9 Best Microsoft Commercials Worth Celebrating

Microsoft is a household name when it comes to technology. Our computers, operating systems, phones, tablets and other technological devices are laden with Microsoft software and hardware products.

Microsoft, even as ubiquitous as ever, has been producing numerous ads to introduce a new line of products or features for their consumers.

In the 2020 financial year alone, Microsoft invested 1.6 billion dollars in advertising.

In this post, we will be going over some of the most renowned Microsoft commercials which compelled viewers to buy the latest line of its products.


Start Me Up

Start Me Up was created in partnership with Wieden+Kennedy to introduce Windows 95 to the world in 1995.

In the ad, we see the very first frame features “start” button and it goes to show people using Windows 95 to logging different tasks and activities in their daily lives.

Mick Jagger of Rolling Stones wrote a theme song for the commercial titled “Start Me Up”, and it runs in the background during the span of the ad.

According to a retired Microsoft COO, Bob Herbold, Bill Gates shelled out 3 million dollars to get Mick Jagger perform a song for the commercial.


Where Do You Want to Go Today?

Where Do You Want to Go Today? was also created in collaboration with Wieden+Kennedy ad agency to present Windows 98 in 1998.

The ad is comprised of a fast-moving collage of pictures and videos highlighting what Windows 98 was all about.

One of the motives of the ad was to take viewers back in time with nostalgic effects such as pixelated graphics to pay homage to the 90s.


I’m a PC

I’m a PC was part of an advertising campaign created with the help of Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CPB) in 2008.

The ad starts with Sean Siler, an actual Microsoft employee claiming that he is a PC. Many known celebrities and athletes also join in proclaiming they are a PC along with different aspects of their personalities.

This ad campaign was intended to be a clap back to Apple’s Get a Mac ad series which stereotyped PC as boring and dull while touted the Mac as cool and hip.

I’m a PC featured famous personalities such as Eva Longoria, Pharrell Williams, Rashad Evans and Deepak Chopra.

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Double Rainbow

Double Rainbow was directed by Max Lanman to introduce Window Live Photo gallery feature in 2010.

In the ad, we see viral meme sensation Paul “Bear” Vasquez aka The Double Rainbow guy marveling at yet another double rainbow across the sky just like his viral YouTube video.

In order to unlock the live photo feature, he snaps three photos of the double rainbow and combines them to capture a single panorama picture.


3D Holiday

3D Holiday was a Christmas commercial created by McCann agency for Microsoft in 2018.

The animated ad shows a girl using her laptop and artistry to create an outer world to escape reality on the eve of Christmas. It starts as 2D animation which transforms into 3D and ends with a live-action sequence.

The ad focuses on the update and new version of its paint app with Paint 3D. Rachel Platten’s song “3D Holiday” serves as a theme for this ad to show kindness.


Danny Trejo is Addicted to Creativity

Danny Trejo is Addicted to Creativity was created by Jung von Matt agency for Microsoft in 2018.

The ad exhibits Danny Trejo telling spectators about his heist crew in an addiction support group only to reveal that he is addicted to creativity by showing drawings on his Microsoft surface tablet.

Danny Trejo is a famous Hollywood actor known for his “Machete” persona in many action films.

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We All Win

We All Win was a Super Bowl LIII commercial created by McCann agency for Microsoft in 2019.

The ad features interviews of six young disabled boys and their families talking about how the Xbox Adaptive controller transformed the gaming experience and helped them connect with their friends all over the world.

The main focal point of this ad was to emotionally capture inclusion, and also to create awareness of Microsoft’s overall message, which is “to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.”


Be the One

Be the One was a Super Bowl LIV commercial created by McCann agency for Microsoft in 2020.

The documentary-style ad features an interview with Katie Sowers who is the Assistant Offensive Coach for San Francisco 49ers team. She is also shown using the Microsoft Surface tablet to guide players with offensive strategies.

Katie Sowers became the first woman to officially coach an NFL team in the Super Bowl. The ad title refers to be the one to open the door for many.


More ways to be a team

More ways to be a team was created by McCann agency for Microsoft in 2020.

The ad shows different people using Microsoft Teams feature to stay connected with different virtual rooms.

It largely puts different options that Microsoft Teams offer in spotlight such as live collaboration through whiteboard and up to 49 people can join a work meeting at once.

The ad puts together vibrant colors, stop motion animation and upbeat song to encourage people to use Microsoft Teams to stay connected during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Final thoughts

Microsoft has been producing ads since the dawn of time to market their products effectively.

Microsoft strives to change and transform the community for better and for always. Most of their commercials reflect their vision to assist and include everyone with their devices and equipment.

And if you have an idea to create a commercial for your product which can empower the community around you, then do give our video strategists a call and find out what your options are.


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