How to Choose the Best Video Marketing Agency for Your Business

As the battle for the best content creation continues in the digital world, video is the new point of competition.

It is the ammo that never runs out and works perfectly well with any marketing weapon be it mobile, website, email or social media,

This is why it’s a vital part of all stages of the inbound cycle. Some companies are even going the extra mile and centering their whole marketing strategy around video!

85% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. These are the formidable opponents and may urge you to think about getting in the video marketing game as well.

Not convinced? Check out these rad stats:

video by the number - infographic

Considering the above, creating a video to promote your products or services becomes a ‘Duh!’. As soon as most companies have that epiphany, they either start developing a video in-house or start surfing the web for a good video production company.

Most video production houses ask you what you want from the video, deliver it in a perfectly wrapped and aesthetically pleasing package and their job ends there.

There’s a catch though, just creating an aesthetic video does not cut it anymore. It is not enough to get you the brand awareness or conversions that you need. A video needs to be created thoughtfully based on your goals and placed strategically on all platforms that can generate significant traffic and quality leads.

So, unless you have the in-house capability to strategize and effectively promote your new video, you should look for a service that can take you all the way.

That’s where a video marketing agency comes in. This blog is dedicated to discussing the perks of hiring a video marketing service, how to decide on which one works best for you, and examples of some of the coolest video marketing agencies to nudge you in the right direction.


What a Video Marketing Agency Can Do for You

1. Marketing Strategy

A video marketing agency starts working its magic from the moment you say ‘We want a video for our product’.

They analyze your strengths and weaknesses and help you build a marketing strategy accordingly.

This includes helping you create a video marketing flywheel if you don’t have one or analyze where your proposed video content would fit in your existing funnel.

As a video marketing agency is in it with you for the long haul, they would also help you create a prolonged video marketing strategy that can span multiple campaigns. Whatever is the need of the hour!

Moreover, since you’re putting so much money into creating the video content, you would also be provided a risk assessment analysis and how you can minimize external and internal risk factors.


2. Branding

A video marketing agency doesn’t just rely on cookie-cutter templates rather it helps you build a unique brand with your videos.

This includes understanding your offerings, your potential customers, and your target audience. If you have different types of buyer persona for different products, they can guide you on how you should go about tackling each one of them in your video project.

Unlike a video production company, that is with you for a one-off video, a video marketing service creates a consistent brand identity for you across multiple videos and campaigns.


3. SEO

Did you know that video content drives 50% more organic search results than regular text?

A good video marketing agency has SEO gurus who know how to get you up on the search engine rankings. This does wonders for your organic traffic and the influx of quality leads.

And you wouldn’t always have to pay to be seen!

From video content to video length to preferred platforms and the right placement, an SEO-focused video marketing agency knows all the hacks to get you clicks, conversions, and ultimately your money’s worth.


4. 360° Promotion

Apart from an effective SEO strategy, a video marketing agency gives an all-around digital promotion service.

They can help you get on top of what Titan Growth refers to as the Digital Marketing Trifecta.

This includes:

  • Earned Media: This is akin to the digital word of mouth which is ‘earned’ through mentions, tags, shares, shout outs, reposts, and reviews. SEO also falls under this category.
  • Owned Media: A video marketing agency will help you maximize your promotion potential by using their own media channels like websites, blogs social platforms, and email lists in addition to your owned media.
  • Paid Media: This refers to digital advertising efforts like PPC, display ads, paid influencers and promotions, and social media ads.

A promotional mix based on all these platforms will help you up your video marketing game by many folds!


5. Campaign Analysis

You hire a video marketing agency because you want transparent results. You want to know what’s working, what’s not, and how you can improve.

85% of businesses are using intermediate or advanced analytics to measure video performance. So, when all is said and done, a great video marketing service will dive in that sea of analytics.

They would own the right tools to identify and analyze engagement rate, play rate, conversion rate, and social shares among others.

This way you can be sure about whether your video project was successful, which goals you achieved, and which KPI’s you met.

Overall, you would get a clear picture of your return on investment.


Things to Consider Before Hiring a Video Marketing Agency

Know What You Want

Before you contact a potential video marketing partner you need to have your eyes set on a target. Do you want brand awareness? More leads? More traffic to your website? Or do you want to answer some industry FAQs?

If you’re clear on an objective, your video marketing agency can help you chose from the myriad of video content types and guide you on what works best for particular points in your marketing funnel.

Even if you’re clueless, a video marketing service should help you define your goals. See if the ideas that they present and the direction they define resonate with you.

Case Studies

Delve into your potential marketing agency’s portfolio. Do they have experience creating different types of videos?

For instance, some companies only specialize in explainer videos. Some offer a comprehensive service of product videos, social media videos, testimonial videos, live-action videos, and more.

Study how they went about achieving their goals and whether their video marketing campaigns garnered significant results.

Ultimately, you are the best judge of what sort of expertise you want to work with.

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Relevant Industry Experience

It is also important to see if the services you’re looking into have some experience with clients from your industry.

Their familiarity and knowledge about your field would prove beneficial during both the production and promotion phases.


Digital Marketing Expertise

The whole point of going for a video marketing agency rather than a video production agency is getting that marketing edge.

93% of marketers say they’ve converted a lead into a paying customer due to video on social media.

Ensure that the agency you go for has the right digital marketing tools, software, social media partnerships, and experts so you can get the full experience.

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While you research your potential video marketing service, it’s also good to see what others are saying about them.

Look for social proof on platforms like Clutch and 99 Firms that review different companies. Are they even mentioned on these platforms? What sort of reviews are they getting from previous clients and employees?

You may find that some video production agencies are presenting themselves as video marketing services. Or some marketing agencies are mentioning services that they don’t really offer. Beware of getting into business with such companies.

Scour LinkedIn to see if they’re legit. You may even find some trusted mutual connections that you can then reach out to for a testimonial.


Terms of Contract

When you find a good match and it’s time to seal the deal, be sure to discuss every detail in your legal documentation. Considerations like budget, deadlines, working hours, iteration charges, and other expectations should be discussed at length for a smooth workflow and completion of the project.

Do market research to make sure that you’re not being overcharged. But don’t be afraid to invest the amount of money that a fruitful video project deserves.


Video Marketing Agencies That are doing It Right

1. LAI Video

Based in Washington, LAI Video claims itself to be a full-service video agency that has the power to tell compelling stories. They specialize in creating marketing campaigns that are centered around video.

Before starting on the video itself, they dive deep into the client’s audience and come up with a pitch that ‘establishes a hook’. Then they strategize what kind of video is needed and how it can be teased to the right audience.

Followed by the scripting and production stage, they put the content out on social media and gauge the success of the campaign.

This streamlined workflow has helped them score gigs with clients from finance, manufacturing, technology, real estate industry, and nonprofit organizations.

Moreover, they proudly flaunt an Emmy and Big Apple Award among others. Talk about a comprehensive portfolio!

Overall, if you partner with LAI Video, they’ll hold your hand from start to finish and help you get the results you want.


2. Indigo Productions

Centered in the Big Apple, Indigo Productions markets itself as an agency that specializes in video production, content creation, and social strategy.

They work passionately to tell “engaging, entertaining, and satisfying” stories through their videos.

Their services span three major categories:

  • Creative Services: Includes services like scripting, storyboarding, previsualization, art direction and more
  • Video Production: Includes video shooting, direction, cinematography among others
  • Video Post-Production: Video editing, animation, and visual effects
  • Digital Marketing: Strategy-driven integrated digital marketing campaigns including media buying, SEO, video seeding, viral marketing, and web distribution

Clients can also go for a mix of services from different categories. We love that they offer that flexibility!

Some of Indigo’s popular clients include Everlast, IBM, Ralph Lauren, and MTV.

3. MotionCue

Burgeoning from New York and Los Angeles, MotionCue is a video marketing agency that has an extremely result-oriented approach.

Not only do we create kick-ass videos like explainers, motion graphics, live-action, social media, and training videos but we also help businesses build video strategies specific to their marketing funnel.

No matter what stage your prospects are in the marketing lifecycle, we ensure that our videos engage, delight, and convert them into customers.

Once your videos are done, we turn to social media to get you traction.

We don’t care much for video content that doesn’t supercharge the good numbers.

Some of our popular clients include Johnson & Johnsons, Slack, Microsoft, Upwork, General Electric, and Samsung.

We also flaunt a 5-star rating on Clutch and are an official member of Forbes Agency Council.

Set up a free 30-min video strategy session with our experts to see what we can do for you!



4. DVI Group

The DVI Group has a classical aura about it. Just from a quick web surf, they make you feel like you’re working with greatness. They’re a part of Inc. 5000, a member of Forbes Agency Council, and boast numerous industry-related awards.

This prestigious marketing agency focuses on video-first solutions. Their specialties include creating industry-specific, result-oriented, and strategy-based video content.

They help you plan and manage your video marketing campaigns so you can just sit back and enjoy the results.

Other than the technicalities, they love telling engaging stories that people love to hear and that are highly promotable.

What makes this agency unique is its expertise in creating educational and training video content as well as human resource-based content like recruiting, onboarding, and enrollment videos.


5. NoGood

Not all marketing agencies have been in the business for long. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have the potential and expertise to level up your video marketing.

NoGood is a young growth marketing agency that has a modern outlook and is very cut-to-the-chase, get-your-point-across-already in its approach.

One of their specialties is video marketing. They help companies integrate video in their social, content, and pay-per-click marketing. They’re extremely growth and data-driven and make sure that your video campaigns generate the good numbers—be it leads, conversions, sales, or overall revenue.

Most of NoGood’s clients are startups of different sizes but they have also worked with bigger names from different industries including Nike, Amazon, Proctor & Gamble, Citi Bank, Ford, Reuter among others.

By partnering with other growth-oriented digital services like HubSpot, Facebook Ads, HotJar, Salesforce, and Google Ads, NoGood is set to become one of the big names soon enough.


6. MultiVision Digital

Another video marketing agency based in New York that has a diverse video marketing portfolio. MultiVision is a relatively younger service that has produced over 500 B2B videos for clients from manufacturing, law, non-profits, and health care industries.

They offer a 360° video marketing service from strategy to production to promotion. Clients are promised a clear ROI-based strategy that is achieved through SEO, website integration, YouTube marketing and optimization, email integration, blogging, social media, and ad-network advertising.

Needless to say, that in addition to video production services, MultiVision is on top of earned, owned, and paid marketing tactics!


That’s a wrap on your round-up of all things video marketing. You can now enter the video marketing warzone fully loaded and equipped to choose the right allies that can help you conquer the marketing world.

Over and out.

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