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Every Tom, Dana, and Harold in your company has to be in the loop when it comes to what’s going on around the company. There are several ways you could convey that plethora of information that needs to be conveyed. This is where internal communication comes in.

There is a need for keeping up morale and loyalty towards the company by transmitting messages that instigate these emotions within the organization.

How many times have you heard the statement that communication is key? Effective communication ensures the smooth running of any organization. It stands true for internal communications within the company, too. There is an unmistakable need in the corporate culture to enhance internal communication.

When it comes to employees both existing and potential ones, there is a disconnect in communication that companies experience. To eliminate this drift, internal communications teams and Human resources must work in close circuits.

Conventional Internal Communications Tools

Several tools are used in terms of employees’ communications. The most used strategies for this are emails and meetings for the most part. Even though emails offer the element of precision and detail through the option of attaching visuals and documents to endorse your agenda.

Meetings offer something that virtual methods do not. Clarity and organic participation. The meeting is instrumental in transmitting your message with authenticity.

However, both of these strategies have inevitable flaws. Despite being prevalent methods of being effective tools of internal communication, they have become redundant and present vast complications.

You may have experienced this yourself that emails have a tendency to be ignored if not just skimmed and losing information in interpretation.

As for meetings, the scheduling; getting all the right and relevant people in the same room at the same time can prove to be a little challenging. They can also prove to be inefficient time-wise as people tend to stray off-topic.

Internal Communication Videos

Since the video has the best demonstrative abilities whilst being engaging and time conserving, they serve as an effective tool for internal communications.

It offers the liberty of getting to it when your schedule allows with the added advantage of conveying the non-verbal aspect of the message.

Especially due to the pandemic, an expected shift towards remote work also creates certain facilitation for the video to be on the front line of effective internal communication.

There are two types of internal comm videos we have talked about, the Asynchronous vs Synchronous videos for Internal Communication. 

It is also infinitely more interesting to watch rather than to read an email or sitting in a long meeting/ training session. You can kiss the fear of it being overlooked and forgotten goodbye.

Why You Should Use an Internal Communication Video

A company video also serves multiple purposes other than ensuring effective internal communication of an organization. There are several objectives to be achieved by company videos. Here are a few of the many.

  • They increase visibility for recruitment purposes.
  • Build a company profile by a visual recording of core company values, company culture, and evolution. This will create a shared sense of purpose and motivation.
  • Employee experience stories generate affinity by humanizing them and enhance employee-to-employee communication. Celebrate your employees and give them a voice through video.
  • They can be pivotal in launching new ideas and products.
  • Establishing and informing about updates in the existing products.
  • Training the employees and familiarizing/ instructing them with new products and protocols.
  • Updates on events and conferences keep everyone in the loop.
  • Messages from the Founders and CEO build loyalty in the workforce.
  • Company videos play an instrumental role in the induction of new employees. It is a much less time-consuming and well-rounded way than training manuals for protocol and policies.
  • FAQs and troubleshooting videos prove to be very useful in terms of efficiency.

8 Best Internal Communication Videos


Passionate disagreement over passive agreement while being respectful in an organization is very important for employees’ communication and company success. Aesculap demonstrated a research study of collaborative exercise through an interesting and east-to-understand whiteboard video.

The convenient visuals made the concept of collaborative excellence infinitely easy to understand. Another thing you will notice about this video is that this is such a complicated concept being explained with minimal effort.

Aesculap made this employee communication video with an immense economy since the only resources required were a camera, a whiteboard, and a marker. With a blank canvas as your ground to explain something, the sky is the limit. You can demonstrate anything and everything without having to run around to make arrangements.

It not only simplifies this very central organizational phenomenon but also educates the employees to get the most out of their corporate learning experience in addition to achieving all goals and avoiding conflict with fellow workers.

The unique factor of this video is the effect of a sense of play uncharacteristic of a rather dry corporate culture lecture. They have added a dramatized effect to it and make it vastly entertaining. It is hard to miss the distinct key takeaway. Being open-minded.

This video has an unmistakable pressure-free whilst having a definitive call-to-action tone. They give tips to rediscover collaboration with logic and ease. It prepares the employees to embrace success through lucrative organizational behavior.

The signing off statement has a resolute emotive appeal which adds an extra push for employees to internalize the message of the video.

Risual Corporate Video

We all enjoy a good comedy. What if I told you that instead of watching a plain old corporate video, you were going to look at a shaky, peppy, and confused recording loaded with pointed humor and sarcasm?

You love this vibe and instantly connect with the video that almost makes fun of all other corporate videos that throw around heavy words to create impact with slow-motion visuals of employees hard at work or laughing, talking, and interacting.

In an unmistakably fun tone, this video also transmits the message of what Risual does. It elaborates on the company operations and services without being boring or mundane. The overall devil-may-care attitude of the video maker is very refreshing to watch.

This video sets Risual apart from other companies and projects an easy-going image of the company. Who wouldn’t want to work in an environment like that?


Employee feedback is essential to the smooth running of an organization. It makes them feel included and like their voice has value if you ask an employee about their experience at the company.

Slack, in collaboration with the Silicon Republic, has portrayed the diversity and the learning environment that lies at the core of slack as a company. The employees giving the interview all belong to different nationalities and ethnicities that portray a very inclusive working environment.

The employees are talking about their learning experience and skill-building in colorful words. They seem happy and wide-eyed at their prospect of working at Slack. It only shows the viewer that Slack is the place to be and that working there is something to be thankful for.

It gives off a hip millennial vibe that is essentially the target market of Slack. It is minimalistic yet glamorous. What more could you want?


For a video, this short, HubSpot Culture covers a lot. The classic off-beat vibe with a tablespoon of humor and comedy gives it just the right touch.

This video not only represents why HubSpot is the place to be, but it also elaborates on the origin of the company with a brief history. Not only the vision and mission of the company. Above all, this entertaining video is an apt representation of the company’s culture. Dynamic, pleasant, carefree, and edgy.

What is special about this video is the representation of the employees. Not every corporate film introduces and commends its employees for the entire world to watch. It does it in a light humoring way as to not seem pretentious.

Google Intern’s First Week

In this video, Google does what needs to be done, humanizing the interns by celebrating them. Not only the video portrays the internal environment at Google, but it also sets it apart as the most magnificent place to work on the face of this planet.

The best thing about this video is that not only the interns are being asked about their experience at Google, they are also being asked about their roles at Google. Not only that but they also asked the interns about their backstories and what compelled them to come and work at Google.

If that is not representation, I don’t know what is.


vAuto brings forward its founder to deliver the news of the success of their existing product, Auction genius. Bringing in the founder for an internal communications video vastly humanizes the company leadership to the workforce.

Dale Pollak, the founder of vAuto then proceeds to commend the company on its unmatchable technology, support, and dealer performance improvement. He has established vAuto as the premium market leader for used vehicle inventory and parts.

The best part about this video is that he is saying all this in terms of ‘we’ that instigates a sense of ownership and teamwork in the people working at the company.

Two birds, one stone. In the same video, Pollak also announces the launch of their new product Genius Labs. He then proceeds to explain the objectives behind this product to his listener with the help of visual graphics.

Pretty decent approach if you ask me, if only he was looking into the camera and not the teleprompter.


Now there are quite a few ways to transmit information to your employees. You could talk to the camera or you could talk to a person. Thing is, the camera doesn’t talk back and you are the only one steering the conversation, which after a while gets dull.

Adecco has used a tried-and-tested interview format with the company’s leadership to answer an employee’s questions about the success and productivity of their company. A discussion makes a listener feel like they are a part of that conversation instead of a bystander, thereby improving the levels of involvement.

There must be a variety in the kind of shots that you are taking for a corporate interview to establish space and presence.

In addition to close shots of the interviewer and interviewee’s faces, you should also incorporate some wide angles and two shots to portray them existing in the same space at the same time. That ultimately feels more organic and prevents the visuals from getting mundane.


What is the best part of working at Apple? This is a question that the employees are asked in this video. Asking them what Apple has given its employees is something that invokes gratitude in the workforce and therefore a motivation to give back to the company.

This video is a great marketing strategy to attract potential employees to be able to recruit the best of the best. It helps both current and potential employees to visualize a future loaded with learning and promise.

The way this video is made is also very brilliant, dividing the parts of the interviews into different fields and departments of the organization we get everyone’s perspective.

The questions that need answering and problems that need solving are a huge part of Apple’s narrative. It also builds on the unmatched excellence of Apple products that creates a buying frenzy in the market.

There is an unmistakable dynamism in the visuals, exhibiting products in close-ups alternated with engaging employee interviews loaded with words that catch your attention.

With a backdrop of amazingly creative shots of day-to-day production activities and behind the scenes of product design, it will interest anyone who is connected to the field.

In the end, it all lies in the right visuals, edited together in the most lucrative format possible. Every corporate internal or external video has to have a clearly defined agenda for it to have direction.

Not only do you need a brilliant production crew for that, but you also require a certain eye for creativity that could conceptualize a video with the most artistic appeal.

Posted by Fatima Najeeb

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