How to Make Exceptional University Commercials

For the marketing team of a university, the purpose of creating university commercials has one primary goal: capture viewer attention. However, with a massive influx of ads and promotional content on social media and video hosting platforms daily, grasping consumer attention is a challenge.

Well, if you are someone who wants to learn how to make exceptional college commercials and find creating genuinely captivating content difficult, then you have come to the right place.

So, let’s get right into it and analyze the key factors that go into creating effective college commercials.

1.     Stand out from your competition

When students consider your university, they’ll compare it with your competitors. So, a crucial point you need to figure out is what makes your university stand out and what is the value you will provide to the students that is seemingly unparalleled.



This award-winning video by Stockton University is a great example of how you can center your campaign around a core-value your college provides.

The fact that this video puts the emphasis on students, furthers the message that at Stockton they will be valued, which makes this institution a great choice for their future.

2.     Drive engagement through narrative

For universities to succeed at crafting their promotional video, they need many things: a clear USP, standout service, futuristic leadership, etc. However, in today’s marketing landscape, what can really make or break your campaign is having an influential story.

Stories play an important role in ads and promotional videos because they evoke emotions amongst viewers. They have the power to elicit nostalgia, build trust and streamline complex information.


Take this video for example. It is so powerful that it stops viewers in their tracks and influences them to watch the whole thing. Even though it starts on a sad note, it ends up making viewers feel inspired and emotional.

They have done a great job at crafting a video that will definitely beat the mediocre college commercials we usually see. The story is also very well aligned with Western Sydney University’sbrand message pertaining to the power of the human spirit.

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3.     Add testimonials

In this day and age, it is rare for people to spend money on a product or a service without evaluating it. Testimonials are a great way to help people at the ‘Purchase’ stage of the buyer’s journey.



The ad above is a great example of how you can take the experience of a student and turn it into a positive message for the brand.

The opportunities at the university paired with the heartwarming stories of students is a great step towards creating exceptional university advertisements.

4.     Leverage graphics

If you don’t have much footage to be used in university commercials then your best bet to go around this is through graphics.

Animation is a great way to engage your prospects’ most important sensory nervous system: sight. It would put no logistical limitations on the production of your campaign and the sky can be the limit for you.



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5.     Use a captivating headline

With viewers bombarded with videos throughout the day, they have become quite picky. The first few seconds and the mere headline of the video are enough for them to answer the most important question: should they continue watching the video?

Therefore, you need to focus a reasonable amount of your energy on crafting the headline for your video.

One of the most influential advertisers David Ogilvy said, “When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”


In this video, the headline is clear and concise which gets the brand message across as well.

Final thoughts:

University ads usually look the same. It takes a brave university to spin the campaign into something bold. If you are planning to stand out then the above tips will help you in reaching that goal.

If you’re planning to make a video for your university and want to hire a production agency to outsource the work, feel free to visit our website and contact us if you have any questions. We’d be happy to help.

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