Best Video Types to Share on Twitter

If there is one thing that is pivotal in social engagement videos, they can connect with their audience. They should inspire emotion, any kind of emotion, in their audience.

However, knowing how to upload the video on your desired platform and what type of video to upload is equally important to engage your audience.

It is pretty much the same for Twitter videos. The way you post your video on Twitter is how you make all the difference in your engagement goals.

There is a much greater potential for enhancing impressions and engagement through Twitter videos.

Videos on Twitter are 6 times more likely to get a retweet than a photo on Twitter.

Here is an infographic to stress the importance of Twitter video.


Twitter videos


Every Twitter video type has a completely different objective they can be optimized for.

The Twitter video format supports all kinds of videos: from specially created content to video recordings from your cellphone.

Here is a play by play of what types of videos can be uploaded on Twitter and how.

You can decide after weighing the pros and cons of which Twitter video format suits you the best.


Twitter video types


Recorded Twitter videos

You can make a video on your cell phone, iPhone, or Android. These kinds of videos tend to be pretty casual.

These videos mostly include the formative, behind-the-scenes part of an event. These sneak peek videos help the audience form a connection with the brand and promote the event or launch.

You can improvise it into a time-lapse. These kinds of videos are easy to make, however, there is only a limited number of things you can cover this way.


Imported Twitter videos

Often with recorded videos, you need to process them. You can edit your videos and upload them through the Twitter video format.

You can upload the video directly onto the platform. That way you can skip the glitches and mishaps that may reflect badly on your brand.

You can also add effects, audio, and background music to add value to your video this way.


Livestream Twitter videos

Now that we talked about uploaded videos recorded from your cell phone, let’s talk about this other video feature that twitter provides.

You can now Livestream the videos as you record them. You have the advantage of keeping your audience posted on the go.

This broadcast format also allows you to address Q&A sessions. You can also Livestream your events, conferences, and webinars this way.

Live videos are also very easy to make and distribute. There isn’t much rocket science to it. They increase brand favorability.

However, like any live video broadcast, the disadvantage to this is that you cannot make up for any of the on-the-spot glitches and mishaps.


Branded Twitter videos

Highly stylized and well-crafted video content on Twitter is often used by brands to optimize engagement.

Making branded videos is the possibility of reaching millions of people through the power of quality content.

You can repurpose the responses and queries of these branded videos with a live Q&A session. This is how you get the audience to develop a strong bond with your brand, through extended quality, visual communication.


Promoted content

Now that we have talked about the types of twitter videos that come up organically on the audience’s timeline, let’s talk a little about the content that comes up on their feed even if they are not following you.

Promoted videos can work wonders for expanding your reach and impressions

Incentives work well coupled with promoted videos. You can give the option of an offer of an exclusive feature within your video that the viewers can unlock.

You can also add helpful links that direct your audience to a landing page that you would like some traffic on.

However, these may make a dent in your marketing budget. What you can do is use a combination of both organic and promoted content and track the progress of your audience engagement from there.

Always use a production calendar, like the StudioBinder. It will help you plan the dates and times of the video production and release without getting overwhelmed.

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Things to remember while uploading Twitter videos

Always be mindful of the Twitter Guidelines. You don’t want your video going to waste because it didn’t adhere to Twitter rules and regulations and got banned.

Read the fine print before you start making your content.

When it comes to displaying your content, there are a few things we would like you to know:

  • While posting your video, be mindful that it is always in an MP4 or MOV format.
  • There is a limit of 2 minutes and 2 seconds on Twitter.
  • You can upload videos that are as heavy as 512MB but within the time limit.
  • You cannot upload a video with a frame rate higher than 40fps so slow-motion videos may not be the best idea.
  • A directly recorded and uploaded video is more useful in terms of creating a brand immersion with the audience, however, a video that has been shot and then processed is better in terms of a clean look.
  • When you post a video on Twitter through other social media platforms, for example, Instagram, you would want to have an in-line video instead of a video link. A link affects your engagement negatively. This type of posting is called Twitter native video posting.


How to post a video on Twitter

In the very plain and simple step-by-step process of uploading a Twitter video, there are six stages:

  1. Tap the feather icon you do before tweeting.
  2. Press the video icon.
  3. Press record and hold it for 2 minutes and 20 seconds.
  4. Edit out the beginning or the end using the drag and drop function.
  5. Press “Done” on the top right corner of the video.
  6. Add an interesting caption related to your video for the audience watching with no sound.

This is how you post a video through the Twitter app in the simplest way. It is, however, limited to the branded content. There are also other ways you could post a video to Twitter.

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Tips to improve your Twitter video performance


Solve a problem

Your audience is more likely to watch the whole video if you acknowledge their pain points and provide a solution to their problems.

It also leads to better engagement and growing your audience.



If you make your brand prominent in the first five seconds, you have a better chance of reaching the right audience.

It is because you hit the highest point of viewer retention in the first few seconds of your video.

If you find a way to include your logo in the video, you can increase the intent of purchase for a prospective audience. Hit them right away, don’t build up to mentioning your brand.


Use people in your Twitter video

Human subjects increase the likability of the brand. You can increase your rate of engagement by including people in your video.

It not only humanizes the brand but is also helpful in giving a narrative.


Keep your video short

Even though the limit of a Twitter video is 2 minutes 20 seconds, you may not want to use the entirety of that time-bracket.

Traditionally a video up to 15-second limit tends to perform the best.


Pay attention to the text

The automate function means most of your audience is already watching the video with no sound. If you have text in your video you are essentially facilitating them.

Include subtitles and text cards in your video.


Call to action

When your viewer has seen all of your videos, they are right where you want them. The end of the video is the point they are the most likely to do what you ask them to.

This is when you should add a CTA. Lead them to your landing pages.



Try to boost your SEO by using the right hashtags. This is how you get backlinks, guest post opportunities, and a greater social media authority.

It is all about harnessing the algorithm and using it in your favor. You have a higher chance of getting retweeted if you use the right hashtags.

Look at the trends in your areas and use them, you can engage to a greater degree because this way you can also use Google in addition to twitter to do it.

Using a location QR code makes navigation a lot easier for buyers.

Better yet, make a whole new trend for your brand that you can leverage over time for engagement.



The use of influencers is a strategy that has proven to work very well for smaller brands. This is how you can find a new audience.

It takes some serious effort to find relevant influencers with even more serious advantages to it. You can find relevant micro-influencers using services like Klear.

They help you create buzz around your brand, increase engagement, and drive conversions.

Influencers push your content into more and more newsfeeds with subtlety. It is more about brand advocating their loyal followership.


Twitter video types




Have a consistent video posting schedule

There is a difference between frequent posting and spamming. Try to find that balance and make efficient use of promotion options that Twitter has.

This way you can keep your video in a visible position on your audience timelines to maximize your engagement and impressions.


Ace the visual storytelling techniques

There are more than a few ways you can make your videos visually engaging.

You can do so by adding variety to your camera angles. Also, try to use the right kind of writing that compliments the context of your video.

Make your visuals interesting and eye-catching. Think outside the box. Motion graphics are known to add a vibrant variety to your body of shots.

Since there is a big chance your video is going to be watched without sound, you should try to make a video, the essence of which can be conveyed without listening to it. Try to make it work without dialogues.

Make your video as impressive as possible.

If you would like to have a twitter video made that could do wonders for your audience engagement, reach out to us. MotionCue will be happy to help.

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