How to Get Your Sizzle Videos to Generate Some Heat

A sizzle video is arguably your most lethal weapon when it comes to getting your show on the road.

Placing a good sizzle video on the top of your sales funnel can do wonders for you.

An effective and memorable sizzle video is the determinant of you securing the most business because clients and employers usually look at it as a reflection of your skills.

In addition to gaining more business, a sizzle video is a great tool for marketing. A good sizzle video is instrumental in raising money for a project that is still in the pipeline.

It helps you sell the idea to potential investors.

What a sizzle video does is generate a useful excitement and buzz about a project before it has been launched.

It holds a lot more important than a verbal pitch. So, you must give your sizzle video the best shot possible.

What is a sizzle video?

Teasers, trailers, pitch tapes, promotional videos, highlights, demo reels, all of these can create a sizzle in the audience. Therefore, they are called sizzle videos.

Sizzle videos are often used by artists, filmmakers, actors, and other creative people as a portfolio.

More often than not, business owners use them as a means to show an introductory insight into their enterprise.

Upbeat music with an upbeat tempo, fast-moving visuals, and catchy titles are characteristic of sizzle videos.

They are mostly used for brand awareness because they are attention-grabbing owing to their high-energy profile.

How to make a good sizzle video?

Rhythm & Music

To say that music and rhythm make or breaks a sizzle video will not be an understatement. Music choice is not just pivotal, it is crucial to making a great sizzle video. Or break it, so to speak.

Music is what guides the emotional direction and the tempo of the sizzle video. There are a few basic tips for mixing your music for a sizzle video.

You should never use the cross-fade effect. When you have two different tracks, use the sting effect to move on from one track to another. It will help with making the transition.

It will also let the viewer know when they are approaching a corner in your story-telling process.

When you are editing a video, make sure you place the cuts in the places that align with the beats of the music. It really helps in generating an impression on the viewer’s mind.

Good background music and sound editing can be a game-changer for your sizzle video.

MotionCue capitalizes on the importance of using the right music and having the visuals to complement it with every changing beat.

Energy and Emotion

You cannot have a good sizzle video that is devoid of an incredible amount of energy and emotion. Vividness and vibrance are the premises of the entire genre.

It needs to be engaging to a point to get the viewer hooked to their screens.

Here is an example of MotionCue’s sizzle video that will catch you in your tracks with its level of engagement and vibrance.

Informative and Provocative

Your sizzle video needs to project an appropriate amount of information about your project or enterprise while not giving everything away.

Like a synopsis that tells what is there in a film but does not eliminate the need to watch the video.

Your viewer needs to come back for the real thing. A good sizzle video is so exciting, it provokes the viewer into the action.

Play Your Cards Right

You always need a text in your sizzle videos in order to project the idea that you do not have enough time in visuals. You may also need text to give credits. This is where text cards or full-screen text comes in.

In any case, a simple plain black and white text is not as impressive as a template generated by Adobe After Effects would be.

You can use it to compliment the theme or mood of your product, portfolio, or business.

Employ colors, typography, transitions, and fonts to your advantage and capitalize on them the most you can.

You will find the perfect fit that will be the best representative of your idea.

This is why we say, Play your cards right.

Here is an example of how MotionCue used typography and cards to get them to look the most visually appealing.

Knowing the Rules

There are a few things you need to steer clear of when you are making a sizzle video.

One of them is avoiding using slow transitions like dissolve and cross-fade. They make for a very amateur look. They are representative of a sort of failed production and post-production.

Always go for hard cuts, they look peppy and classy in a sizzle video keeping up with the theme of them. Go gangster on it and shoot your transitions in production instead of adding them in post-production.

However, if you are making a sizzle video devoid of music, you have no choice but to use a cross-fade transition in your dialogues or audio.

The bottom line is that slow transitions are better for audio while hard cuts look better in the video.

Have a Central Subject

Having a central figure to your story in a sizzle video adds immense production value to your sizzle video.

The way you capture your protagonist should embody all of their characteristics though stance and expression.

There are several ways you can make this shot happen depending upon the tempo of your sizzle video. It can be soft music and lighting on a dramatic background with intense expressions.

Don’t forget to use a high frame rate.

Conversely, it can be just as intense with heavy music, a vibrant background, and vivid mood should your subject’s character demand to project that aura.

This shot is great for introductory statements and brief bios. It is a staple to having your character introduced to your viewers. For Shopify, it was Tony Robbins.

Have a Signature

Making a good sizzle video is a daunting and challenging task. You are often pressed for time and are expected to generate an impact that is the determinant of the success of an entire phenomenon.

The most challenging of the tasks while making a sizzle video is tackling the excessive footage and shortlisting. The revisions can be exhausting and everything is objective as to what looks good.

One thing you can do in order to stand out is to add your signature and subjectivity to the piece.

Everyone’s subjective experience, skill, personal preference can add a unique value to the sizzle that they make.

What your client demands is also a significant factor in how your sizzle video is going to come out looking like.

However, it is important to figure out early on what suits you the best and stick to it. Make it your signature.

The Ford F150 gives you its signature in economy and speed with its futuristic commercial to make a statement.

Keep them peppy and interesting. Always have quick movements in your visuals and use graphic elements to spice them up.

Whatever you do, don’t let them become cheesy or boring. Leave the audience hanging and leave them wanting more.

How to get the most out of your sizzle video?

The sizzle in the name is for the heat. What good is a sizzle video that does not bring the heat? There are some things that you need to keep in mind in order to get the most out of a sizzle video.

Keep it Brief

Previously, sizzle videos used to be as long as 5 minutes. However, due to the increased competition of the content, no one is going to watch the entire length of a five-minute video.

There are many more things that may look like they demand less engagement and your audience could move on to them.

In order to not risk losing your audience, the average length of an effective sizzle video is 1-2 minutes.

60 seconds doesn’t seem like nearly enough time to include everything but it is just enough to showcase your best most impactful moments.

A short sizzle video keeps the mystery alive and leaves people wanting more.

Know Your Audience

While making any sort of video product, being mindful of the audience that you are selling to is key.

Online distributors and network executives prefer to know what sort of ads they need to run with the product based on which demographic is the consumer of your video.

It is imperative to tailor your product according to the taste of the audience and what they might be looking for in your video.

Your audience could have a disposition towards soft music and visuals that are easy on the eyes or vivid colors with energetic music.

Address all the potential questions in the video. If you have a demographic that would prefer research-based statistical data, make sure to include that in your video.

Know Your Purpose

A sizzle video can be made for several reasons. You may want to promote an event like a fundraiser or a trailer for a movie that is soon to be released.

Knowing your purpose helps you in making a sizzle video convenient.

You will have an easier idea of what to pack and what to leave in your sizzle video if you know if it is a stand-alone YouTube production or part of an entire package representing something.

If it is a personal pitch like a portfolio or a resume, it needs to make a case of its own. However, if you just want that buzz of excitement around a product, the tone and impact are vastly different.

If your purpose is to direct people to your website, be sure to include an address and a convenient way to connect to it like a clickable link.

For them to actually visit you, show in your video that you are the best at what you do and what you have to offer. Evoke a strong enough emotion that makes them dive into your website for more information.

Add customized titles using Adobe Premiere Rush to label the work that you did.

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Tell a Story

When it comes to creating an impact and understanding, what helps the most is pushing a narrative. This narrative has to be exciting and coherent at the same time.

In easier words, tell a story. Your viewers should be able to understand what they just saw and what is the next action they need to be taking in relation to that video.

That is only possible if you tell a story about yourself to your audience with a defined beginning middle and end.

Give it a Professional Look

It is not an easy task to combine delight with professionalism but to make a good sizzle video you have to champion this feat.

You need to constitute your sizzle video of visuals that appeal to the viewer’s attention without giving off an unsettling, non-professional vibe.

Spine Connection makes its way through to the viewer by telling the story about their service while keeping the tempo fast and upbeat as to not lose the attention of the viewer. It also projects an air of professionalism and sophistication.

It is about hitting just the right sweet-spot of audio and visual in order to accomplish anything that creates the right amount of heat for you.

If you are looking to have a phenomenal sizzle video made, reach out to us here and our video strategists will be happy to help.



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