Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation

For over a century animation has been telling us captivating stories. Whether it is kids on a Saturday morning, or adults having a laugh after work, motion graphics appeal to just about everyone. Although animated movies don’t project real-life actors on the big...

How to Start a Career in Animation – A Guide

Maybe the first time you dreamt of becoming an animator was when you saw your very first Ghibli or Disney movie. Whatever your moment of reckoning was, or whenever it occurred, you figured out that you wanted to get into animation. Now, you’re probably wondering...

how to start a career in animation

What Makes a Video Effective and Memorable?

With video content taking over, creators are facing a new challenge: figuring out how to make a video more effective and memorable. Naturally, as more people invest in creating this type of content, competition will increase and only those videos that are a cut...

what makes an effective video

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