also click on the hotspots of the characters to read through the brief descriptions and profiles.

The Jungle Book was able to win Best Visual Effects at the Oscars in 2017.

Check out the video here.


Design Considerations – LaCantina Doors

Design Considerations is an interactive instructional video created by Eko for LaCantina Doors in 2018.

The interactive video content is divided into different categories such as Operation, Configuration, Threshold, Glass, Hardware & Finishes, Screening and Unique Applications.

Viewers can select from these categories and check out the folding door panels with different angles and viewpoints by clicking “Switch View” option.

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Do it Again – Nike Air Max

Do it Again is an interactive commercial created by HYPEBAE for Nike in 2019.

The video follows Parisian streetwear fashion stylist Barbara Malewicz who picks out a couple of of Nike Air Max Dia sneakers and gives the audience choices to select from different fashion styles to pair with the shoes.

Nike Air Max Dia sneakers are women-centric sneakers designed by four females. The shoe is light and minimal. The four dots symbol on the heel pays homage to the female designers.

Watch the interactive video here.


Final thoughts

Interactive videos give audiences a chance to have an immersive experience as opposed to passive viewing.

These types of videos give users control to drive through the content and learn a lot more along the way.

Posted by Adil Ashraf

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