Your mission should you choose to accept it is to create the perfect explainer video for your business.

Well, it’s not going to be as dramatic as Ethan Hunt trying to foil plans of bad guys but an explainer video is as important and you need to nail it.  For most, making one seems to be a daunting task. Those that are unaware of what exactly explainer videos are, they are the new “how to videos”.

They explain to the audiences why they need your product or service in short time period (ideally not more than 90 seconds).  If your competition happens to use videos and you don’t, then realize that they happen to have a great marketing tool and you don’t. So it’s time to get into action and get yourself a powerful video.

So is making an explainer video really a mission impossible? Well not really. We have outlined the process here:

The first step:

When you start to create an explainer video the first thing that you should do is create a rough idea what you want it to be. Your video can be about your new product, a new feature or even an introduction to your business. Once you know what you want, you will be able to complete your video systematically.

The script:

The bedrock of any great explainer video is a killer script.  You can create the perfect explainer video but without a good script it may not do much good. When it comes to the script you can do two things. You can write the script yourself which will allow you to coherently create something that you want without any hiccup.

Second thing that you can do is ask the video agency that you hire to create one for you. This will cost you little extra but you can get a professional and creative script written for your explainer video.

The Voice over

An explainer video needs a very good voice over to ensure the viewer is not distracted from the visuals. You can always ask your explainer video agency to share samples of voice over artists.  Once you have the storyboard ready, you can play the voice over samples while keeping the storyboard in front of you.  This will help you to match the tone of the explainer video with the voice over samples and choose one that seems most appropriate.

The storyboard

Once you have finalized the script, the animator company/agency that you hire will start working on a storyboard. A storyboard is the earliest iteration of your explainer video. It is usually a sequence of drawings with comments suggesting the transitions and directions of the animation. When you see a storyboard you are able to see what your video is going to be. You can discuss changes or improve it further with your animator since you can easily visualize the video.

The animation:

Once you have completed the storyboard, script and the voiceover, the animator will begin with the final phase: the animation.  The animator will take around one to two weeks for a 90 second animated explainer video. You can review the first draft that they share with you. Review it carefully. You may find different things that may have looked great in the storyboard but don’t in animation. You can have them changed and get a second draft before finalizing the video.

There you have it. By the end of this process, you have your business’ explainer video ready.  Not exactly as adventurous as Mission Impossible but nevertheless you now have a great marketing tool for your business.

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