Here’s How You Pitch Your Startup Idea to Investors

When it comes to ideas, thinking of creative ones is easy. It’s the part where you need to sell your idea that’s hard.

Whenever you come in front of decision-makers, the venture capitalists, you are under overwhelming pressure and become nervous as they need to understand the value of your startup idea. And in many cases, you might believe with all your heart that you had the next big thing, however, it will get rejected for millions of valid reasons.

All too often, you might have a great idea and think: “How come anyone didn’t think about it before?”

Recently, more and more people are coming up with great ideas. With new platforms emerging every year to connect budding entrepreneurs with investors, people are getting excited to share their ideas. However, most of them are never able to fully present their ideas or their values.


Some of the best ideas can be a little complex. In fact more complicated than others.

Consider this idea: Imagine sharing your home with complete strangers for a price. This sounds dangerous! And how would it work? Would you list your home online? What if burglars see your home and scope it for a heist! Yikes.

But, this idea is now famously known as AirBnB! And it is doing just fine.

Complicated or new ideas can be tough to decipher first. Nevertheless, they can get pummeled when they are presented. It’s important to communicate your idea in a coherent and clear manner.


If you had to put a finger on it, it will be your selling trait.

For most, communicating their idea properly is what seems to be the problem. The idea’s quality isn’t something that is going to help you convince investors. It’s all in the presentation.

To influence your audience’s judgment in favor of your idea, you need to present it as workable. Your presentation shouldn’t focus on the worth of investment but should showcase the merits of your idea.

However, in your moment of glory, when you are about to showcase your greatest idea, you get frightened, worried, and nervous. It’s fair, to be honest. Your idea is going to the wolves. Wolves that have the money you need.


Everyone get's nervous when they have to get in front of their potential investors.


Everyone gets nervous when they have to get in front of their potential investors.

It’s a scary thought alone that your idea, which you have been perfecting for so many days, months, and even in most cases, years, is going to be dissected, torn apart, and looked upon simply as an “idea”.

Investors want something that will help them return their investment in bigger multiples. So it’s not easy and feeling nervous is being human.

Another aspect that sometimes leads to rejection and failure is stereotyping. You must realize that even before saying something, your audience is going to start making impressions about you.

According to research, humans can stereotype within the first 150 milliseconds. So proper communication is pretty important as in your pitch, your words and presentation are what that’s going to help define your idea’s future!


Here’s what we suggest: Video!

Creating a nice, crisp video for your idea can do wonders. When you present your idea, you will be pitching it to the bare bones. This means you will be breaking it down in numbers, stats, and even boring your investors with nitty-gritty details of your business.

However, when you create a fun, exciting video that explains the problem, how your idea solves it, and the merits of your idea against existing solutions, you can get a lot done in few minutes.

When you create a video for your idea you are able to showcase everything about it without worrying about getting nervous or incomprehensible. But that’s not the best part. When you create an explainer video for a startup idea, you can answer all the following questions:

  • What’s the problem that you are solving?
  • Your startup’s main customers.
  • How you are going to market your startup to your customers?
  • Why it’s going to succeed, list down possible restrictions and how you are going to manage them.

Showing a rough sketch of your future business isn’t easy. But, when you use powerful visuals that come with an animated explainer video for startups, you will be able to showcase all the good things easily.

Here’s the latest spot by Apple showcasing their September Event and launch of a new range of products:



It’s simple and keeps you engaged for a long time. With brilliant visuals, amazing editing, and great copy, they have ensured that you will watch it all.

Videos for your startup ideas can do wonders. Whether it’s going to be your first-ever pitch or you have faced grueling sessions with venture capitalists before, videos can help you create the perfect impression without you saying a single word.

There is no denying the fact that a good idea can get financing and traction. Nevertheless, when it comes to presenting it in a systematic and complete way, you can speed up the process and get it done properly by using a video.

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