Best Real Estate Videos and How to Make Them

Real estate videos are all the rage right now. Every realtor has them on their portfolio but there are very few people who are getting it right. It is best to learn from them.

When it comes to digital marketing, what tech you are using is way more important than how you use it. This stands true for real estate video marketing as well.

If you want to increase your visibility and generate more leads, giving your real estate video marketing strategy a makeover might be a very good call.

In fact, you are more likely to gain new prospects and you may also be able to keep your customers attached for the long haul.

There are many things you need to be mindful of while creating real estate videos apart from how to choose the best video marketing agency for your business.

Let’s talk about different real estate video marketing strategies and look at cases that have nailed it.


Conventional real estate videos


1. Property listing videos

Letting the public know that a property is up for sale is called a real estate listing. Realtors are now trying to achieve the same goal with video advertisements. This has been a prevalent trend.

Video listing is one of the most widely used real estate video marketing strategies.

It is a cliché in the real estate business to say that “we are not selling a house, we are selling a lifestyle.” Clichés are used so widely for a reason. It is because they are true.

In video listing, you show the highlights of a property and make it look appealing through charming angles and music. To add on, they often show a family of actors enjoying the house.

Making this video really vibe with the potential buyers is how you get them to lean towards making a purchase.


There are some areas where real estate sells itself. Like high-end Miami properties. But a good video listing couldn’t hurt.

It depends on what selling points of these areas that you can utilize. For Miami, it would be natural light that fills the rooms or a beach view.

This video not only utilizes all of that, but it also gives off a soothing ambiance with the lowkey music and smooth-flowing visuals.


Another element that is integral to a good real estate listing video is story-telling. A well-crafted story is something that can make all the difference.

A mini-film has become a necessary ingredient in all high-end marketing approaches of real estate videos.

Some might say that this is very blatant and over-the-top marketing but more often than not, it is the wow factor that sets you apart from the competition.


2.     Videos to help you recruit talent

Attracting the best talent to your firm is also an art. You need a strong online presence with a creative eye for that.

A “What-is-it-like” spot could do wonders for you if you want to attract real estate agents with the potential to work for you.

You can capitalize on the insights given by business managers. It is a sales pitch on its own.

So, when you add in the footage of agents that look like they are happy with their jobs, meeting clients, who wouldn’t want to work at your firm.

It is also a very effective tool in attracting buyers and sellers like a preview that tells them what it will be like being in business with your firm.


3.     Branding videos

Adding a human touch to your video and giving your company a personality is very important.

You will see many examples in which people have actually stepped in front of a camera themselves in order to promote their business.

What you essentially need to do in a branding video is to give the context of the real estate market. Later you position a gorgeous property that is for sale.

It exhibits the market section you operate in. You can also show your team members to really play on that human element.

One thing you cannot leave out of your branding video is a clear call to action. Completing the full circle of conversion.


4.     Videos that give a tour of the neighborhood

As you may remember from earlier when we talked about the importance of listing in this article. There is a way other than listing that you can promote yourself with.

What you can do is make a walk-through of a neighborhood that you do the most business in. you can ask the residents and the neighborhood authorities of the life-style value of the neighborhood.

This way you position yourself in front of your potential buyers who are looking to by a property in that neighborhood and may follow the CTA to contact you.

The use of drone shots is the most convenient way of capturing a neighborhood tour video.

Not only are you establishing yourself as an authority on the neighborhood, but you can also project whatever lies in the foundation of that neighborhood.

Be it a posh lifestyle, hippy-dippy freedom, or a family-friendly atmosphere like in this video.


Remember when we talked about establishing yourself as the area expert? Well, you can do that, but you can do that with more than a single neighborhood.

If you wish to take it up a notch, instead of only sticking to the neighborhood, you can give a bird’s-eye view of an entire district.

You can make a real estate video with several local establishments and residential areas at the center.


Purchasing a home is a very emotionally trying decision. You want to make the audience believe that they can trust you.


5.     Educational videos

It is a known fact that people want to learn more. It is a great way to grab their attention by making videos that breaks down the key processes of real estate for them.


Make your video as educational, straightforward, and interactive as possible. Don’t over-promote yourself in this video. Remember, you are only trying to help your viewers.

Feature a trustworthy person or a person you want to be trusted like your CEO in the video. Do a good job of making the video peppy with upbeat music and motion graphic text.

Being subtle about your sell could actually lead to more conversions.


6.     Realtor profile videos

Self-promotion is imperative to any business out there. Like branding videos that we talked about, a realtor profile also does that, just more focused on the focus on the person and not the company.

By featuring yourself as a realtor kills multiple birds with one stone. Not only can you convey your business style, but you can also place yourself in the market segment that you operate in.

Be sure to include some relevant and descriptive B-roll with a touch of professionalism. Shakespeare said, All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players;

Don’t shy away from bringing out your inner actor.

Give some insight into your personality and the positive values that shape you as a human and a professional.


Flaunt some of the gorgeous houses that you gave sold and client testimonials that are satisfied with your services.

Be versatile with your shots in terms of lens, shot, and the time of day that you are shooting in.


7.     Testimonial videos

We have talked about testimonials incorporated in a realtor profile. However, testimonials can be a stand-alone video as well.

It is in fact one of the most important real estate videos out there because clients are more likely to trust each other than they are to trust you.

This is because not only have your old clients had an experience with you, they are also under no obligation to promote you.


If they are going on camera to advocate for you, prospects know for a fact that they really value the service that you have provided to them as a realtor.

The only challenge here is to get them to do it.


If you manage to get enough testimonials, you can make a separate webpage for them on your website giving it a more legit look.

Now that we have talked about some of the conventional types of real estate videos, it is now time to move on to videos that completely break the mold when it comes to the real estate video advertisements.

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Unconventional real estate videos


8.     A day-long open house

Everyone is busy with their fast-paced lives. More often than not, you end up losing serious prospects that may offer more just because they couldn’t make it to your open house.

How about coming up with a system that allows them to attend the open house on their own schedule from the comfort of their homes.

Make an open house video that introduces the property and the neighborhood in detail. The best way to give an overall view is to include a few drone shots.

You can even narrate or give a walk-through yourself for added perspective and insight. Anticipate the questions a viewer may ask and be interesting in the answers as if you would in an open house.


9.     Tell a story of your listing

Who doesn’t love a good story? Tell a good one about your listing. Tell people how you, as a realtor, have provided value to this listing and the clients who purchased it.

It may sound a little similar to a testimonial but the difference here is that in a testimonial it’s the client who talks, but in a listing story, you are free to give your own narrative.

You can narrate the journey of the characters with this property. Make it as powerful as you can.


10.  Bring attention to weak listings

You want to be edgy. With a challenge such as a weak listing. Try the combination of a confident listing with a horrible reality.

You can make it funny and ironic like in the example or you can make it serious and fact-based. I would personally recommend the former.

It keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats wanting to know what happens next. It makes the most out of a bad situation.


11.  Putting yourself out there like a pro

Finding the epitome of perfection in a real estate video seems difficult when it is incredibly easy to achieve.

Here are a few things you can do.

Be forward and humor your audience. Be cheeky and sarcastic. Employ top-tier production value be it footage quality, variety, script, or acting.

Smile at your audience. Let them know you know what goes around. Give your on-brand approach to the property.

Your video can fall under several conventional categories of a real estate video. By doing this, you are giving your clients massive value.


12.  Niche lifestyle trailer

To segment your audience and to talk to them specifically via a real estate marketing video is one of the least walked paths out there despite the massive potential in this approach.

It is best to not narrate this video and leave it to the visuals to tell the story. Make them as creative and versatile as possible.

Make sure this video talks to a specific niche if you want to build a market in this niche. It tells them that you know them and knows what their lives are about.

Knowing your client and their needs are how you can provide the best service.


13.  Make a viral video

A video that has the potential to go viral can bring you infinitely more attention than you could with any of the above-mentioned categories.

Humor is what is the fastest at catching on. Just make sure that this humor is on-brand with you. It will attract a lot of attention to your YouTube channel.


14.  An Architect’s Perspective

A realtor is just someone that sells the property but the property itself is essentially an architect’s baby. They have breathed their life into it.

No one can give a more fundamental and artistic approach with as much passion as the architect does. This is a perspective that the realtor cannot give.

This real estate video is about the feel and the emotion of the house. It develops a connection with the property.


We have covered 14 types of conventional and non-conventional types of real estate videos with some of the best examples out there.

Follow the step-by-step process of live video production and employ the right video marketing strategy.

You have to be careful about which one you use and when. For more help in production and consultation, reach out to us.

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