Demo Video: Introduction, Examples and Best Practices

Video is a powerful advertising medium because it can engage people with visuals and great sound design. It’s dynamic nature make it more impactful compared to static images or text.

According to our annual video marketing statistics report, 76% of our respondents said that product/service explainer videos help them make a buying decision.

Now, there are several different types of videos used for marketing and advertising.

For example, there are explainer videos, documentary videos, social media videos, crowdfunding videos, testimonial videos, and demo videos.

In this post, the focus is demo videos. We’ll talk about what a demo video is, why businesses should have one, some examples to inspire you, and best practices for making one. So let’s get into it!


What is a demo video?

A demo video/product video gives a demonstration of how something works. The goal is to show viewers exactly how the product works and how you can make the best of it.


Why is it worth it?

In general, there’s a lot you can do with demo videos or even just a well-made video in general. Here are a few reasons that make demo videos worth it:

  • The demo video makes your customers’ lives easier by showing them how your product works.
  • Your customer reps won’t have to repeatedly answer the same questions about how to use the product.
  • You can incorporate your branding and tone of voice to strengthen your brand positioning via a demo video.
  • You can chop the video up into bite-sized pieces and share it on multiple social media platforms.
  • You can feature the video on your landing page or website because it can keep visitors engaged for longer.
  • A well-made demo video can also make you seem like a reliable company that understands the needs of its consumers.


Top demo videos

If at this point you’re thinking, demo videos sound great, but what should mine look like? What styles could I use? Then we have a few great examples to inspire you.


1. Ventrk explainer video



You may want to cover your ears for this one because we’re blowing our own trumpet.

But, hey, there’s no harm in that, right?

We got to use vibrant colors and fun illustrations in this one and we like how it turned out.

If you like this style, reach out to us, we’d love to help you get started with yours!

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2. Headspace – say hello to headspace



What is the best way to advertise meditation? How specifically can meditation be promoted without seeming cheesy?

Unlike some of the other videos on this list, adding bright graphics to an application aimed at promoting calmness would be a terrible addition. Headspace was aware of this. And so, they created a video that had adorable animated characters and a soothing voiceover.

We can see in the video, that the meditations on Headspace are used by a range of colorful characters in a variety of places and for a number of objectives. It’s entertaining to watch!


3. Nespresso Pixie



This live-action demo video keeps it classy and focuses on the product.

You see smooth and elegant shots of the machine. It’s in line with the Nespresso brand and shows how the product functions.


4. Introducing Zendesk Sunshine



We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, stories stick. And if you can incorporate storytelling in your product demo video, it’ll make for some great content.

Watch how Zendesk’s video incorporates storytelling. The animated product demo video builds a narrative and establishes the audience’s issue before demonstrating how using their product can fix things.

The first mention of a solution by Zendesk in the video comes 50 seconds in. The viewer quickly gets the impression that Zendesk has their back.

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5. Five Things You Didn’t Know Alexa Can Do



Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, entered our homes in 2014. Many Echo customers ask the friendly-voiced personal assistant to perform simple tasks for them, such as playing music, checking the weather, or setting reminders. However, Alexa has thousands of talents that allow her to do a lot more.

Although some of Alexa’s coolest functions are underutilized, the gadget is convenient and incredibly helpful. This demo video highlights her lesser-known features and draws you in with a clever title.


6. Moodcaster – Software Demo Video



Moodcaster’s demo video is a bit longer than the others on this list, but it’s visually stunning.

It’s a combination of 2D and 2.5D and that makes it look cooler.


7. Get Gifting



Zazzle, an online marketplace for personalized goods, attracts attention by explaining how its product functions and the problem it tackles.

The lengthy process of making custom goods is the problem that Zazzle intended to address. We can see the demo starts out like an explanation video.

After outlining the main problem, Zazzle demonstrates what they are offering is the answer by describing how it works.


8. 5:00 Caffeine Concealer by The Lip Bar



In less than five minutes, the model demonstrates how to apply the product as part of a daily makeup routine.

As a viewer, you get to know everything you need to know so the video just works!


9. Apple Card Design



We’re big fans of the videos Apple puts out.

Their ads have great concepts behind them and are always so engaging. And their product demos are minimal but visually stunning and exude class. This one’s a great example!


10. Product Demo Video for SoFiHongkong



Using the investment app SoFiHongkong, you can quickly locate reputable brokers.

The color scheme in the SoFi demo video perfectly embodies the brand. Apart from that, the animation looks great and the narration makes it easier to understand what the app is all about.


Demo video best practices

Before you hire someone to get a demo video made, there are a few things to consider.


1. Know your goal

Do you want a demo video because you’ve been getting a lot of FAQs about your product? Or do you just want to raise awareness for features you think customers might not realize they can take advantage of?

And is it more about educating the viewer or making a sale?

Figure out all of that first.


2. Identify your audience

This is one of the most important steps when it comes to marketing.

It will dictate the tone, style, and messaging of your video. So make sure you have a grasp on who your target audience is, how they talk, what excites them, bores them, and so on.

The more you understand them, the more impactful your video will be.


3. Set a budget

Do some research on what a 30- to 60-second animated demo video will cost and allocate a budget. Talk to the video agency to get a sense of what the timeline will look like as well.


4. Video production – in-house or outsource?

Choosing between in-house production or a video agency depends heavily on your budget and resources.

If you want a professional demo video, however, then it’s generally best to work with an agency. The right one can work with you to create an animated or live-action video that is tailored to your specifications and brand identity.

On the other hand, if you DIY it, you may end up compromising on quality and it’ll still take time and effort to create something.

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5. Polish your script

Sometimes, the agency you choose can help you with the script. But if you’re doing it in-house, hire a copywriter or scriptwriter.

If your scrip is flat, the visuals alone may not make a big enough impact on viewers.


6. Come up with a marketing and distribution plan

Just having a demo video isn’t enough. You need to know what you’re going to do with it next.

Create a marketing plan around your demo video to map out how you will distribute it and where it will live. Distribution includes social media and email marketing, too.

Since video is a valuable piece of content, having a marketing and distribution strategy is crucial to maximizing ROI.


Types of demo videos we make


1. SaaS demos

Since SaaS offerings are often complex, people want to make sure they have a grasp on things while they’re browsing.

They also want to understand features thoroughly so they can decide where they can get the best value for money.

Product demos can really help sway viewers during their research and comparison stage. Here’s an example of a SaaS demo video we made for a client.



2. Software/mobile app demos

Since consumers want to see your app in action before downloading it, including an app demo video in the App Store or Play Store could boost the number of downloads.

An app demo can give viewers a sense of what the user interface looks like along with informing existing users. App demos can be used for following

  • Product launch
  • Features or product updates
  • App landing page
  • App installations and integrations

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3. Product demos

A product demo video lets you show a customer or prospect how to get the most value from your product.

Here’s one we made for a client.



That sums up our case for demo videos. If you think your business could benefit from something like what you’ve seen in this blog post, feel free to reach out.

We’re happy to discuss ideas and figure out how video marketing can help your brand.

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Posted by Samra Tiwana

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