10 Best Motion Design and Animation Examples of 2020

We’re past the halfway mark for 2020 and videos, especially animated ones, continue to reign supreme in the content marketing industry.

Since animated videos and motion graphics are growing in popularity, motion design has become a sought-after skill.

The boom in this field has brought talented motion designers front and center. Those who have achieved a high level of expertise in the discipline can leave viewers in awe of their work.

This post is all about celebrating individuals and agencies who have created outstanding works of art using motion design. So, grab your coffee and get inspired.


1. Mehdi Alibeygi – No. 7


Mehdi Alibeygi is known for directing and writing the Changeover (2014) and Jamshid: A lament for a myth (2017). Apart from that, he’s also a very talented animator.

No. 7 is part of his ‘Legendary Numbers’ promotional series and it covers some of the most extraordinary soccer/football players of all time.

His character design, though abstract, is so distinct that you can easily identify who the player is.

Can you guess who is featured in this episode?

The animation has flawless transitions and the entire episode exudes high energy. We love how the body breaks apart and at one point the torso starts rotating on its axis.


2. Eido – The Hidden Life of Rosa Parks


Eido is a motion graphics studio that has sewn ‘thoughtfulness’ into its fiber of being.

Ted-Ed commissioned them to produce this artistic piece about the life of Rosa Parks. It’s one of those stories that should be kept alive and the studio has done justice to it.


3. Boxfort – The Loch


Boxfort is a team of talented freelance animators based in Detroit. The Loch features a cool-looking sea monster, and the overall video has a dreamlike quality to it because of the lighting.

According to the creators, the video was “loosely inspired by a canoe trip at Camp Mograph“.


4. Ordinary Folk – Techless


Ordinary Folk never fails to amaze us with its flawless motion design and animation masterpieces.

The minimalist style, smooth transitions, and complementary sound design frame the narration beautifully.


5. Mathijs Luijten – Tycho “Weather” music video


Mathijs Luijten from the Netherlands has been in the creative industry for 12 years and has built quite an impressive portfolio for himself. The work he’s done in this animated music video for Tycho speaks for itself.

The production value is remarkable. So sit back, get comfy, and enjoy the video.

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6. MotionCue – Cooper/T. Smith


Our team at MotionCue created this animated video for a forward-thinking client.  We combined traditional sketch work and then brought the project to life with cell animation.

If you like what you see and want a result-oriented animated video for your business, too, then get in touch with our video strategists. We’d love to be of service.


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7. Henrique Barone and Fernanda Ribeiro – Mama Lama


Henrique Barone and Fernanda Ribeiro directed this colorful spot for Mama Lama, an organic yogurt brand.

The character design and motion graphics make it seem like a children’s storybook has come to life.


8. Patric Clair and Raoul Marks from Antibody – Far Cry 6 title sequence


We’d love to see more video games come out with custom title sequences. It’s a shame that this isn’t the norm yet.

Antibody Film Lab’s Patric Claire and Raoul Marks brought this sequence for Far Cry 6 to life.

For anyone who’s interested, Far Cry 6 is the sixth main installment in the series and is a first-person shooter game by Ubisoft. It’s set to be released on February 18, 2021.


9. Alter Ego – Not My Job


We always get excited when motion design and animation are used to talk about things that truly matter.

Alter Ego created this striking piece using 2D and 3D elements. We love how they’ve used parallax, high contrast visuals, and textures to create this eye-catching masterpiece.

The video sheds light on clandestine operations and shows how the Trump Administration failed to lead as the coronavirus hit.

The piece aims to share the truth so that people can understand the severity of the COVID-19 crisis.


10. Oh Yeah Wow (Darcy Prendergast) – Tomorrow’s on Fire


The year 2020 has brought with it one critical hit after another.

At the start of the year, bush fires devastated Australia, and the country’s people were left angered at their leaders’ inaction.

As a response to the crisis, Oh Yeah Wow came out with this poignant film that perfectly captured the nation’s sentiments at the time.

That covers our top 10 motion graphic design videos for 2020. There are so many more amazing examples out there and we’ll keeping making appreciation posts like this one to celebrate outstanding works of animation.

If you’ve come across an epic motion design video that you think deserves a round of applause, connect with us on LinkedIn and tell us all about it.

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Posted by Maria Saif

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