10 Best Whiteboard Explainer Videos You Won’t Wanna Wipe from Memory

Whiteboard explainer videos are an engaging and effective way to communicate complex concepts, tell stories, and promote products and services.

In the digital age, they are made with a combination of software to illustrate and animate sequences.

This creates a compelling and memorable visual experience that captures viewers’ attention and keeps them engaged.

These videos typically involve a narrator who explains a concept while a “hand” draws illustrations on a whiteboard or other drawing surface in real-time.

Whiteboard explainer videos are particularly effective for business because they simplify complex ideas, break down processes, and explain how products or services work.

They are also cost-effective because they are typically not as complicated to make if you compare them to other animation styles such as motion graphics or 3D animation.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best whiteboard explainer videos out there, explore what makes them so effective, and draw insights from them to help you create your own successful whiteboard explainer videos.


MotionCue – Environmental Air Systems

Our video animation company created this whiteboard explainer video for one of our clients.

It explains the history, culture, and values of EAS.

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Why we like this:

  • It’s a great example of how to use a clear and concise script to convey a message.
  • The video uses simple and unique visuals to create engaging content
  • Our team did a great job overall


RSA Animate – Changing Education Paradigms

RSA Animate is one of the pioneers of whiteboard explainer videos.

In this video, they explain the changing education paradigms using a combination of hand-drawn animations and narration.

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Why we like this:

  • It’s an excellent example of how to use visuals to convey complex ideas.
  • It’s engaging content about vital educational history and evolution
  • It’s easy to understand the voiceover


Dropbox – What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is an American cloud-based file hosting and sharing platform.

This video walks viewers through the different features of the product.


Why we like this:

  • The video content is a simple and effective way to explain their product.
  • The video uses a clear and concise script to walk viewers through the features of Dropbox.
  • The use of hand-drawn visuals adds a fun and engaging element to the video.


Ford – What Is APR?

Ford is one of the most renowned American automobile manufacturers.

This video explains the concept of the annual percentage rate when buying a car on a loan scheme.


Why we like this:

  • This video is a prime example that it takes only 15 seconds to get your message across
  • It’s short, engaging, and to the point
  • It incorporates brand colors smartly


Ernst & Young – Discover the Emerging Markets Center

Ernst & Young is a UK-based multinational professional services company. It’s considered to be one of the big four accounting firms in the world.

The video educates the viewers about the facts and figures about emerging markets around the world.


Why we like this:

  • The minimal color palette is easy on the eyes
  • The engaging content about financials manages to educate the viewers
  • The production quality is amazing


Common Craft – Social Media in Plain English

Common Craft is a US-based education collective.

This whiteboard explainer video provides information on the role of social media in our lives.


Why we like this:

  • It’s a classic example of how to use simple visuals to explain a complex topic
  • The video uses paper cut-outs to illustrate the different aspects of social media, making it easy for viewers to understand
  • It’s got metaphor-laden content that flares the creativity


European Commission – Interoperability

European Commission is part of the executive belonging to the European Union based in Belgium.

The video showcases the concept of interoperability using the example of two violin players.


Why we like this:

  • The video smartly combines the elements of different animation styles
  • The content uses different metaphors to put the message across
  • It also features Beethoven’s Ode to Joy in the background


AFEX (Corpay)- Risk Management

AFEX (now Corpay) is an American financial payment and risk management solutions company.

The video explains how AFEX can help its customers opt for more secure payment options.


Why we like this:

  • It’s short, concise, and to the point
  • It uses live-action props to get its message across
  • It also combines the elements of stop-motion animation


Coca-Cola – Content 2020

Coca-Cola is one of the top brands in the world.

In the video, Coca-Cola’s then vice president of global advertising strategy and creative, Jonathan Mildenhall explains how the brand will leverage dynamic storytelling the in the media landscape.


Why we like this:

  • It keeps the viewers engaged with valuable information
  • It’s got some nice visuals and neat characters
  • It has an easy-to-understand voiceover


Elevations Credit Union – How To Save Energy & Money with Elevations Energy Loans

Elevations Credit Union is a member-owned not-for-profit financial institution based in the US.

The video provides information on rising energy costs and how one can save money by using ECU’s financing.


Why we like this:

  • It provides important information with visually appealing scenes
  • It’s short, concise, and to the point
  • The voiceover is easy to understand


Final thoughts

Whiteboard explainer videos have become increasingly popular in recent years as they are an excellent way to explain complex ideas and concepts. They offer a visually appealing way to explain complex concepts and ideas

The 10 examples highlighted in this article highlight how to use hand-drawn animations, narration, and humor to engage viewers and convey a message.

Whether you’re explaining a product, service, or concept, a whiteboard explainer video is a great way to do it. As 89% of our respondents said that product/service explainer videos help them make a buying decision.

And if you’re also looking to make a whiteboard explainer video for your business, then feel free to reach out to our video strategists today.

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Posted by Adil Ashraf

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