How to Appear on the Instagram Explore Page Using Videos in 2024

Appearing on the Instagram Explore page can greatly help with visibility, and videos tend to have a better shot at appearing on Explore compared to an image. But before we dive into how you can do that, let’s get the basics out of the way.

So, first things first…


What is the IG Explore page?

Explore is a page on Instagram dedicated to helping users find new content. It varies for every person since it is tailored specifically to each profile based on the pages they follow; stories they watch, and posts they like. In a nutshell, it is an endless stream of content users might want to engage with.

For influencers and marketers, Explore is a powerful feature– it is built to aid brands to get more exposure which results in engagement.

Appearing on the IG Explore page is the marketing equivalent of hitting a gold mine. Once you get on there, your chances of developing new touchpoints with prospects surge, this initiates a chain reaction of follows, impressions, and reach.

Since the Instagram Explore page algorithm is programmed to give priority to relevant content, your profile is more likely to appear in your niche area.

With Instagram hosting 2 billion monthly users, it is the holy grail for brands who want to garner views on social media.


How can video help you get on the Instagram Explore page?

From our experience, video can increase the average session duration of a user on a website. And lucky for us, when it comes to Instagram, it doesn’t disappoint either.

Tech Crunch’s findings indicate that since video auto-plays in the Explore section, users watch them for longer durations. Videos on Explore have amazing retention powers because each of the videos that play after the one you clicked on, will be based on your interests.

The infographic below gives further insight into the merits of video for Instagram:


Video for Instagram - Motioncue

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How to leverage Reels, Stories, and IG Live

With features such as Reels, Stories, and Instagram Live, it’s clear that video has taken center stage.

Let’s see how these features can help you appear in the Explore section.

  • Reels

Reels is Instagram’s way of competing with TikTok. Reels can be up to 90 seconds long and ideally should be in portrait format. Since short video content has become increasingly popular, Reels are a great way for businesses to put themselves out there.

The Explore page loves reels too. So give it a go, and add some trending music within Instagram so your Reel can get more visibility.

For videos that are longer than 90 seconds, you can share them as in-feed video posts. In-feed videos can be up to 60 minutes long.

  • Stories

You can post video Stories of up to 60 seconds and they disappear after 24 hours. You can highlight them on the profile if you’d like to display them for longer.

And just as posts appear in Explore, Instagram will also showcase Stories based on people’s preferences. This bite-sized content can help you put up in-the-moment content. This is an opportunity for you to seem relevant to your prospects.

With Stories, you can experiment with interactive buttons such as polls, questions, countdowns, and more. Stories increase the chances of users engaging with your content.

Instagram Stories - Motioncue

Now that (hopefully) you are thinking about the idea of harnessing video in your quest to appear on the  Instagram Explore page, here are some tips to optimize your video and enhance its chances of appearing on Explore.

  • IG Live

IG Live has a limit of 4 hours, which is plenty. These also get suggested on the Explore page and are great for longer interactive sessions with your audience.

Use IG Live if your audience is engaged enough to want to participate.


1. Put your analytical skills to good use

If you have been on Instagram for a while, and credit yourself for creating quality content, then it may be possible that you might have already appeared on Explore once or a few times.

To keep track of whether your content is making it on the Explore page, make use of insights.

Click on the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of your profile and then click on “insights”.

Once you have made your way there, you can swipe to see even more metrics indicating overall and individual post performance.

By putting your analytical skills to good use, you can gauge what type of content worked for you and steer clear of the kind that didn’t.



2. Make hashtags your BFF

Hashtags make it easier for your target audience to find you. For example, if someone is looking for photography inspiration,  #photoinspiration will show the most popular results in that niche.

In fact, studies show that having at least one hashtag surges your engagement by 12.6%.

More importantly, people interacting with this hashtag will quite likely see you in their Explore page, i



3. Maintain your aesthetic

Okay, so let’s say someone found your video on the Explore page and got interested enough to visit your profile. If your profile doesn’t impress, that someone won’t stay for long.

If you don’t want to happen, pay attention to the overall look of your profile. The aesthetics should be immaculate.

According to Tech Crunch, “Stories with content more similar to and representative of a creator’s typical feed posts are more likely to show up on Explore.”


Instagram Profile Aesthetic - Motioncue


Take Tasty’s Instagram profile for example. Its Stories and posts have a unified aesthetic when it comes to the color scheme, the font, and production quality.


Tasty IGTV

Tasty Story


4. Add location

Similar to hashtags, the location feature also works incredibly well when it comes to promoting your content. Take a look at the example below:


IG Location - Motioncue


According to the Insights above, we can deduce that 8.4% of the total accounts were reached due to the location filter. So, while adding the location would barely take a fraction of a second, but the benefit would be exemplary.


5. Take time into account while posting

The first few seconds are crucial for an Instagram post’s reach. If you upload a video at the right hour, and your target audience is online at the same time, it will likely get engagement.

A post with high engagement means it could easily appear on the Explore page.

Everything you need to figure out the right time to post, you can find in the insights tab. Check past post performances to see what has worked best historically.


IG Audience Insights - Motioncue


6. Avoid reposting

In Tech Crunch’s findings, it was revealed that certain kinds of content on Instagram are demoted by the Instagram Explore page algorithm and reposted content happens to be one of those.

So, your best bet for landing on Explore is to minimize reposting and rely on unique content.


7. Turn images into videos

Last but not least, since we are on the subject of videos for Instagram, we thought this is a crucial point we need to put forth:

Tech Crunch’s research has made it quite evident that on the Explore page, video tends to get more eyeballs.

However, we realize that crafting a video from square one can be a challenge, especially when you need to post it several times a week. To tackle this speed bump, here are the following things you can do:


Turn images into motion graphics

The easiest way to create a video for Instagram is by turning some photos you have into motion graphics. Lucky for you, Instagram recognizes these types of posts as videos, and you’re more likely to end up on the Explore page.

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Add motion to still images

A great artistic way to turn stills into moving images is by adding some motion to your photos or illustrations. Again, this will increase your chances of appearing on the Explore page.

You can either use Adobe After Effects or a mobile app to make this happen.


8. Harness Boomerangs

Boomerangs took the social media world by storm when they first rolled out. They are still relevant today and something to try out for a chance to land on Explore.



Whether you are an influencer aiming to make it to 1M followers, or a new business just starting out, the benefits of appearing on the Instagram Explore page are enormous for everyone.

So, by leveraging the tips above, you can make the journey to Explore possible.

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