How to Choose an Animation Maker for Explainer Videos

You want an explainer video. We know that making one can be tough for someone that hasn’t made one before. But, equally difficult is finding a good explainer video agency.

After all, an explainer video is not only a presentation of your product or service but also an introduction to the company. The colors and the branding that goes into an explainer video reflect your values and unique selling proposition.

So it’s really important that you hire a great explainer video agency. But how does one choose? Here are a few tips that you can keep in mind to ensure that you choose someone that will do justice to your explainer video expectation.



When you hire someone you evaluate them on their experience right? With an animation maker or an agency, you should do the same. Ask them about their previous work, the clients they have worked with, etc.

Most explainer video agencies or animation makers tend to have websites where they share their previous work. You can evaluate their work and decide whether you want to hire them or not. What’s more, you may find a video that you like and want something similar.


Transparency in prices:

There are various costs associated with the production of an animated video. What you need to know is that you can request an animation maker to share the costs of their previous work. This will allow you to find two things.

First, you will find out whether they are invested in offering you a higher quality of work or interested in earning money alone.

Secondly, you will find out whether the quote that they offer is as much as their other work and you can judge the quality better on the amount of money they offer.


Project manager:

A good company knows how to handle multiple projects together. For that reason, they hire a project manager. Any company that has two people working on your project that is the project manager and a creative guy should be taken seriously.

It shows professionalism, dedication towards your project, and a company that is more invested in creating good work and goodwill for itself.


The process:

An explainer video process is a generic one. But there are few animation makers that like to do it differently. These companies like to offer more value to their clients and want to complete their projects on time as well.

So when choosing an explainer video agency, make sure that you pay attention to its explainer video-making process.


It’s a digital age:

We all know that explainer videos can do wonders for your company. Online videos are doing wonders as well when it comes to organic reach and retaining customer attention. What’s more important is whether the company that you are going to hire for animation knows this.

There are many animators that are brilliant at their job but they don’t know how to leverage your explainer for digital media platforms. This is what you need to know when hiring a company.

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