10 Best Holiday Video Ideas That You Can’t Miss

Holidays are a time of joy, celebration, and creating lasting memories with loved ones. Capturing these moments through videos has become increasingly popular. There are endless opportunities to showcase the holiday spirit through a holiday video for your company.

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In this article, we’ll explore holiday video ideas that are sure to inspire and delight your audience.


1. The Happiest Holiday Video

First on our list is The Happiest Holiday Video by Kick. The video features the company asking its people questions like ‘what is something that you thought would make you happy’. The answers of employees are really honest and touching.

During the holiday season, the company brings them everything that they said would make them happy. From things like trips to different countries to experiences like skydiving. This holiday video went viral and everybody loved it, for all the right reasons.


2. Season’s Greetings from Visage Technologies

Visage Technologies’ holiday video is heartwarming and it captures the essence of the holiday season.

Set against a backdrop of festive cheer, the video showcases the innovative spirit and community focus of the business.

With warm wishes and joyful moments, it shows the company’s dedication to spreading happiness and goodwill.


3. Dailycoin: The Corporate Christmas Video

We love the awkward dry humor in this one. It explains ‘how to make a Christmas video’ while making one. It takes a unique approach to a holiday video. It’s real, it’s engaging, and the length is just right.

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4. Mr Thankful / A Harvest Short Film

Mr. Thankful is a heartfelt short film that celebrates the spirit of gratitude during the harvest season.

The video is hilarious while also reminding its audience to be grateful for the everyday things you have. It shows the most grateful man ever.

Picture a man on his daily commute, weaving through the bustling streets with a genuine smile on his face.

As he navigates the crowded subway car or walks along busy sidewalks, he pauses to express gratitude to strangers for small acts of kindness—an exchanged smile, a held door, or a shared moment of understanding.

Arriving at the office, he continues his gratitude journey, thanking colleagues for their hard work.

In a world where skepticism and criticism dominate, the man’s unwavering thankfulness becomes a beacon of light, reminding others of the impact of gratitude.


5. Santa in a Cookieless World

With wit and creativity, the holiday video humorously shows a Santa reacting to a cookieless world. It’s a cool play on words and does a good job of promoting the services of the Umault ad agency.


6. Sabhyata Diwali ’22

This video for Diwali is a powerful message about challenging societal norms surrounding working women. You can turn on the subtitles to understand the message.

It emphasizes the struggle of women who are often only placed into restrictive traditional roles of daughter, mother, or wife, neglecting their aspirations and ambitions.

The holiday video gives the message that women are more than their traditional roles and let’s not restrict them to those roles.


7. Christmas always finds its way

Coca-Cola has a reputation for creating great Christmas videos, and this video is another classic example. In this commercial, we witness a tense and overwhelmed man preparing a holiday feast for his family, with a helper by his side.

However, as the story unfolds, a poignant and touching twist emerges, leaving a lasting impression on viewers. The storytelling is there, the plot is there and the power of engagement is there.

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8. Norfolk County Shop Local Holiday Video

Contributing during the holiday season is a wonderful initiative for any business, and you might already be engaged in such activities.

This presents an excellent opportunity for your holiday video. You can highlight various ways in which you support local organizations or other businesses.

You can also demonstrate how your business gives back to the community. That’s exactly what this holiday video does!


9. Twas the Night Before The Holiday Campaign

This holiday video by Hootsuite is a heartwarming and engaging piece that captures the essence of the holiday season. We see a poem on screen throughout the video.

Set against a backdrop of twinkling lights and festive decorations, the video follows a diverse cast of characters as they prepare for the holidays.

But, most of these characters are busy with their everyday lives and dealing with the problems that arise. The holiday video is very close to reality and that’s why it’s relevant.


10. Easter. It’s #YoursForTheMaking

Last but not the least is a holiday video by Tesco. The video is vibrant and engaging. It grabs your attention right at the start. It’s short but does a great job of entertaining its audience in only 30 seconds.

The voice-over goes so well with the video, it is perfect!

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That’s a wrap

From cheerful displays to heartwarming acts of kindness, holiday videos have the power to capture the essence of the season and spread joy to viewers around the world.

Whether you’re sharing festive traditions, exploring winter landscapes, or spreading holiday cheer through DIY projects, there are endless opportunities to create memorable and engaging content.

So grab your camera, embrace the holiday spirit, and start filming your next holiday masterpiece!

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Posted by Samra Tiwana

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