The Benefits of a Persona-Based Video Marketing Strategy

The word on the street is that your video marketing strategy should be built around a buyer persona.

Maybe you’re new to the marketing hood or just an insider who’s tryna keep up with the trends.

If you want to know what creating a buyer persona for your video entails, I’ve gotchu covered.

To put it simply, creating a video content strategy is all about building authentic relationships with your target audience.

And in that relationship, you don’t want to be the narcissist who talks ad nauseam about how great they are with zero concern for the other’s POV.

65% of people believe brands don’t produce videos worth-watching. That’s some serious lack of connection.

As a brand, you have to be the empath. The one who listens, gives, and is one step ahead of anticipating the other’s needs.

The process of creating a buyer persona for your videos is just that—an exercise in empathy.

By using data, analytics, and some street smarts, you profile your audiences.

How do your audiences go about their day? How do they socialize? What makes them wake up in the morning? What are the things that bug them and what are those that make them tick?

You gather all the answers and morph them into a virtual avatar of your target audience.


Why do you need to go through all this trouble? Have I got a list for you homie!


How do buyer personas help your video marketing strategy?

Once you’ve got a detailed image of your audience’s life and personality, the what, why, and how of your video content strategy start to align themselves.

It helps you:


1. Address audiences’ pain points

Buyer persona work because they shift the focus of your video marketing strategy from product-centric to customer-centric.

Every effort on your marketing end becomes about solving a problem that your audience’s face.

For instance, if you’re a shoe company and one of your buyer personas is people who’re new to the fitness game, a video guide on how to choose the right work out shoe would instantly grab their attention.

Going through the guide would make them love you way more than watching an ad promo.

Because it would show that you put in the effort to understand their struggle and create ‘helpful content’.

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2. Frame your messaging

When you research the daily lives of your audience, you discover insights that present the perfect opportunity to position your product/service as a solution.

46% of people think that the messaging and storyline makes and video engaging. So it’s vital that the audiences vibe with your content.

Some of the most famous products and video ad campaigns in the world have been centered on audience insights.

Because insights help you come up with big ideas and those Eureka moments that both the marketers and audiences love.

So essentially

Buyers persona > insights > product positioning > Eureka moment!

Once you get to the insights, the tone of your messaging, the script, the music, and every other aspect of your video starts to fall in place.

“We love the things you hate” is a genius campaign by Ikea based on audiences’ behavioral insights.


3. Narrow down your advertising efforts

A lot of video marketing strategies fail because they’re based on reaching more people but not the right people.

Yes, the number of impressions as a metric is important, but it doesn’t always promise conversions.

A buyer persona helps you create well thought out videos that resonate with a specific group of people that you’re targeting.

Creating video content to address your buyer persona’s pain points would ensure more quality leads.

Let’s continue the shoe company example.

You could create a generic video ad featuring all of your collections from sneakers, loafers to hiking shoes.

Alternatively, you could create separate ‘helpful’ videos for each of these categories and target them to the right audience using the right keywords.

The latter is bound to strike more chords and generate genuine interest.


4. Optimize budgeting

Buyer personas are key to affordable video marketing.

By now, you can see how creating videos that resonate with individual personas and pain points can generate more authentic leads.

It means a better ROI on your initial investments and efforts.

Even the advertising platforms online ask you to narrow down your audience by interests, behaviors, demographics, etc. so they can get you the most optimized results.

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5. Better sales and customer service

Creating buyers personas at the beginning of your video marketing strategy pays off at every stage until the end of the buyer’s journey.

When your sales team gets in touch with the quality leads from your video, buyer personas help them establish a better rapport.

They can ask relevant questions, establish empathy, and generally get an understanding of how to go about the conversations.

And of course, better sales and customer service translates into more conversions and happy customers.

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6. Develop future products/services

When all is said and done, your videos are a hit, the conversions are sky high, and ROI is through the roof buyer personas still keep on giving.

Study them in depth and find insights to improve your products and services.

You can and even come up with ideas for new products and services while you’re at it.

So buyer personas are not just good for your video content strategy, they’re good for your overall business!

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