11 Best Kinetic Typography Videos to Fire up Your Artistry

Kinetic typography animation focuses on moving texts to evoke emotions and convey the main idea to the audience.

These types of videos are great for marketing. They can help send your message across even if the sound is off.

Marketers can make their videos stand out in all of the noise over the internet by incorporating this animation technique as audience will need to read the texts to follow along.

In this piece, we are going to review some of the best kinetic typography animated videos that successfully combined the technique to gain viewers’ attention and communicate the notion.


New York Times Turkish Edition – Quba Michalski

New York Times Turkish Edition is an advertisement created by Quba Michalski for The New York Times in 2009.

The ad takes viewers on a tour of renowned landmarks of New York City and Istanbul built from kinetic typography.

Actual pages of the newspaper’s first edition were used in the video, mainly from the financial and entertainment sections.


The Alphabet – NEWGOLD

The Alphabet is an animated short created by Alessandro Novelli of NEWGOLD in 2010.

The video features alphabets from A through Z represented by different fonts for each alphabet.

The video has also added Fréhel’s Si tun’étais pas là as a background track to add more charisma.

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29 Ways to Stay Creative – TO-FU

29 Ways to Stay Creative is a short video created by Japanese motion graphic design studio, TO-FU in 2011.

It is one of the most popular kinetic typography videos for its inventive and educational content about how to remain creative.

Creative illustrations, soothing background music and eye-popping texts are all that make this video a good experience for the viewers to gain knowledge.


Jump – Ford

Jump is an advertisement created by GTB Media Agency for Ford in 2012.

The ad showcases Ford’s new truck model, F-150 and how capable the Raptor is with promising gas mileage and road worthiness.

Ford makes great use of typography by adding big and bold text popping on the screen to match the vibe and enormity of the truck.


Childline: First Step – YCN and Buck Animation

Childline: First Step is an animated short created by YCN in collaboration with Buck in 2013.

The short promotes a UK-based 24-hour helpline for children to open up, speak and report sexual harassment.

The abstract art and kinetic typography have been used to illustrate a conversation between an anonymous kid and one of the advisors.


Keep Up – Honda

Keep Up is an ad created by Wieden+Kennedy for Honda in 2015.

The ad features a sandy desert, few glimpses of 2015 Honda range and quick transitions of different words testing viewers’ pace to keep up with them.

The message of the ad is to encourage the audience to match the speed of Honda which becomes difficult as it progresses.

People who are able to keep up until the end learn that they could achieve more than they think.

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The Office – Stepdraw

The Office is a short video created by a motion graphics artist, Stepdraw in 2015.

Stepdraw has recreated an entire cold open from one of the episodes of The Office (US version) in kinetic typography.

The video also has added effects, voiceovers and illustrations to add the comic factor to the whole scene of the episode.


Think Ideas – MotionCue

Think Ideas is an explainer video our team created for a client in 2017.

The explainer proposes to bring the stories and ideas of clients to life with creative concept, research, and design.

Our team combined the elements of motion design aided by kinetic typography and background voice-over to illustrate the message.


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Find your Focus – Headspace

Find your Focus is an animated short video by Headspace that came out in 2018.

The video makes excellent use of typography to coax people into following the steps to guided meditation through kinetic typography.

Viewers would be delighted to have an option where they could interact with the video even without having to click buttons or moving the cursor.


Apple’s Big News in 108 Seconds – Apple

Apple’s Big News in 108 Seconds is an announcement video created by TBWA/Media Arts Lab in 2018.

The video makes an announcement regarding new Apple products coming out in Apple’s next event.

The kinetic typography does not distract the viewers from checking out different features of the new product line. It aids the overall message and design.

In fact, the texts are added with personality and flair that give audience the impression that someone may be narrating them throughout the video.


Clearly – Cub Studio

Clearly is an advertisement created by Cub Studio in 2019.

The ad uses cute illustrations, an upbeat voice-over and texts to educate viewers about some of the facts related to vision.

The main motive of the ad is to persuade companies to invest in free eye tests for its employees to avoid any workplace mishaps.


Final thoughts

Kinetic typography is a versatile medium to express and put forth your message to the world. With such a technique, it is easier to grab the viewers’ attention and be able to communicate your idea.

And if you are looking for a video production agency to bring your ideas to life, then feel free to drop our video strategists a message today.


Posted by Adil Ashraf

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