How to Get Going with That Video Marketing Campaign

So you’re thinking about getting your feet wet with video marketing. We give the idea two thumbs up. In fact, a recent Animoto survey reveals that 76.5% of small business owners report seeing a direct positive impact from their video marketing efforts.

But the truth is, 1 in 4 marketers and business owners feel behind the curve when it comes to transitioning their marketing strategy to video. That’s where we can help with a few things to get you going.

Know Your Competition

Herbert Hoover had the right idea when he said, “Competition is the incentive to progress.” Before you develop your own video marketing strategy, its a good idea to check out what’s out there in your industry. Are your competitors engaging customers with video content? What are they doing that’s working / not working? You want to keep your branding one of a kind, but it doesn’t hurt to gain perspective and inspiration from other industry leaders.

Like Hoover said, if you’re competition is bringing their A game in video marketing, then you have even more incentive to bring your best. If they haven’t jumped on the video band wagon, well, then you’re two steps ahead!

Name Your Objectives

To be successful, its helpful to get specific about what your objective is.

The most successful marketing videos are intentional about how they want to engage their viewers.

This can be helping customers to learn new skills, educating your audience about your product, building a branding personality, or growing your network. When you’re clear about what you want, then you can be clear about your message.

Dove has used video marketing to achieve visibility and success that other brands dream of. They’ve done this by aligning their values with that of their customer. By using video to move their mission forward, they’ve demonstrated what can happen when a brand is clear about their video marketing objectives.

Focus on People

You’ve probably heard the saying, “people over products,” but it bears repeating, especially when it comes to videos. Viewers want to engage with other people, not just pictures and information. As you think about the script and storyboard for your videos, make sure you have your viewers in mind. Who are they and what makes them tick? What makes them want to roll out of bed in the morning and what keeps them up at night? It might feel overwhelming to trim your ideas down to a one minute video, but having people in mind is a great way to focus your efforts and eliminate ideas that don’t get to the heart of your number one objective: engaging your audience.

Focus on how your audience views your content

Get Started

Research and strategy is worthwhile, but sometimes the best way to get going is to jump in. Almost any business will see a huge ROI (rate of investment) on an explainer video- which is a great place to start your campaign. You can check out examples of explainer videos here. But an explainer video is pretty much a 1 to 2 minute clip that sums up what you do and why you do it.

Not only can explainer videos increase your website’s google search-ability, but they’re an engaging and memorable way to show your customers why your business matters. Videos are an effective tool that should ultimately be incorporated into your overall strategy, but if the undertaking feels too huge, an explainer video is a great way to get started. Hit us up, we’d love to help you make it happen.

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