How to Ace Cost-Effective Video Production for Small Businesses

Small businesses and startups are mushrooming all over the world and the competition is tough.

If you come up with a new product or service, chances are at least 4-5 businesses have already beaten you to it.

Since business ideas are seldom ‘unique’ now, it all comes down to standing out with personality. This means strapping on and making full use of your marketing gear.

Take videos for example, they’re not only a great way to put your business out there but also to position your product in the audience’s mind as no one else has.

However, as a small business, you’re often stretched too thin among the management, logistics, and financial side of things and your marketing budget is meager at best.

While popular rhetoric around videos might tell you that videos are a hefty investment, they may be your best marketing bet.

Promoting your business through videos has become exceptionally economical with modern digital tools.

With the right content, medium, and strategy, you can hit the promotional jackpot.

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This blog post offers you tips and a bunch of resources so you can go about video production for small businesses in a cost-effective way.


Choosing the right platform

While promoting videos for a small business, only take on the platforms that are absolutely necessary for your growth and resonate the most with your audience.

Small businesses often target a localized niche. You might not need to create aesthetically perfect videos to attract people from your immediate community.

They often just need to hear from you regularly and IGTV, Snapchat stories, or even TikTok work perfectly well for that.

Our survey found that 68% of marketers have shared brand videos on Instagram and 71% have done so on Facebook.

Over 70% of these claim that it helped their business.

You can go to town with very basic recording and editing skills on these social platforms.

For bigger and more diverse audiences, you can create professional-level videos using the free and cheaper resources discussed ahead.


Choosing the right equipment

Small business video production doesn’t require investing in expensive recording equipment. A smartphone with a good camera is all you need to create marketable videos.

Sometimes, the audience even appreciates the rawness of your footage. It makes you look more human and relatable.

This is especially true for live-videos. Just turn on your smartphone camera and capture organic moments or have an impromptu check-in with your audience.

78% of businesses that use live-videos say that it helped their business.

For video recording, choose a smartphone that, in addition to high resolution, offers great stabilization, white balance, and fast autofocus.

Here’s a review of the Best Camera Phones for Videos in 2020 by Tech Spurt.


Always be mindful of your audio quality. Static-y and echoey audio can ruin the vibe of a potentially great video. It is also a nightmare to fix in the editing stage.

Positioning the smartphone mic towards the source is vital. If you’re recording outdoors, it is always best to use an external recording device.

Go for a smartphone that has a digital microphone and filters out unwanted sound.

There are several apps available to optimize your audio recording experience.

For instance, Smart Voice Recorder lets you record prolonged high-quality videos and automatically skips silent bits.

Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder app allows for easy syncing with your Dropbox. So, you can let your storage worries go while recording.

Case in point, while a smartphone is much cheaper than full-fledged recording equipment, it is wise to do your research and choose a phone with appropriate recording features.


Using free resources


1. Images and clips

If you’re crunched for time or can’t afford to record your own videos, there’s a world of free clips and images to create videos in no time.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the most popular services for ready-made images and videos.



2. Audio

Videos bank heavily on good sound design. Even for small scale videos, using the right sound effects and background track can help you maximize engagement.

Check out some of these resources for an unlimited repository of sound effects and music.

Infographic-Best Royalty Free Audio Websites


3. Editing tools

You’ve got the visuals; you’ve got the sound, now putting these together into an attractive and consumable package requires some kickass editing.

If you don’t want to spend money on hiring professional editors, refer to the scores of DIY editing tools designed to help amateurs create professional-quality videos.

They also offer you customizable templates and their own library of free visuals and audios!

We did a review of the best DIY video creation tools here.


Outsourcing your services

Small business video production can be made extremely easy with the help of freelancers.

Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer give businesses a platform to connect with independent creatives.

From animation, illustration to editing you can get top notch video services at reasonable prices.

Working with outsourced talent can bring down your overall costs tremendously.

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If all the big businesses are doing it, you can do it too.

You might have comprehensive archives of images and videos already sitting on your computer. They can be of your business or the people working within.

You can always put these to use, throw them in customizable templates, and create great videos!

Check out the following blog to learn the art of repurposing content for videos.

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A/B testing

Experiment with different kinds of videos, platforms, and content types and use analytics to see what brings you the most ROI.

Regularly optimizing your video marketing campaigns can save you a lot of money.


Being upfront about your budget

If you decide that a professional video marketing service is the way to go, it’s best to be clear about your budget limitations from the get-go.

It will help you filter out a lot of companies as most do not work with smaller projects. Still, there are video marketing agencies that will create a video for $2,000.


Managing expectations

As a business with a small marketing budget, you should keep realistic expectations while working with a professional video marketing service.

If they’re taking you on for a $2,000 video, the product you get would be quite basic.

They also may have bigger clients on priority. So, discuss the project timeline, strategy, and goals thoroughly in advance.

A well laid out plan would reduce the risk of spending money on iterations.

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Small business video production in summary

Don’t miss out on the wonders of video marketing just because you have a small budget. You can work well within your means and still put out great video content.

Set clear goals and expectations, devise a strategy, choose the right platform, and the right tools that are created precisely to help businesses like you.

All this should make video production for small businesses a breeze!

Posted by Komal Munawar

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