10 Examples of Best Product Launch Videos

With the rise of modern technology and innovation, product launch video has become the equivalent of a grand premiere in the digital world.

They serve as the first glimpse into a brand’s latest creation, aiming to captivate and engage the audience right from the start.

There’s no doubt about the power of these videos. According to a survey report by MotionCue, 84% of people said that they visited a website after watching a video ad about their products or services.

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Now, let’s take a look at ten exceptional product launch videos that have set the standard for creativity and engagement.


1. Apple iPhone X

Apple’s product launch videos have become legendary, and the ‘Introducing iPhone X’ video is no exception. This video combined sleek visuals, innovative features, and a captivating narrative, giving viewers a glimpse into the future of smartphones.

The elegant design, facial recognition technology, and edge-to-edge display were presented in a way that left a lasting impression. This set the bar high for competitors.

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2. PS5 – Play Has No Limits

Sony PlayStation 5’s product launch video is a gaming spectacle that hit screens in 2020. The video kicks off with an exciting cinematic sequence. It shows off the futuristic and cool design of the PS5 console, promising an impressive upgrade in gaming hardware.

The highlight? The DualSense wireless controller! It adds an extraordinary touch with its sensory vibrations and adaptive triggers, making gaming even more immersive.

The video zooms in on a vast library of games, both new and old, specially curated for the PS5, teasing exclusive titles and exciting gameplay. In short, this product launch video did what it was supposed to do!


3. GoPro HERO7 –  Shaky Video Is Dead

The GoPro HERO7 product launch video revolutionized the world of action cameras in 2018. The powerful phrase delivered the essence of what HERO7 had to offer: an end to shaky, unstable footage during adrenaline-pumping adventures.

Through visual demonstrations, viewers witnessed the HERO7’s remarkable ability to eliminate shakes and jitters, delivering an unprecedented level of stability.

The contrast between shaky footage and the buttery-smooth sequences achieved with HyperSmooth was both striking and convincing.

The video’s fast-paced edits, heart-pounding scenes, and breathtaking visuals left viewers wanting their own adventure with the GoPro HERO7.


4. Microsoft Surface Studio 2

Surface Studio 2 is an engaging product launch video that Microsoft unveiled, showcasing its creativity and functionality in the world of computers.

Released at a time when creative professionals sought powerful and versatile tools, the Surface Studio 2 video presented a blend of elegance and productivity that captured the audience’s imagination.

The visuals emphasized the product’s stunning PixelSense display and its ability to effortlessly transition from a workstation to a studio, adapting to the needs and creativity of the user.


5. Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung’s product launch video for the Galaxy Fold was a visual marvel.

It showcased the company’s innovation in foldable smartphone technology, providing a glimpse of a new era in mobile devices.

The video artfully demonstrated the Galaxy Fold’s versatility. Furthermore, it illustrates the effortless transition from a smartphone to a tablet, leaving tech enthusiasts eager to experience this groundbreaking technology.


6. Nintendo Switch – First Look at Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s product launch video generated immense excitement within the gaming community.

It brilliantly demonstrated the versatility and unique gaming experiences that the Nintendo Switch offered.

The video showcased the product’s ability to transform from a home console to a portable gaming device, captivating both casual and hardcore gamers alike.

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7. Google Pixel 5

The ‘Introducing Google Pixel 5’ product launch video unveiled Google’s addition to the Pixel smartphone lineup in 2020. It showcased the epitome of AI integration and modern technology.

This video was more than just a reveal; it was an introduction to a new era of smartphone innovation.

The video commenced by portraying the essence of everyday life, highlighting how technology should seamlessly integrate without overpowering.

Visuals in this video highlighted the phone’s outstanding camera capabilities. Additionally, it showcases how the AI enhancements could enhance photography, videography, and even low-light shots.


8. Airbnb Experiences

Airbnb’s “Introducing Airbnb Experiences” video beautifully captured the spirit of travel and adventure.

It presented a unique and personalized way to explore new destinations, showcasing the diverse range of experiences available through the platform.

The video’s narrative invoked a sense of wanderlust, inspiring travelers to step out of their comfort zones and create unforgettable memories.


9. Adobe Shasta

Adobe, renowned for its trailblazing creative tools, has always been a pioneer in B2B video marketing. They have set the gold standard in producing tools for images, motion graphics, and videos.

However, they have now ventured into uncharted territory—the realm of audio engineering, with the introduction of Shasta—an AI-driven program designed to automate audio production.

In this innovative product launch video, Adobe takes a unique approach, specifically targeting content creators and enticing them to be early adopters of Shasta.

The visuals are nothing short of stunning, characterized by great animation that effortlessly transitions from one frame to another. This not only captivates the audience but also communicates the fluidity and ease that Adobe Shasta promises in the audio production realm.


10. DJI – This Is Mavic Air 2

DJI, a renowned name in the world of drones, unveiled the DJI Mavic Air 2 with a captivating product launch video in 2020. This video transcended the typical product showcase and was a testament to the limitless possibilities that this new drone unlocked.

The video commences by painting a vivid picture of adventure and exploration. Aerial shots showcasing vast landscapes, bustling cityscapes, and untamed nature set the stage for the unveiling of the Mavic Air 2.

Furthermore, it transitions into showcasing the compact yet powerful features of the drone, emphasizing its ability to capture awe-inspiring, high-quality footage.

It showcases outstanding capabilities, including 4K video at 60fps, SmartPhoto, and impressive flight time.

The video captures the essence of innovation and creativity, portraying the Mavic Air 2 as a tool that empowers creators to elevate their storytelling.

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That’s a wrap

In a world constantly evolving with technological advancements, product launch videos have evolved into a powerful art form, combining creativity, innovation, and marketing prowess.

These ten exceptional product launch videos show successful product launches, setting the bar high for future endeavors.

Stay updated and keep an eye out for the next groundbreaking product launch video. It redefines the way we perceive technology and innovation.

In case you are looking for someone to make a product launch video for you, get in touch! Our team of professionals will love to help in bringing your ideas to life.

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